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    notebook hd upgrade worth it>

    By rant, I take it that the upgrade was not worthwhile. Why?
  2. LOST6200

    X15 "martians" in Win2K but not Linux

    I do not remember the frequency of repositioning (Martians) for the old X15. I recall that repositioning occurs at about 1 minute intervals for an inactive X15-36LP, i.e., one with no OS loaded or if the system is not booted.
  3. Do not forget the many beastly HH Barracudas, including the current 180 GB model. I don't know why there are no larger ones yet.
  4. LOST6200

    The new 200GB WD disks..

    That issue has been discussed at length several times, most recently: http://forums.storagereview.net/viewtopic.php?t=4571 Please use the search feature.
  5. LOST6200

    160GB Windows 2000

    You could use Partion Magic to enlarge the partition after the OS installation. PM will run from a floppy or bootable CD, so there is no need to install it.
  6. This has been discussed before, but there will likely be a WD2000JB with 8MB cache buffer. I have no idea whether 200GB will be accessible in an iMac. I would rather have a WD2000AB. :wink:
  7. LOST6200

    WD's new 200GB - doesn't add up?

    I wish WD would release a WD2000AB. Now that would be nice.
  8. LOST6200

    160GB Seagate drive?

    No, but I have several Maxtor drives of that model.
  9. LOST6200

    mobile storage

    Some people also like these http://www.mindsatwork.net/productsmindstor.htm . The Nixview has some nice features and is probably better for the point-n-shoot cameras, since it displays JPEGs on screen.
  10. LOST6200


    How well does an onboard HPT372 controller perform with single drives? Is it comparable to the FastTrak Lite as a non-RAID controller? Does the HPT372 support optical drives? TIA
  11. LOST6200

    RAM prices

    ... have been increasing lately. What are the future expectations?
  12. LOST6200

    External Serial Devices

    Good. I hope that Firewire 2 can support the old IEEE1394 Firewire simultaneously. And yes, ~35 MB/sec. is rather slow for a current 7200 RPM drive. The >60 GB platter drives will be even more hindered.
  13. Will there be any improvement in transfer rates for external serial devices any time soon? For example, USB 2.0 is still catching on, but already on the slow side. Firewire is older and even slower. The problem is most apparent with hard drives, which will exceed the controller transfer rates. TIA
  14. LOST6200

    Audio Card Needed!

    Thanks for the responses. From what I gather, the audio card may not be that important in this case. I don't know much about the other equipment as it is not mine. (My audio equipment was sold about 16 years ago when I moved to West Germany.) The mic is a Sennheiser, phantom powered by the preamp. I think it will be sufficient for the purpose. I am beginning to regret my volunteer involvement in the project. However, it will be interesting to have a sound card in my PC for a change.
  15. LOST6200

    Audio Card Needed!

    I need advice on buying a PCI sound card for recording to be done later this week. Since it is a one-time project (voice narration), I don't want to spend more than $150-200. Please don't even mention the "CR" word. TIA
  16. LOST6200

    What's Silica Gel?

    Silica gel (SiO2 xH2O) is a dessicant used to absorb water and reduce corrosion during shipping. Save the beads for later use (heat in an oven first) or throw them out.
  17. LOST6200

    Question on Maxtor 160GB retail boxes

    To be precise, the drive itself has the part number 4G160J8 regardless of whether it is sold individually/OEM, or in the retail kit K01J160G. I would also bet that the X01FWRA160 contains the same 4G160J8 drive as well.
  18. LOST6200

    Firewire Adapter

    Everyone manufactures PCI Firewire adapters with multiple ports these days, but all the ones I see have only one channel. Are there any cards that contain two independent channels? TIA
  19. LOST6200

    Firewire Adapter

    Well, one old fish would require most of the bandwidth, :wink: and more than one drive will definitely saturate a single channel. You know the bandwidth is rather less than 50 MB/sec. due to the overhead.
  20. LOST6200

    Firewire Adapter

    Everyone manufactures PCI Firewire adapters with multiple ports these days, but all the ones I see have only one channel. Are there any cards that contain two independent channels? TIA
  21. LOST6200

    Brazil won the wwc 2002

    What is the wwc? I doubt that it existed before the country of Brazil.
  22. LOST6200

    Cheap labtop, Possible?

    One can find some pretty decent PIII notebooks on Ebay for that price.
  23. LOST6200

    Western Digital announces 200GB EIDE drive

    That's what I thought too, but then they're also offering the 120GB model. Do they use 60GB platters on the 120GB drive and 66 on the 200s? Why not? Consider the range of densities in previous offerings, e.g., 26.6 GB/platter, 33.3 GB/platter and 40 GB/platter. It would be nice if WD made a 133 GB drive as it would utilize nearly the full capacity available to legacy controllers. Of course Marketing wants even, round numbers these days.
  24. LOST6200

    Western Digital announces 200GB EIDE drive

    No, but it would not be surprising to find that the WB2000BB is a 66 GB/platter drive.