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    6-color Photo Inkjets - Which Is Best?

    Not necessarily. The SP2200/2100 uses seven separate cartridges.
  2. LOST6200

    6-color Photo Inkjets - Which Is Best?

    I really like the 7-color Epson SP2200/2100. Resolution is exceptional, gradations are superior, metamerism is almost non-existent, and the pigment-based inks eliminate the need to reprint photos every few years. The addition of the "light" black ink color allows for realistic B&W printing as well as better detail in shadow areas in color prints. The colors are not quite as intense as those of some other printers, so if you want more pop and can accept a harsher image with less gradations and longevity, the dye-based inkjet printers may be a better choice. The next-generation dye printers will probably be better and very similar in quality.
  3. LOST6200

    So what IS the "best" ATA 100 Hard Drive?

    Actually, the WD1800Bx uses 60 GB platters and the WD2000Bx uses 66 GB platters. I expect that in a few months older drives, such as the WD1200BB, will also use the 60 GB/platter configuration. At the very least one hopes that noise will be reduced compared to the current 3-platter WD drives.
  4. LOST6200

    How old is everyone here?

    Somewhere around Tony's age, but younger than Santilli.
  5. Hmm. The WD1800BB I purchased last week has a 3 year warranty.
  6. I am planning to archive data onto two or four old Maxtor 160 GB drives for a few years. Each drive has single FAT32 partition. Does Windows XP read and/or write to large FAT32 partitions? Will a future OS at least be able to read them? TIA
  7. LOST6200

    Data Archive and File System

    Arrrgh! I have tried using Win2K for formatting. Still there are errors. After about the third boot, the drive now claims to be a dynamic disk (previously it was basic) and all the data (103 GB) is gone. What does an 'IRP Stack Error' indicate?
  8. LOST6200

    Data Archive and File System

    The chipset is the KT333, with latest BIOS. At the moment I can't recall which southbridge is used, but it claims ATA-133 support. When NTFS partitions are used, I sometimes receive a BSOD and IRP stack error message. Then the data is missing or the partition unformatted. It mostly happens when there is >100 GB of data on the drive, but not necessarily >128 GB. There are no problems with FAT32, however.
  9. LOST6200

    Data Archive and File System

    The partitions were created with Partition Magic in Win2k. Unfortunately 160 GB NTFS partitions do not work correctly.
  10. LOST6200

    Maxtor 80GB/platter

    S-ATA :?:
  11. LOST6200

    Maxtor 80GB/platter

    Maxtor Models
  12. LOST6200


    I am planning to replace a 20 GB 30GN with a 20 GB 40GNX. One would expect reduced noise as the 40GNX has 1 platter vs. 2 in the 30GN, and a performance improvement resulting from the higher sustained transfer rates and larger cache of the 40GNX. Does anyone have experience with the same upgrade? TIA
  13. LOST6200

    Does random access time matter?

    Have you tried removing the drive from the enclosure, connecting it to an IDE controller and running the amset.exe utility? IIRC ACM is enabled by default, resulting in high access times.
  14. LOST6200

    Power supply for 12V fans

    Any 12 year old with a soldering iron an half a brain can go to RadioShack, buy some parts and a booklet, and build a linear PS. That is rather barbaric, IMO, but I would not dissuade you from doing so for learning purposes. The main issue is that one cannot design and build a compact, lightweight, efficient switching supply without some knowledge and experience, not to mention access to the appropriate components. If you were shocked by a high DC voltage to the point of needing resuscitation, your attitude toward skin resistance would not be so flippant.
  15. LOST6200

    Looking for a DMM

    I like Fluke meters, but have not tried the most recent models. Don't skimp on a DMM that is not suffcient for your future needs. A good one should be usable for many years and suffer little drift. It is always nice to have a DMM that can be calibrated and provided with the certificate of calibration.
  16. I have had no problems with transferring single drives from onboard HPT and Promise RAID controllers to other IDE controllers, or even Firewire bridges.
  17. It is not a simple question to decide which capacities or models will be most suitable. My current system contains an 18 GB X15-36LP + an 80 GB Barracuda ATA IV backed up with a 100 GB 536DX drive, and a WD1200BB backed up with a 120 GB D540X. The problem with a 200 GB drive is that there is no 1:1 backup drive available, aside from another (noisy and expensive) WD2000BB. A WD2000BB could be used to replace the WD1200BB and initially backed up with only a 160 GB D540X, assuming that some larger 5400 RPM drive would be available later. I would like to wait at least until the next big Maxtor drive is announced, but there will be some delay if Maxtor skips the 60-66 GB/platter generation and goes directly to 80 GB/platter. And then there is the unpleasant specter of sATA and the question of when to stop purchasing new parallel ATA hard drives, or whether the largest drives will even be available with a parallel ATA interface. Are you sorry that you asked the question?
  18. I think you meant www.wdc.com .
  19. LOST6200

    Printer Connection

    I want to relocate a Parallel/USB/Firewire printer to a distance of about 25-30 feet from my computer. Of course parallel is out. As USB and Firewire cable lengths are limited to about 15-16 feet (4.5-5 m), I cannot decide what to do. Would an unpowered USB hub allow me to do this, or does it need a power adapter? I know that there is a self-powered Firewire repeater that consumes 3W, but do not know if a standard Firewire controller (without the Molex connector) supplies sufficient power. I am looking for the simplest and neatest option as a fair portion of the wire will be exposed, perhaps including the hub/repeater. TIA
  20. LOST6200

    Printer Connection

    Tony: Oh, I knew you would teach us all a valuable history lesson. I was discounting the parallel option due to the slow speed and bulky cable. I think this would work.
  21. LOST6200

    Jumper settings in raid0

  22. LOST6200

    Printer Connection

    What IR ports? I don't have ony of those on my printer or anywhere else.
  23. I thought they were connected to the southbridge. Maybe it depends on which hemisphere one is located.
  24. LOST6200

    800jb + promise tx4 100raid = much stress

    Amen! Where is Santilli when one needs him?
  25. LOST6200

    notebook hd upgrade worth it>

    I still don't know whether that means you recommend the drive.