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    Wd740gd Ps Sluggard

    Does PS have a defragmentation policy for teh scratch disk? I never heard of such a thing. I think each file is 2GB max, then another file is created. When PS closes they are deleted, so there is no fragmentation. Defiler, Thanks, I sent a PM. Eric
  2. uh, how? I was hoping against hope that it would be fast enough to replace a 15K.3 and get me by until the 15K.4. I was wrong. Performance is rather odd, perhaps as a result of the firmware. It is very fast in some areas and yet poor in others. Timed task RSD seems to be higher than with the 15K.3 as well. Maybe it jsut doesn't like my system. Anyway, for now I'll probably keep the 10K WD drive for use a temp/WIP folder.
  3. LOST6200

    15K Futures

    Is the any hope for an ew 15K.4 drive within hte next few months? It has beeen over a year sinc e the 15.k.3. With ever faster processors and DDR, the bootleneck is now in teh hard drive for the first time in a few years. I really can;t stand it so slowly any more. If this kkeps up I may need to reconsider teh fricking RAID 0 again, not used sinc the days of 3x45 GB 75GXPs on a FT66. I don't whant that noise and hassle but the hard dirve imnprovements are very deppressing these days.
  4. LOST6200

    15K Futures

    Is therea ny hope for as new SCS drive in teh current lifetimes? Whereis Seagat in all this? Do they have the major technical difficulty in increasing the capacity or what? B
  5. It is rather dissappointing IMO.
  6. Thanks. So basically this WD 10K drive is sort of useless in my system. I might get one just for testing. I'm sure someone would buy it a few weeks later. B
  7. Do those borads support the TCQ?
  8. LOST6200

    The Problem With Drm

    EX1. There is no copyright just because your photo was more artistically original, so any number of people can take similar photos at the same or different times and make a profit. EX2 and 3 would generally be infringements if the photo was essetially a copy. However, it might be acceptable to photograph a work af art if thre were other elemnts that differntiate the photograph from the original work of art. For example a person standing in front of a wall mural may be condiered as a separet work of art. However, that can be a gray area. You really should buy a book like this instead of speculating. Also keep in mind that publishers are often conservative and may request releases for photographs that may not absolutely legally require a release. B
  9. LOST6200

    Just For Fun

    It depends on what is meant by frequaent use. I have an ancient 160 GB D540X that is still used about one a month for offsite backups and an 80 GB Barracuda ATA IV that has not been used in about 4 months. The oldes tdrive I currently use daily is a 36 GB 15K.3 purchased in late 2002. It is hard to believe that the 15K.3 is so old now and that I have added a dozen IDE drives to my system since then.
  10. LOST6200

    The Problem With Drm

    Photographic copyright laws are long established and primarily do not change whether or not the image is captured and/or reproduced by digital or other means. If your photo was legally taken then someone else cannot use it for any purpose without your consent. By definition any photo is copyrighted at the moment it is created. The copyright generally belongs to the photographer unless sold or transferred. However, if the subject is private property photographed without permission then the usage would be limited. For example, you could display the photo on your website or elsewhere if the purpose of the photo was non-commercial, i.e., would not be used for advertising. The photo could also be used for editiorial purposes unless the accompanying text could be deemed defamatory. An example of a definite no-no would be to display a photo of the building adjacent to an article about crack houses. An article about beatiful homes of the Northeast would be fine. Also, if the building were only a small part of a larger scene, such as the skyline of a major US city, then one would be OK in using it for multiple purposes. There are many legal books about photographs and their uses. The bottom line is that it is always a good idea to get a release if possible. B
  11. LOST6200

    Ram Upgrade

    Thanks for the replies. I thimnk I will take a chance and try the Crucila. If teh RAM is purchased throught eh websitre, it should be returnable if necessary. B
  12. LOST6200

    Public Notice:

  13. LOST6200

    P-ata Dirve Converted

    I'm sure they will, but what is the PD? Another reason for a converter is that there does not appear to be a normal IDE version of the WD740 or WD360 series. Or maybe I am missing something?
  14. LOST6200

    P-ata Dirve Converted

    The benefit is not related to performance. I have ~3160 GB of P-ATA drives and want to add about another 800 GB in Q1'04. However, I do not wish to buy any more of the P-ATA drives which will eventually be obsolete. There are no free PCI slots for extra SATA controllers.
  15. LOST6200

    1.25 Vs 1.33 Crt Monitor Aspect Ratios

    Most displays are physically closer to the 4:3 ratio. Get out a ruler and measure the actual image size.
  16. LOST6200

    P-ata Dirve Converted

    I cannot find any relevant products on the respective manufacturer's web sites. So far the only converters I have seen are the Highpoint Rockethead and a couple of no-name coneverters at the fry.s.
  17. LOST6200

    Files Erased?

    Install Win2K SP3 or SP4 and edit the registry to support big drives. (If you don't want to mess with the registry, download the Maxtor tool here. It is not specific to Mator drives.) Your files may still be recoverable, or perhaps only some of them will be corrupted. Bettis
  18. LOST6200

    Files Erased?

    If the drive is now listed as only 128 GB, you may not have proper 48-bit LBA support. Are you using Win2K SP4 with the correct registry setting for big drives? Have you changed anything recently?
  19. LOST6200

    Xp Sp2 Changes Outlined In Detail

    Security is not important to me as a single user, since I live in a good area and have solid doors with multi-deadbolts. What has been done about the very nasty XP disk cache bug that SR readers want exterminated?
  20. LOST6200

    Aam Not Disabled

    I have purchased eleven Maxtor DM+9 retail drives in the past year, including: 80 GB (1) 120 GB (1) 160 GB (1) 200 GB (6) 250 GB (2) The odd part is that up until yesterday all of them were supplied with AAM off or fast. The 250 GB drive I added yesterday was received with AAM enabled. The manufacturing date is July 2003, which makes it older than two other DM+9 drives purchased previously. Does anyone have any idea why this one was set to "quiet"? Did Maxtor switch their retail drive AAM policy back and forth? Most importantly, are there any AAM setting applications that run in Windows or through USB/Firewire bridges? Thanks, B.
  21. LOST6200

    Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9

    FYI, I purchased another 250 GB DM Plus 9 this morning and it also sounds fine. It is unfortunate that they all seek so noisily. B
  22. LOST6200

    Hitachi 7k250 200gb Version?

    Ordinarily one would think so. However, I have purchased 6 of the Maxtor DM+9 200 GB model, mfg. from late 2002 (IIRC) to September 2003. They are all 6 head drives, although 80 GB/platter 250 GB drives have been available for more than 6 months. I don't know if it is not worth the mfg. costs to produce a 5 head design, or the heads and platters for 66 GB/platter are cheaper, or heads and/or platters are binned depending on yileds, or what. Perhaps Mickey can shed some light on this. Regardless, the platter density issue has been beaten to death, and the difference between a 66 GB/platter and a 83 GB/platter drive is negligible. There are a goodly number of retail packaged drives that may not exist on the manufacturer's webite. For example the 300 GB DM 16 was sold at retail stores throughout the U.S. in retail Maxtor packaging although is was not listed on the website for months. B
  23. LOST6200

    DDR 400

    For some reason I assumed that the dual channel memory controller was not as sensitive to the number of banks and modules. IOW, it is like having two nearly indepent 2-module configurations and that is why it was possible to design the i875P to not implement registered RAM.
  24. LOST6200

    Maxtor Diamondmax Plus 9

    None of my nine DM Plus 9 drives make those noises, so no, that sound is not normal. The last time I heard similar sounds was when the PS was overloaded and about to give up the ghost. If the problem occurs with two drives I suggest thAt yu search for the root cause.