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    Raid status dirty, but no errors.

    It already has caused a fair bit of grief... Its back to dirty agian, after being clean for an hour or so... But interesting entries in the 'warn' log : sdn: assuming drive cache: write through 2 such entires... Doh! When I added and removed my USB key... Not that interesting after all.
  2. Occupant 2

    Raid status dirty, but no errors.

    It already has caused a fair bit of grief... Its back to dirty agian, after being clean for an hour or so... But interesting entries in the 'warn' log : sdn: assuming drive cache: write through 2 such entires...
  3. Occupant 2

    Teach spammers a lesson!

    Another way, would be never ever buy any product advertised by spam.
  4. Occupant 2

    Buying dual Xeons

    Iam sure that most retailers see an order for 2 xeon cpu's they make sure they're compatable. As most (if not all) such orders would be for a single machine.
  5. Occupant 2

    Exchange 2K3 internet mailserver

    Does your ISP allow ports 25 and 110 to be open? A lot of ISP's have been clamping down on these ports to controll spam-bots. You need to run: Microsoft Exchange IMAP (optional) Microsoft Exchange POP3 Microsoft Exchange Mail Routing Simple Mail Transport Protocol (SMTP) these are in addition to your base exchange services.
  6. Occupant 2

    Raid status dirty, but no errors.

    Weird, the one time I push the checkraid output to a file, its cleaned itself up.
  7. Occupant 2

    Raid status dirty, but no errors.

    /proc/mdstat looks normal to me. mdadm -- q /dev/sbd - doesnt like that only md device only ...
  8. More raid array problems. The array mounts, and says everything is fine... (or actually says nothing, which means everything is fine) but after a little while, the array status will change to dirty... So what does it mean to have a repeatedly dirty file system (xfs in this case)? If I unmount the array run xfs_check, it takes a minute and then checkraid says its clean... but only for a while, (about a 1/2hour) then its dirty agian... Iam I just being paranoid over nothing? or does clean/dirty status matter?
  9. ya, I dont like how americans drive, doing the 'drifting' lane change... where they slowly inch into a lane over 4 or 5 miles... (canadian are more carpe diem, and storm a lane in a few hundered yards... carpe lane?) There was an american comedian at stampeed. (the calgary stampeed, the greatest outdoor show on earth!) He was going on about the differences between canada and the US... For example, he was distracted one night, as he stoped at an ATM, he left his car running, the car door open, and was counting his money on his way back to the car, when he realized, that if he had been in LA, he would be bleeding on the side walk, watching someone else drive off with his car... Also Canadian's wave, when they change lanes, if poeple slow down to let you into the lane, Americans can sometimes mis-interpert this gesture....
  10. Occupant 2

    Dead Cheetah?

    bad cables? try a different port on the scsi cable, and make sure the drive is getting power properly... I good cable is only 1 tug away from being a bad cable, if you have a spare cable, swap it...
  11. Occupant 2

    Errors & System stability

    Ok, updated card's firmware, and installed new driver. No change. error messages are still in the log from boot.
  12. Occupant 2

    Errors & System stability

    Ya, Ive looked thru alot of that stuff. Not LSI specific... The server fails every 6 - 8 weeks... which normally wouldnt be a big deal... but this one is co-located, so its quite the hassle to get it restarted and running after each failure...
  13. Each time the system boots. I get these entries into the /var/log/warn log. Is it something to be concerned about? Ive sent these log entries to LSIlogic asking if it could be caused be a driver issue. System is a dual xeon with 3GB of ram, SuSE linux 9.0...
  14. Occupant 2

    Linux Software Raid-experiment

    hm... I had no trouble using my linux software array as soon as I started initializing... On another note, I had some trouble with my server and had to reboot it the otherday(Power supply fan died and system crashed with an ext3 errror with the OS disk.. later found out the OS disk is dieing w/ SMART failure warning). Anyway, on reboot aparently one of the array's disks dropped offline and then came back, when it came back the 3ware controller insisted on re-sync'ng the disk and after that point I started getting all kinds of errors(SMART error every 2-3 seconds) with a disk that had otherwise been fine. To prevent any more trouble with the disk I disconnected it from the power and am leaving the array degraded. I noticed when I did that I stopped getting errors with a disk I had been planing on replacing because of increasing ECC errors reported by the 3ware controller (maybe 10 a day). I'm thinking I might have a power supply problem. So on the way is a new PC Power and Cooling Super silencer 410 to replace the Antec 300 watt unit I've been using to power my 4x 160 Maxtor + OS disk on an AthlonXP 2000. I forgot to remake the file system. Thus the sudden death. I over estimated how robust linux is. Apparently this is enough to kill kde.
  15. Occupant 2

    Linux Software Raid-experiment

    Not everyone. Its different, thus worth looking into. However: Thus your array of x drives can never be faster than the single parity drive...