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  1. CADMonkey

    strange problems in newly built cad workstation

    There are boat loads of customizable features in AutoCAD that affect 3D performance. Unless your friend imported his profile into the new installation of AutoCAD, it is doubtful the settings will be identical between machines. There are also system variables that can't be found in the menus. Make sure under Options-->System-->Current 3D graghics display, you are using hardware acceleration with the wopengl8.hdi driver. IIRC the default is software. Also, though time consuming, this benchmark could be useful, and fun. If your friend is manipulating files of that size, I assume he is using ADT andknows how to purge a drawing and run an audit. I don't have a file that large, but it takes about 12 seconds to open a 13MB file on my P4 2.6, 1GB, no pagefile, Raptor, old graphics card system. Don't forget the AutoCAD patches. Good luck.
  2. CADMonkey

    15k OS drive 8kb or 4kb clusters

    Someone please PM me when xSTLx's parents find out that he spends more time on this site than he does working on his Eagle Scout project and he's grounded from posting. He's ruined this forum for me.
  3. CADMonkey

    15k OS drive 8kb or 4kb clusters

    Perhaps some would be more comfortable at this forum: BS
  4. CADMonkey

    CRT vs LCD

    If you spend 30% of your time with a white or light background you are going to see those lines. Shadow Mask
  5. CADMonkey

    CRT vs LCD

    I assume you are using the LCD in it's native resolution of 1280 x 1024? In my limited experience using 2 different LCD's, there is a significant improvement with the DVI connection over the VGA connection, at least for text. After trying my Nokia 21" 445 PRO side by side with my Samsung 213T LCD, the difference was so vast that I gave the Nokia to a friend and bought a Dell 1703FP for my second monitor. I see a lot of 21" CRT's in my consulting business and have yet to find one that can match either of my LCD's in uniformity and sharpness. I rarely play games on the computer, but I spend many hours staring at AutoCAD and spreadsheets. With regard to price, it takes a 21" CRT to equal the viewable area of a 19" LCD. Newegg offers a broad selection of 19" LCD's in the $300 range, while 21" CRT's start closer to $400 with shipping. Also, it would be more fun to get a bad LCD than a bad CRT if you had to ship either anywhere.
  6. CADMonkey

    LCD Display with accurate colors

    Based on this post my image of xSTLx has dramatically changed. After reading his first 500 posts in 2 months I thought he was a 14 year old unsupervised by his parents. Now he sounds like a 70 year old who can't get over the memory of Cokes costing a nickel. There are good reasons LCD's are taking over the market. For many users the unexaggerated price of an LCD is justified by the combined advantages.
  7. CADMonkey

    Two PCI-e video cards WITHOUT SLI?

    Just curious, neighbor, what MB and CPU are you upgrading from?
  8. CADMonkey

    Star Wars III

    Los Ankeles?
  9. CADMonkey

    Write vs. Read on RAID0

    Yes, I was wrong. I guess you are American? I wasn't thinking about RAID 5, and my explantion would also be wrong for RAID 5. I was thinking about RAID 1. To the original poster, sorry, I misread. /Jesper 205025[/snapback] Please, let's keep the attacks personal.
  10. CADMonkey

    oil cooling

    I heard somewhere that Popeye stuck his in Olive Oil with no problem.
  11. CADMonkey

    Battery Backup Module or UPS?

    Well said xSTLx. ehurtley should apologize to Areca immediately for giving them a hard time about their manual.
  12. CADMonkey

    usb drive compatability with N. ghost 9.0

    I'm using Ghost 9.0 with an external USB enclosed hard drive. My HDD is a Maxtor D740X. I can't imagine the drive manufacturer would matter. P.S. Chucky if you are 2 feet tall or less please stay out from under my bed.
  13. CADMonkey

    Upgrade time again

    Have a look at Soltek. It's my 1st choice. Newegg
  14. CADMonkey

    2x Raptor 74 GB @ Raid0 Stripe Size?

    I would set them both in the hard drive cage. Put OS and apps on one, data on the other, and the pagefile on both.
  15. CADMonkey

    Backup Strategy

    I'm looking to implement a solid backup strategy for my small office local machine that will allow me to get up and running quickly in the event of a hard drive failure or OS corruption as well as backup my daily work. I'm most interested in a foolproof restore of my system (XP Pro) and program files. Here's what I have: Raptor 74GB boot drive using 15GB External USB enclosure (no fan) with 40GB Maxtor D740X CDRW drive Ghost 9.0 If Ghost is not better than ntbackup, I'd just as soon not load it. Also, if I use ntbackup, how often would I need to create an ASR disk? My initial plan is to schedule an appended full backup weekly (deleting the oldest weekly) and an incremental appended backup daily in addition to burning my critical data daily on CD. Any suggestions?