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  1. jeremymacmull

    hard drives for photoshop

    the Diamond max 10 (which are easy to find ) are pretty much the same as the maxline III and so i would recomend that or get the new Hitachi SATAII T7k250 (not 7K250) and use NCQ etc etc JEREMY
  2. jeremymacmull

    My new PC Specs (Is it good?)

    isnt the gigabyte nforce 4 4x called 4x cos its an early revision of the nforce 4 chipset which is only capable of doing 4x htt speed instead of the normal 5x ie 1000 just thought id point out that the board aint all that good although generally id prefer asus to gigabyte anyway JEREMY
  3. jeremymacmull

    Controller With Breakout Box?

    cooler master sell a unit that fits in 3 5 1/4 inch bays it has a 120 mm fan on the front and it converts the bays to 4 hdd bays its on their website as an accessory for the coolermaster stacker but it will fit in any case with 3 optical bays free JEREMY
  4. jeremymacmull

    Gigabit Switches

    thanks for the replys do the intergrated gigabit ethernet options on these motherboards support jumbo frames cos its useless me looking for a switch if the network interfaces dont support it also if i get one of these switches which do not support jumbo frames what likely speeds am i possibly going to see with my current setup for copying large files 4 gb Plus in size to pc A to Pc b and c 20 mb/sec ? 30mb/sec more ????? etc thanks for the replys PS ive never even heard of SMC if someone has a UK outlet that sells these switches pls let me know also if u could let me know the price of such thing JEREMY
  5. jeremymacmull

    Gigabit Switches

    cheers silvar for the suggestion but thats not a switch available to me the ones i have a choice of are listed above does anyone know if any of them do gigabit ethernet jumbo frames and if the computers attached to them do it JEREMY
  6. jeremymacmull

    Gigabit Switches

    um ok see i was biased towards linksys anyways as for the other replys um not really much help dont really care if it looks cool and the specs dont seem to say about jumbo frames and i was hoping someone had some real world experience with using gigabit switches to be able to comment for me hopefully on these models also why kinda of transfer rates am i likely to get between the pcs as listed some sites say up to 80 mb sec others say about 29 big difference and that is the only one i could find reviewer the linksys cheaper switch and it did not say a thing about jumbo frames or otherwise sorry still need help JEREMY
  7. jeremymacmull

    Gigabit Switches

    Okay here is the thing ive wanted to have a gigabit ethernet network for some time now all the computers have gigabit ethernet capability and after looking at the prices of some switches i thought why not the computers are 1 X A64 3200 with 160 gb (2X hitachis 7K250 in Raid 0) (2X 160 gb Hitachis in RAID 0 ) with and onboard gigabit network interface on asus K8V deluxe 1X A64 3400 with onboard Gigabit network interface with (2X samsung spinpoint 80 gb in RAiD 0) ASUS K8V deluxe 1X P4 3.2 with HT (1 X 74 gb raptor ) & (2X 7K250 80 gb in RAID 0) INTEL 875p chipset with CSA for ethernet all the files pretty much that i want to move about are single large files ie more than 4000 mb often dvd size (dvd images to be exact) so i included disk setups as i thought in this case linear sequentual read and write performance could become a bottle neck due to the fact that im copying large files from pc A to pc b and c. i stress these are my mates computers and we live in a shared house so i dont really want a discussion about advantages etc etc of RAID 0 at all. all the raid systems can do 80 mb sec according to bechmarks so they should be able to get the maximum thruput without being disk limited too much ive already got cat 5 e cabling in place although at the moment im using a linksys bef8r1 router and switch combo attached to my cable modem. which limits us to 100mbit speeds i was going to buy one of these gigabit swtiches and place all our computers on it after attaching it to the router to keep the internet connection i know ill have a speed up in file transfers and i know what to realistically expect as a minimum but i was hoping with RAID 0 and the serial nature of large file transfers i would like to maximise that speed possibility by choosing the best switch for the money the reason i ask questions is all the switches are very similiar in price and there are two from linksys and i cant tell the difference between em at all just the 5 pound diff in price and different shape!!?? OK ive blabbed on enough here are my choices of switches 1) D-Link DGS-1005D 5-Port GigaExpress Switch 51 pounds 2) Linksys EG005W Gigabit 5-Port Switch 62 pounds 3) Linksys SD2005 5-Port Gigabit Switch 66 pounds (2 and 3 are the ones i cant tell the difference from and linksys are my preferred manufacturer but if there is a marked difference in speed then im willing to use another) 4) Netgear GS105 5 Port Gigabit Switch 55 pounds 5) US Robotics USR997930 8-Port Gigabit 60 pounds 6) Asus GigaX 1105 Gigabit Switch 43 pounds ok thats it the price difference is inconsequential as at most its only about 10 to 20 pounds and im quite willing to spend the 66 pounds of the most expensive one so im not interested in that comparison. the only thing id like is a pure performance comparison all those with experience with these switches pls contribute it would be appreciated ive looked up reviews and benchmarks for the linksys EG005W switch and they say wildly different things on has a transfer of 49 mb sec other has 29 etc etc JEREMY
  8. oh and on the same site they review the ZS here is their synopsis "I'm not going to give Creative's Audigy2 ZS an Editor's Choice. Why, you ask? What's the point? There's the ZS, and then there's everything else. You wouldn't give a rhinoceros an Editor's Choice for being a rhinoceros. You know what the ZS is good for and why you want one. You don't need my opinion on the subject. Until the competition can come up with something that can compete with the Audigy2 ZS on features and performance, then there is really nothing to compare it to." as i said im very very happy with that purchase and its going to carry itself to my next machine also until intergrated audio on mbs can come up with something special JEREMY
  9. i have the audigy 2 zs firstly yes that card is very very good i have been very pleased with it as for speakers ive had the T7700 and now go the creative gigaworks 7.1 THX the 7700 are okay but when u listen to the gigaworks 7.1 system in comparison with the same soundcard and all it just plain blows them out of the water not just by a little bit but by leaps and bounds and i dont mean just about power i mean bass reproduction and sound quality the lot however i had a creative 5.1 speaker system in my last computer with an audigy 1 card and that was good but i found a whole new level when the T7700 arrrived and the audigy 2 with my new system. so yes i would be very happy if i had stayed with the 7700 but if i had not heard what the gigaworks are capable of i dont know what the difference is between the 7900 and the 7700. i know the 7900 is newer but it costs slightly less the tech specs on the website say bugger all different if you chose the creative system i would choose the 7900 purely because its newer and maybe its just a release to fix some small errors which were present in the 7700 as i said the tech specs look identical i found as i was very very very happy before with the T7700 and it was excellent for everything i threw at it i did not realise i was missing anything till the day the gigaworks system arrived here my advice is get the ZS as its a brilliant card and then try to stump up the money the gigaworks system here is a good review of the gigaworks paired with the ZS to cut it short they say "The Gigaworks 7.1 by itself are truly good speakers, in my opinion even the best 7.1 computer speakers to date that I've run into, why you ask? No one other than Creative has 7.1 computer speakers. The only set I can think of right now is the Inspire T7700 7.1 set, oh and hey .. Terratec has a 7.1 kit now that I remember it, yet it's no match for a high-end set like this at all." "Bottom line: You'll pay a lot of money for a product of this caliber, but if you can spend that dough you really can't go wrong with it. An Audigy 2 ZS is a must have with these speakers though !" they also have the 7700 reviewed there here is the link if not able to get the gigaworks id say the 7900 is a good buy and definately a much better price JEREMY
  10. jeremymacmull

    Logitech MX-900 bluetooth mouse

    @future shock agreed on those points ie coding will use a lot less BUT i play UT2004 2-4 hours a day on avg and im in a clan and all. So this is now moot as i do play a lot of FPS and hence use up the power quicker with more refreshes etc etc and still get 4-6 days ish between recharges!!! JEREMY
  11. jeremymacmull

    Logitech MX-900 bluetooth mouse

    oh forgot to say to all those users with mx700s that need to charge em every day WHAT DO U DO TO YOUR MOUSE i use my computer for a many many hours a day ie more than 10 often longer and i need to charge my mouse once every 5-7 days it takes 6 hours to charge and it works well for that entire time once the red light starts blinking ive got about 12 more hours of use out of the mouse it occurs to me that your mouse must not be turning itself off or its sensor off when not being used properly one of the reasons could be is that its on a slightly reflective surface or a non dull black/blue / dark coloured surface JEREMY
  12. jeremymacmull

    Logitech MX-900 bluetooth mouse

    Ive got the mx700 mouse firstly its the best mouse ive ever used period. I find it better than my mx 500 (not tried the 510) because of the wireless capability its brilliiant for games and other stuff my friend has the 900 and the bluetooth keyboard while i have the mx rf keyboard and the 700 the bluetooth one does well but is not as responsive as the mx700 due to the limited thruput of bluetooth anyone who doubts download a utility called mouserate it tests how many refreshes per sec the usb port has ie how often your mouse is refreshing my mx700 and the mx 500 get 125 (the max a usb port can have) the mx900 gets 95 which is fast but not as fast however saying that the bluetooth hub bit is usefull i use his setup to access my phone and install software and mp3s on it (nokia 6230) in all for a good wireless combo i would recoomend the mx duo ie mx700 and the mx wireless keyboard as a better combination than the bluetooth due ie mx900 and the bluetooth keyboard JEREMY
  13. yeah i read that article before but i would still prefer a new upgradable socket (yes i know 754 has the sempron and so) but all the new processors are going to be 939 and for future upgradability id get that anyway otherwise ive got a 74gb raptor as my main drive and a raid 0 array as a secondary drive (with the games on it) and i must say that flys (im not bothered about data integrity as i can always reinstall the games!!) JEREMY
  14. @Bridgeboy ah so he does know what he is talking about hats off to u how much does the phase cooling system cost i presume its the lightspeed version or better as for processors id still get the 3400 or try to get the 939 3500 at least but u do know what u are talking about so i apologise no hard feelings JEREMY
  15. JUST one silly little point If you are so content on a gaming rig and are willing to a) phase change cool it water cool it or a combination of that then WHY THE HELL are u buying a 3200 a64 why not buy the Athlon fx53 for 940 if 939 not available there. The FX series is a marked improvement for games compared to ANY Comercially available chip and the FX series is mulitplier unlocked which means if u want to overclock the chip (and u could a lot with phase change) then u dont have to overclock the memory as much as well JUST A SMALL POINT!!! for my money it sounds like u dont really know what u want i would reccomend looking at some review sites for chips is a good one cos if you are so willing to spend money on phase change etc then surely a cheaper and better option would be an FX series processor JEREMY