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  1. Hi, I have severe problems with the quality of Maxtor DiamondMaxPlus9 120GB disks (6Y120P0), I will have my third replacement drive in 10 months. The last drive worked for 10 days and failed with errorcode Y3KS57 in the PowerMax diagnostics (failed after suddenly making a strange noise and getting very hot, looked a head crash or some electrical shortcut in the controller). I do NOT suspect the power or cooling: I have a 20 GB Seagate and a new Samsung 160 GB SpinPoint P80 running without troubles and Samsung disktemp is 31C in single drive mounting and 37C if two drives are mounted back-to-back in the drive bays. What do you think about the disks temperatures? What is the experience with the Maxtor DiamondMax Plus9 series? (do I have bad luck ...) I filed a complaint with the supplier of the PC and Maxtor
  2. BTW: my system is based on a A-Open AX45-533 mobo which has is SIS645DX chipset and a P4 2.67 GHz CPU, nothing wrong with it imho , is rock solid and performance is good.
  3. Blakerwry: I am using ribbon cables (80-wire), no rounded IDE cables, however CPU, case and system temps measured thru Motherboard Monitor are OK (CPU 42C, case 23C and HDD 32C, latest without HDD cooling and single drive). I took ESD pre-cautions when mounting the last drive from the RMA, drive crashed suddenly with a strange noise (head crash?), could be handling by the shipper (UPS). I recently replaced the 250W PS with a low-noise 300W quality PS, which worked for over 2 yrs in another PC, so I do not suspect the PS. For some reliability statistics and trends, plse see at the reported failures rates published by a local PC component shop: Samsung: 200 drives delivered, 1 failure (0.5%) Maxtor: 150 drives delivered, 20 failures (13%) Western Digital: 150 drives delivered, 5 failures (3%) Hitachi: 250 drives delivered, 25 failures (10%). Eg. the SR Reliability Index show 17% for Maxtor DM+9, 89% for Seagate Cuda V, 51% for Hitachi/IBM 180GXP, WD1200JB 80% Looks to me the DM+9 series is not in the top-ranking wrt reliability ...
  4. Tim: first drive build into my PC, second drive new unit ordered by fieldservice company, third drive straight RMA from Maxtor (lasted for 10 days ...) Because my old Seagate BarracudaII run for a number of months site on site with the Maxtor DM+9 and my system temp is average 22-24C (I have a proper case fan installed, etc.) I do not suspect a temperature problem, my Samsung 120GB SpinPoint P80 has no problems either