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  1. Thank you Gilbo for an answer with some nice content. Appreciated. Seems like I haven't expressed myself clear what I will use the disks to. I won't buy 4x 250 gb drives just to store files on, Of course I'll run a server too, but, in the future. I'm not common with servers and which performance you'll expect. The only reference I have is what other people have told me. That's why I used HD Tach to get an overview of it all, to see that it runs like it should. And when I got those shitty results, I said to myself: Something is wrong. Now, when you claim that Hd Tach cannot measure the real-world performance, I say ok. But your first response to me wasn't of any help, when you only told me to not waste money or time. erhm. Anyway, What I've planned to use those drives to is the following: * Launch games * server (game/files/and so on) As everybody else, I'm in search for the best performance possible, and that's why I used HD Tach - and entered this forum - to make sure that nothing is wrong and that my server which I will build will work as it should. I Hope you understand my point. I am aware that there's better drives on the market which therefore maintaining better performance, but it's a question of how much you wanna spend, like everything else. I found these drives to fit me perfect, which they do. I only raised my eyebrows when I realized that the speed wasn't acceptable - from what other said and the results other have received. Can we agree on that, or is Hd Tach measuring wrong? Why I asked you if this was about jealousy was because of the way you expressed yourself. I needed - and needs - help, not tips that I shouldn't waste any time/money or whatever. Finally, there's no problem in my head, thank you. It's very clear to me that anyone would head to a forum like this to straighten things out when everyone around tells you that the performance isn't good. It's all about solving problems. My last words goes out with a question: Will I ahieve the performance the drives and the controllercard are supposed to give me when I put up the server, with other words in-world-performance, or is something really wrong with my drives/controllercard? balding_ape: Thank you. Kindest regards Dealon
  2. Gilbo: First of all, I misunderstood Mars as I thought he labeled me and the whole thread as a joke. I was dead serious, and therefore got insulted. Well, sorry Mars for the missunderstanding. Second, How can you say that I should ignore these results? Something is wrong, because the speed lowers, am I wrong? Why am I wasting time on using raid0, and how can you say that I wont gain any performance? Further, what do you suggest me to buy then? Thirdly, I bought these 4 250 gb drives because I need a big large disk to save files on. It fits me perfect, but the only problem is the speed which I'm not happy with. So please tell me Gilbo, what do you suggest me to do? Send the drives to you? Am I wrong or is this all about jealousy? TobySmurf: Yes, I have also a hard time believing that the PCI bus prevents the speed. Well, I have no clue at all. Hope that someone can come with something which can help me solve this little problem Kindest regards Dealon
  3. When connecting three drives I get the following result. As you can see the speed lowers when connecting more and more drives. Why?
  4. Tex: So you find these results good? lol. Mars: No, you're a joke. qawsedrftgzxcvb: Tried other cables, without result. But when I tried connecting only two drives, suddently the results went better. Take a look. How come the results get so shitty when connecting all the four drives?
  5. Not be bothered? Of course, cause I want to run them in raid0 and get some really bad performance.
  6. I meant a TX4000, not a SX as the topic says. Wrote wrong. Thanks...
  7. Hi guys. I get some real shitty results when benching in Hd Tach. What could be wrong? This is what I use: Maxtor 250 gb 7200 RPM 8 MB cache x4 (raid0) Promise Fasttrack TX4000 I'm using a IDE cable for each drive, but those have three connectors. Can this be the problem? I've downloaded the latest drivers for the controller, with no result. Hope you can help me with this little problem Kindest regards Dealon
  8. When using two Raptors 74 GB in RAID0, You'll get pretty good transfer speeds, but the bad thing is that the access time will get a bit higher compared to only use one Raptor as systemdisk. Which alternative would you prefer, and why? Kindest regards Dealon
  9. Dealon

    How To Change Udma Mode?

    HD Tach reports that high CPU utilization :-(
  10. Dealon

    How To Change Udma Mode?

    SO with other words: I'm running at UDMA-6 right now? The problem left is:How will I solve the CPU utilization problem? 40% sounds way too high... Kindest regards Dealon
  11. Dealon

    How To Change Udma Mode?

    Ok, feels nice to hear. I'm using the integrated VIA controller on my motherboard Asus K8V Deluxe. What is causing that extremely high CPU utilization? Kindest regards Dealon
  12. Hi! How to change UDMA mode? Acccording to SiSoft Sandra2004, I'm running currently at SWDMA-3, and Sandra gives me Warning W3104, and tells me to run the optimal speed (UDMA-6). When running HD Tach, I'll get the following: Access Time: 7.4 Read burst speed: 118.7 Read Speed - Maximum: 73.1 Read Speed - Minimum: 41.8 Read Speed - Average: 65.0 CPU utilization: 39.1% Please help me guys. Kindest regards Dealon
  13. Dealon

    Western Digital Raptor Wd740gd

    While talking about this drive, a extremely important thing is the cooling and noise reduce of it. I've had my eyes over the Silentmaxx HD Insulation 2.0 for a while, which I hope will cool and reduce the noise, to acceptable levels. What do you think? Silentmaxx HD Insulation 2.0 (Info about it here. Babelfish here.) The spec speaks for itself: I also mailed Silentmaxx and asked if it could cool a WD Raptor 74 GB, and I got this response: Anyway, I've bought it. Right now, I'm waiting for Silentmaxx to get the product in stock (14 feb) and then they'll send it to me. So please post your opinions before that date, so I can abort the order if it turns out not working with the raptor. Kindest regards Dealon
  14. Hi guys! Im planning buying a raptor disk, but Im not sure which one I'll pick, yet. As everybody else, I priorize noise level higly, and because of that, I wonder which of the disks I should choose? The 36 GB or the 74 GB? Why? Further, I wonder if the Silentmaxx HDD would reduce the noise of the raptordisks, and how about heat? Would be really happy If I got some answers. Kindest regards Dealon
  15. Dealon

    Western Digital Raptor Wd740gd

    Hi! Got some questions, and I would be really happy if I received some answers. 1: I wonder if I can use the Raptor 36/74 GB in a Silentmaxx HDD? (look here!). Think it will work, and if so, will it reduce the noise significally, and handle the heat? 2: Is the noise on the Raptor disks really annoying? 3: Is there a difference in noise, between the Raptor 36 GB and the 74 GB? 4: Which disk do you recommend me buying, and why?. Kindest regards Dan