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    7k250 Questions

    Not sure why but my Hitachi 7k250 SATA on Intel ICH5 burst at over 115MB/s. THats faster than the 100MB/s PATA limit.
  2. Although I must say playing MP3 in the background of a game is not very demanding by todays standard...
  3. Nicely corrected me there. I always thought Seagate 7200.7 went back to ball bearing as their website removed all reference to FDB in comparison to the B4/5 pages. But then it is now hidden in the pdf
  4. From what I gather the Seagate 7200.7 are made from LOWER quality components compared to the Baracuda 4 and 5. You see the missing metal back protection plate as one thing. Another thing is that B4 and 5 uses Fluid dynamic bearings and 7200.7 just use standard ballbearings from what I gather from their site. And that is most likely be the case of the idle whine. Also from my expenerience, WD JB series also has a high pitch but quiet whine during idle. But loud enough for me to hear.
  5. Which one would you guys take?
  6. xtreme2k

    Word & Excel Close Upon Opening...

    It came into play during the O2KSP1. The Office 2000 Original Release you can use the GC6J3 keywithout any problems, without any activation crap. If you have applied SP1(or later) it will automatically close itself. GC6J3 is a "widely distributed" corp key for office2000.
  7. xtreme2k

    Word & Excel Close Upon Opening...

    Dont even bother. It is Microsoft's way of telling you that you are using a 'compromised' cdkey. I am pretty sure the key you used is the GC6J3 key which has now been disabled.
  8. xtreme2k

    Maxtor's Response

    Well Maxtor was shithouse anyway. Their D740X's seek time was loudest of the current generation of the 7200rpm drives. IBM/WD/Seagate current generation drives are all SILENT while Maxtor is the only one thats having a seek noise... Speed wise it was pretty poor anyway... Got owned by even an IBM 60GXP (high level test results, dont give me the low level seek time BS) Price wise it is expensive so to be honest I dont know why anyone is buying Maxtor...
  9. xtreme2k

    Maxtor Acoustic Management in XP?

    Download the IBM hdd tools from the ibm website. They will create a boot floppy for you. It works with Maxtor drives as well.
  10. WinXP has a built in mechanism to 'enhance' the prefetch files during system idles. I think it happens after 15 minutes of system idles.
  11. xtreme2k

    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB

    I am saying the 1000JB has a slower transfer rate because of its 33GB platter.
  12. xtreme2k

    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB

    I think I can answer comment number 2. The 800JB is a 2 platter drive therefore the mechanism should be much more simplier to the 1200JB which will lead to less noise and less heat produced. However, what cannot be explained is the increase of access time. I believe, given exactly the same drive, but one with 3 platter, one with 2, the 2 platter drive should have a lower access time due to the 'lighter' heads. WD must have somehow slowed down the drives access time so that it cannot perform faster than the 1200JB. Whats irriatating is that it is even slower than the 1000BB-SE/JB. Which has a 33GB platter, and significantly lower transfer rate. And I have just purchased a 800JB today, thinking it would mimic a 1200JB's performance...
  13. xtreme2k

    Looking for very large, very quiet hard drive.

    Well basically I have got IBM 60GXP IBM 75GXP Maxtor 740 Ball bearing Seagata Barracuda4 and this is how I would rate their seek noise. Lower number the quieter. - IBM 60GXP - 2.5 - IBM 75GXP - 6.5 - Maxtor - 5 - Seagate Barra4 - 2.0 My maxtor's seek is NO WAY QUIET. I can hear it and it is damn loud in my opinion. 60GXP and Barra4, is hardly noticeable. I am not sure if the L(fluid) version is quieter at seek though. But the J(ball) version isnt for sure.
  14. xtreme2k

    Maxtor DiamondMax 40 NTFS only?!?!

    If you use the Win98 bootdisk with FDISK then it is best to use the percentages within FDISK instead of actual MB if you partition huge hdds. It is because the MB size might not show up correctly but is is only a cosmetic error, use the percentages to define the drive size and you should be fine. Same for the DOS format command. Cosmetic MB size error but it works.
  15. xtreme2k

    Maxtor DiamondMax 40 NTFS only?!?!

    Try to partition and format the drive as FAT32 before installing WinXP.