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    80GB still made?

    Found this on eBay, http://cgi.ebay.com/WESTERN-DIGITAL-WD800J...id=p3286.c0.m14 If you click on the picture, you can see it was manuf. in May of 2009. It appears WD does in fact still produce these.

    80GB still made?

    So you're saying it could be a WD Caviar 160gb (still produced) with one of the platters not used or a 160gb platter with half not seen? Interesting.... I still wonder why many business machines only come with 80GB drives. Even though I don't need that much storage (all CAD work is saved on the network server) it still seems weird to 'short-stroke' a drive. Either way, I say Dell did a great job with the Optiplex 760 (the larger tower). It is near silent.

    80GB still made?

    Hello all, I recently started work at a company and they gave me a brand new dell optiplex computer. It has an Intel Core 2 inside and all but surprising I noticed it only has an 80GB drive. I checked device manager and inside is a WD800JD 80GB 7200rpm drive. I didn't even know Western Digital still made 80GB drives. Newegg.com labels it as a Caviar Blue. This model isn't even on the WD site. Do HD manuf. make smaller hard drive for OEM business machines?

    Oldest drive still in use

    In my post above, I mentioned that I have two 160GB Seagate ST3160023A drives in separate computers. One of these drives has 4.2 years (~37,000hrs) on it and the other has about 3.8 years (34,000hrs) on it. Both drives have run flawlessly with zero bad sectors, but I'm wondering if I should retire these drives. I'm wondering if I'm on borrowed time with them. They have both been the best drives I've had, and I'm convinced the 7200.7 models of Seagates were some of the best drives of their times. Would anyone replace them with the hours they have on them, or simply keep running them? I do have a few 80GB drives with far less hours put on them sitting on my desk.

    Oldest drive still in use

    I have two machines with Seagate 160GB Model: ST3160023A running for over 5 years. Both drives have zero bad sectors. Most reliable and dependable drives I've ever had.
  6. I have 2 five year old 160GB Seagates that have been running almost 24 hours a day. They each have about 4 years of power on hours on them. I have had dozens of hard drives, and the only one to fail on me was an 80GB Samsung. Do I hate Samsung? No. Like mentioned before, every drive makers puts out junk once in a while. Seagate will bounce back. That being said, WD seems to be the most stable manuf. reliability wise across their different models.

    Your Favorite Model Drive

    In your opinion, which drive model is/was your favorite. Feel free to list multiple (past and present). My favorite is the Seagate 7200.7 Barracudas....I have a few 160GB 7200.7's that have been running for over 5 years now with no bad sectors....and they're dead silent. Overall, I believe they're an extremely reliable generation of drives...perhaps Seagate's best.

    Seagate Momentus - Reallocated Sectors

    I'm thinking that the repair tech maybe man handled it while doing the repairs while it was powered on. No idea.

    Seagate Momentus - Reallocated Sectors

    Alright, I'll try not to. Thanks.
  10. Haven't been here in quite some time.... A few weeks ago I shipped my HP notebook for repair. I had the hinges and cooling fans replaced under my 3yr warranty. When I got it back HDD Health reports 10 reallocated sectors. Possibly damaged during shipping? Anyway, I've been using the drive since and no more bad sectors have developed. Would you trust the computer if nothing further develops or scrap the drive? This is my main computer which I use for school work, and it basically gets a lot of use. Opinions appreciated. Drive is a Seagate Momentus 5400RPM 80 Gigabyte. Thank you.

    Laptop : Glossy LCD screens are aweful

    When I bought my HP ZV6000 I opted not to get the glossy option because I didn't like the glare they give off. I only saved $25 but I prefer regular non-gloss screens.

    Constant load hesitation

    My laptop has been acting strange lately. It has an 80gb Seagate Momentus 5400rpm in it and I'm wondering if it is the cause of my problems. Lately, my computer has been slow to respond to clicking on folders in windows, opening icons, and any general loading. It seems to take 2 or 3 seconds for the hard drive LED to start blinking. Computer has been scanned for spyware, viruses, defragmented, and it has been reformatted a few months ago. I have 1GB of ram so no issue there. Is this a warning sign about anything going on with the drive itself? Could this be drive related? Maybe it's just an excuse for me to get a 7200 rpm drive. Thanks.

    breather hole details

    Thought I'd add, Smoke and tar do effect circuit boards and it does degrade them. I'm assuming large amounts of smoke over time may damage the controller board on the hard drive or other components inside the PC.

    breather hole details

    I'm pretty sure they do block smoke particles and they are designed to deal with that in an environment. However, no filter is 100% as long as it is letting air pass through. They even have another filter inside the enclosure for this purpose. When the air whirls around they have a filter catching any particles that got through. Link showing filter in top left of hard drive

    Seagate 750GB Barracuda ES w/ no warranty

    I RMAd a 1.5yr old 80gb samsung drive a year ago from an hp machine and samsung sent me a refurb back no problem.