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  1. powergyoza

    Seagate Barracuda 7200.7 reviewed @ SPCR

    Oopsies :oops:, it must have been a very late night.
  2. Here's the news release: Performance has improved, but at the expense of acoustics. No more seashield (although it looks like you can retrofit an old one). And as of yet, NO way to turn on AAM silent seeks! Yikes! Who's gonna get these new drives and who's gonna scramble to stockpile the old Barracudas?
  3. powergyoza

    The most quiet 120GB harddrive?

    Over at SilentPCreview, there's a review of the 7200.7. It's said to be slightly louder than the older barracudas. This may be due to Seagate's decision to omit the Seashield from the shipping product. Thankfully, there are mounting holes for the Seashield. Perhaps some modding is in order?
  4. powergyoza

    The most quiet 120GB harddrive?

    bel = 10 decibels. named after alexander graham bell Just to add my $0.02. Bels are usually for designating sound power, that is the total amount of sound energy emitted by a device. Decibels are usually used to designate sound pressure, that is the change in air pressure at 1 location caused by the device. (my best understanding) More info: http://home.swipnet.se/tr/iso.html
  5. 43/50C seems okay, but I have many questions: as cool as yours.[*]Where is the drive mounted? [*]Is it mounted directly to the case or mounted on vibration isolators? [*]Lower part of the case or upper?
  6. I posted this in another forum: But yes, I've heard you can get a 6-10ms increase if you use HDTach to measure seek times. Dunno, how HDTach compares to other methods of measuring seek time.
  7. If you're open to better solutions, consider these: Smart Drive from www.siliconacoustics.com or www.googlegear.com and acoustipak from www.quietpc.com The Smart Drive does better than the novibes by blocking some of the whine. AcoustiPak is much denser than PaxMate (dunno about the others) and is better able to absorb & block the noise. Reviews of both products are at www.silentpcreview.com
  8. powergyoza

    Antec or Enermax PSU, help me choosing

    Antec raised the bar on quality power supplies (and I use one myself), but other brands have raised the bar even higher since it became popular. Nexus, Seasonic, Zalman, Q-technology and now ExoticPC all make quieter PSU's that are efficient and offer good regulation.
  9. Here's a very useful link to info about power consumption: http://forums.silentpcreview.com//viewtopi...p?p=11245#11245. Allow the link to fully load so that it goes to the right message. In short, you gotta have a major whack of components to required anything bigger than even 300 watts. And BTW - those silenx 14dB PSU's seem really sweet. People are already saying that they're really quiet.
  10. powergyoza

    DiammondMax Plus 8, how about this drive

    My DM+8 was totally silent (idle + seeks), whereas my DM+9 makes a faint low rumbling noise (pleasant to the ear) when it seeks, but it too is silent at idle. Your drive must be mounted somehow that it resonates or then it's just plain RMA'able. ER, I imagine that I was listening to a DM8+ in a different setup than you. What's your system? The computer I listened to was a bunch of components not assembled in a case yet. The DM8+ was resting on soft foam. Ultra-silent PSU and a undervolted Panaflo L1A on the HS. No chance for resonation. No chance of other noises masking the DM9+ noise. RMA'able? Prolly not.
  11. powergyoza

    DiammondMax Plus 8, how about this drive

    From purely an acoustic perspective, the DM8+ is quieter than a D740x, but the quality of the noise IMO is worse on the ear. It's higher pitched and hollow - no low freq components to mask the faint, but high pitched whine.
  12. powergyoza

    SB Audigy and dual-CPU systems

    People on the 2cpu forums are still having problems with the audigy and the latest supposedly smp-friendly driver release from creative. I don't recommend it. Cards like the Turtle Beach Santa Cruz, Hercules Fortismo (?) seem to work better, but they are not as popular - so it's hard to judge. Only the pro-audio cards seem alright. My solution is to do external USB audio. I have no problems so far - and the DAC circuitry is supposed to be way better to boot!
  13. powergyoza

    Silencing Hard Drive : Automatic Acoustic Management?

    AFAIK, most of the wd hdds do not support temp monitoring. Rubber washers are okay, but the washers are usually not soft enough to do any good. A NoiseMagic NoVibesIII or a DIY equivalent works much better. Sitting the hdd on soft foam is also a good way to go. See my sig below for more extreme measures...
  14. powergyoza

    Question re: fan speed controls, thermo, speed sensing

    1st thing to do would be to cut out your back grill. That will decrease turbulence noise and increase the efficiency of your fan. With less restriction to airflow you can use a quieter fan like a Panaflo L1A. I saw them for $4 somewhere.... http://www.quickar.com/fanblow.php
  15. Once you get the barracudas, you'll probably find that your PSU is the noisiest component. You'll need to replace the fan inside, the entire PSU, or do some ductwork to make sure it's getting fresh cool air rather than the warmer inside-case air (although your setup is not producing very much heat anyway). 8MB 'cuda V's are only easy to get as SATA. You can probably get an adapter for cheap...