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  1. Prof.Wizard

    When did Eugene and company sell out?

    Heh, good to see you too Mickey. The thing is, I have abandoned this handle long ago and it somehow strikes me when I see old posts coming from it. I don't even recognize my English. Hell, I don't even remember how on earth I did this signature of mine, what program I used, etc. Everybody here is asking about Eugene... what about David though?! He was the data guy behind it all...
  2. Prof.Wizard

    When did Eugene and company sell out?

    I am as old as you in this place, supercaffeinated, things didn't happen exactly like that and you know it. They had a freak error while backing up the database, not that they didn't make backups. Nevertheless, yes, I still remember our real-time reaction to 9/11... Has it been 10 years already?! Oh I wasn't even 20 back then.
  3. Prof.Wizard

    Star Trek

    I didn't quite like the story, otherwise the actors were great and I agree that "people kissing when you didn't expect it" was a pleasant surprise!
  4. Prof.Wizard

    R.I.P America Texas v. Johnson (1989) Supreme Court Case Seems that flag burning has already been discussed...
  5. Prof.Wizard

    R.I.P America

    First, we're not talking about ME. Let's make this clear. Second, you're not paying anything (nor willing to do so) even if the kids are computer-generated images as xSTLx implies. You just download it from the 'net, and there you go, you have broken the law in most civilized western countries. LOL, next time you see a Down-syndrome kid, make your heart stone and call it idiot in front of people to test your "theory". Perhaps. But still legal persons have many rights and obligations as physical persons. Defamating a compay (legal person) might get you in trouble the same way as with Mr. John. Haven't you seen the film "The Corporation"? Credibility means constance, my friend. Constance means isonomy. You can't talk about isonomy when you discredit the same institution that provides the legal frame of rights to you. Consider the USA as a person, as in a Supreme Court case "the United States of America v. Mr. John". Both have the right of clean, name. By burning the symbols of the first and slandering the second as an "idiot" you reach the same result. Defamation. Punishable under law.
  6. Prof.Wizard

    R.I.P America

    No you don't contribute at all. You didn't ask, command or otherwise orchestrated such content creation. You just own it, usually by being sick and pervert enough to download it from the Internet. Oh come on, do you think there will be a court that will say "But Mr. John, you ARE an idiot, why you complain?" You will definitely go to court for such an act. I said legal person. And that it is. LOL, I really want to see someone burning a flag in a state of war and getting away without a bullet in his temple. I really do!
  7. Prof.Wizard

    R.I.P America

    What is "free speech" anyway, afterall? If we consider John a physical person and the United States a legal person then as John is harassed by [say] Paul who goes in the streets and slanders him, the United States is being harassed by someone who destroys its symbols. Of course there are legal limits. It's a thing to say John is an idiot while you're with your friends and another thing to print A2 posters "JOHN IS AN IDIOT" and put them on every wall in your city. Same thing with the legal person "United States" in our case. It's a thing to disapprove the war, and another thing to slander and abuse the nation's symbols, as with the flag-burning act.
  8. Prof.Wizard

    R.I.P America

    Hmm, come to think of it. Having "pedophile content" in your PC is not breaking any external or public security laws in your points 1, 2, and 3. But still most goverments on this planet are prosecuting- thank God- the sick guys that harbor pictures, videos, etc. Someone might argue that the pedophile content wasn't made by him so he didn't harass or act in a indecent way on a minor. But still having the actual pics is a crime in many countries (at least in the EU). Is this again against your free bee.. erm sorry... "free speech"? (sorry for the pun, it was intended!)
  9. Prof.Wizard

    R.I.P America

    This "slippery slope" fear is the usual fear, defendants of free-speech (or flag-burning) cite to demonize measures taken by a country to defend its institutions and the symbols that stand for its institutions. I still believe most of you confound the "free beer" with "free speech" in a way I can't grasp. Under your definition of free speech I could go on and legalize all forms of speech (literal and metaphorical) including defamation, slandering, terrorism hoaxes... EVERYTHING IN THE NAME OF FREE SPEECH! C'mon, there should be limits. You know there should be.
  10. Prof.Wizard

    SR's Degree of Moderation

    udaman, you're ruining Google with all these "authority" thoughts...
  11. Prof.Wizard

    R.I.P America

    There are so many other "symbolic" protests. Why the flag-burning?
  12. Prof.Wizard

    SR's Degree of Moderation

    I'm not a native English speaker and I want to ask something to the respected members of SR. Is it me or udaman is writing in a complex, almost schizophrenic way? I really can't follow his arguments, but I'm not sure if he's a genius expressing in a elaborous way too complex for my medium intelligence to grasp or just a maniac who forgot to take his pill... again.
  13. Prof.Wizard

    R.I.P America

    Mister Duck, I'm sorry if I offended you. You're right, my apologies. I won't answer to your points cause I think someone else will... Conservatives will be pleased with Mr Roberts' record on abortion, church-state issues and the environment. He has successfully argued that government-funded doctors and clinics could not talk to patients about abortion. He has also supported prayers at school graduations and sought to criminalise flag burning, according to the American Civil Liberties Union. Seems Bush's Supreme Court judge-nominee sees it as I do. Hmm.
  14. Prof.Wizard

    SR's Degree of Moderation

    I'm Rods-and-Axes, so I voted for the last. Certain users should take temporary bans. Although in the era of proxy IPs I don't think it would be much of use. Mostly, I believe moderators should act as cleaners for the threads. Moderating is not only about hunting down 'bad behavior', but also trimming clumsy threads and posts.