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    First Build

    Although, for only afew $$ more you could get a DVD Burner instead of just CD Burner/DVDRom. Take a look at NEC ND-2500A 8x DVD Burner/CD Burner For only $60.00 or if you want a faster one, Well...It's the fastest one right now, ND-3500A 16x DVD+/-R/CD-RW/16X DVDRom. for $87.00/$89.00. http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-152-031&depa=1 http://www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc....-152-032&depa=1 Regards, 2Old2Works?
  2. 2Old2works?

    First Build

    Everyting Look Good IMHO. Though, I may want to look at Mushkin or Corsair over Kingston. Both Mushkin & Corsair are alittle better price than Kinston right now.(Both are faster too!) 2 x 512MB Mushkin @ $140.00 ($70.00 Each) 2 x 512MB Corsair @ $149.00 (1BG 512MB x 2 Kit) http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc....-146-219&DEPA=0 http://www.newegg.com/app/viewProductDesc....ufactory=BROWSE Goog Luck Regards, 2Old2Works?
  3. 2Old2works?

    First Build

    OoP! I meant in "Our Back Office" Not "Out Back Office"! I needs a strong cup of coffee! It's too early Monday morning you know! Here's the Item From NewEgg as of this morning. http://www.newegg.com/app/viewproductdesc....-129-122&DEPA=0 Regards, 2Old2Works?
  4. 2Old2works?

    First Build

    I'd pick Antec with 350 Watts PSU anyday over that one. It's only $68.00 shipped at NewEgg the last time I look at it. We've got 40 of these Antec SLK3700AMBs in out back office for over a year now and all with P-IVs, 2+ HDDs, 2 Optical drives, 2 120MM Fans etc etc. Never have any problems with Heat or PSU. Very Quiet & Stable! Antec's one of the best well known PSU if not the best for the price. Don't let the number of Watts on lesser brand let you to believe that they're more powerfull or better! Regards, 2Old2Works?
  5. 2Old2works?

    Western Digital Raptor WD740GD Preview

    Now it's only $160.00 after rebate from NewEgg. So, I bought a few... Yes...a few WD74GB Raptors for my office's workstations and I plan on replacing most if not all the boot drive in my office's machine (63 Units Total!) and hopes that it will speed things up a bid and get more productivities. Regards, 2Old2Works?
  6. 2Old2works?

    More Dell Lcd Monitor Specials....

    I was just joking. I know, I needs to go with Flat Monitor sooner or later anyway. So, I think $720.00 is a good deal for a high quality 20+" ??? The price getting closer to 22" NEC/Mitsubishi CRT Plus a free shipping is nice. Thanks again Future Shock & Honold for the tips and recommendations. I should received my new Dell's next days or so here. Kind Regards, 2Old2Works?
  7. 2Old2works?

    Off Topic- Case & Psu Recom.

    I bought Lian-Li PC V-2100 Series a few weeks ago and it very roomy. It can hold 12 + HDDs. I ended up using it as a server at home instead. Take a look here; www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=11-112-054&depa=1 www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=11-112-076&depa=1 Or Here; www.newegg.com/app/ViewProductDesc.asp?description=11-112-053&depa=1 Regards, 2Old2Works?
  8. 2Old2works?

    Please Help Me, Thanks

    I do not think you have to buy those IDE Cables, Most if not all Motherboard you're buying should come with at less 2 IDE cables & 1 FDB for your floppy. Beside, they're so cheap these day if you have to buy one and your local dealers should got them forsale next to nothing. Good luck and have fun. Regards, 2Old2Works?
  9. 2Old2works?

    More Dell Lcd Monitor Specials....

    How many Dell's Monitors have you help Dell's sell so far??? I think Dell should give you commissions by now OK, You've got me convinces, I'm getting one to see I gonna like it better than my Trusty NEC's 22" CRT? Kind Regards, 2Old2Works?
  10. 2Old2works?

    Please Help Me, Thanks

    I would not worry about that. It should be very easy to figue out. It's all normal for all first time builder to get some confusions. Though,I've not use neither boards but I'd have got friends who bought ECSs from Fry's said, it's very good board and as stable as any ASUSs or Intel's boards for alot lower price. As I mentions above, Personally... I would take 865PE Chipset over any others even it's cost more. I did look at your again and I was mistaken about your pick of the 400JB Not 400BB. I think all "JB" Models come with 3 years warrantry? I bought 4 New 800JB last week because they're onsale for $62.00 each and my office's machines needs new HDDs (Maxtor D740's are so noisies, I can't stand them!) Now, I won't have to listening to those cracking noises anymore! You're always comeback here to SRs and asking for help from many Pros. if you're ever needs one. I'm sure you will always gonna get help. Kind Regards, 2Old2Works?
  11. 2Old2works?

    Please Help Me, Thanks

    Although, Everything Looks Good there. Of all the parts you'd pick, I'd change one Item if I were you; WD400BB, I'd go for the new 800JB Instead. With the new 800JBs you'll get FDB Instead of ball barring, 3 years warrantry instead of 1. I just Recieved 4 new 800JBs last week and was very surprised that they're all now with FDB. With black housing and smooth top. so no more barring noise. Also, believe it or not, now the new 800JBs come with Temp.read out from Either DTemp or Sppedfan just like the rest of my Raptors. Kind Regards, 2Old2Works?
  12. 2Old2works?

    Please Help Me, Thanks

    How About ECS "865PE-A" i865PE ? Take alook at NewEgg price, Only $49.00 shipped Via FedEx Saver. Also, you might want to take a look at Northwood 2.8C GHz/800MHz FSB For $179.00. not much more than the 2.4C GHz. This one even lower price than ASRock and it's using 865PE. I like Intel Chipset alot better than any SISs or VIAs. Good Luck With your new build. I think you'll have alot of fun doing that. Kind Regards, 2Old2Works?
  13. 2Old2works?

    Pentium 4 3.4e (478), Where Are They?

    I just don't Understand your point. Northwood's still better choice for Socket 478 any way you look at it. Why anyone wants that overheating chip on their machine when the out come are about the same with a better, cooler running Northwood? I've try them all, S478 Prescott's shouldn't even be onsale to consummer from the first place. It's Iintel's mistake from the very begining anyway. I'd choose Northwood over Prescott anytime.(1MB L2 Cache meant stinker to everyday use at all. May be afew frame on Video2DivX??) I'm currently using Both Northwood 3.2, 3.4GHz & New build S939/FX53. Never have any problems with heat on neither machine. Overclocked or not! Intel's For Multi-dedia works, AMD's S939/FX53 My new toy and I love it! Regards, 2Old2Works
  14. 2Old2works?

    Should Avatar Images Be Enabled?

    I Prefered Not To See Those Very Anoying Sig. Or Any on this site at all. Come On Guy, We're all adult and most of you're Professional. As Some posted above mentions, It's ad Cost To SRs. Otherwise, if that person really want to pays for it. Kind Regards, 2Old2Works?
  15. 2Old2works?

    Just Recieved Fx53 S.939 & A3800+ S.939

    Thank you Blue Hearts71 for the tips. I just ordered 2 ASUS A8V Deluxe this morning from M-Waves and hopefully they will get here early part of next week. As far as other hardwares goes, I believe I've got them all handle, mostly from my other systems that I'm now using. I've got 2 Personal Systems at home, one running P4C800-E Deluxe/Northwood 3.4GHz/ASUS 9800XT/2 x Raptors 74GB + 2 x 250GB 7K250 SATA & 2 x 250GB 7K250 ATA. ( None RAID ) 2 x 512MB PC-3500 Mushkin Level II The Otherone is also the same set-up except It's Northwood 3.2GHz/ASUS 5900 Ultra 2 x 512MB Kingston Hyper-X PC-3500. Everyting else are the same. As I mentions, I'm doing alot of Multi media works including DVD2XviD/DivX5 and these Intel's set up much faster than my AMDs 3000+. That's why I sold AMDs to a friend at the office! Until Now... I've got a new wrapons...AMDs top of the line and I'm dying to get them up and running. I've got 2 extra 74GB Raptors which I will use them to try out the new AMDs.(When ever the boards get here!) As I mentions on my early posted, I also received 2 set of Corsair 1024XLPro. PC3200 With 2-2-2-5. These memory are brand new and still in the package. ( I did not buy these Memory, But Please do not ask me how I've got them in!) I've got a few Power supply in my office right now Including 2 new OCZ 470Watts & 520Watts Which are also still in their boxs! I'll get to try them out with my new AMDs set-up. (Also got Antec True550s, Enermax 550Watts & 470Watts etc. here at the office!) As far as Cooling goes, anyone know if the Heatsink/fan that come with the chips will do their jobs? Or should I opt. for after market like Thermalright or ..??? Thanks again Blue Hearts71 for the tips! Kind Regards, 2Old2Works?