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    Seagate 200gb 7200.7

    I've just got a 7200.7 parallel interface, and noticed in the performance database that the SATA version is about 25% quicker! I know this is a silly question when the numbers are on the screen, but is the SATA version really faster?
  2. arcamapha

    7k250 Bottom 6% For Reliability

    Surely that's because it's a new drive that hasn't had many reliabilty reviews entered yet. Other drives such as the WD's and Seagates will have more reviews. I think the reliabilty survey needs more than superficial analysis to be useful.
  3. arcamapha

    Maxtor Atlas 15k

    Anyone know when the Seagate 15K.4 will be available? I'm looking to upgrade my X15-36LP's.
  4. arcamapha

    2 Questions About Non Raid Scsi

    There is also extra time in windows startup, as the scsi card seems to initialize again. But its very fast once windows is going. Trick is not to turn it off...