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  1. Manufacturer: Toshiba Family: DT01ACA Released: 2012 Notes: Model Name (product family): DT01ACA Model Number: DT01ACA200 Capacity: 2TB URL: http://storage.toshiba.com/storagesolutions/pc-notebook/dt01aca-series# Interface: Serial ATA 3.0 / ATA-8 Spindle Speed: 7,200 RPM rotations per minute Seek: 4.17 milliseconds Buffer: 64MB Density: 1TB per platter
  2. klor

    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    I have exactly the same problem. I just bought 6Y120P0 120 GB, 80 GB platter version, and it seems much slower, than the reviews shows. The performance is about 49/22 (41 Mb average) with some quick tests with AIDA, however HDtach shows 54/11 (36.5 Mb average). Measured on Abit NF7-S v2.0, latest bios (Nvidia Nforce2, Windows XP+SP1, Athlon 1700+) Is the performance/quality of this model so poor or my drive is faulty? Could someone try a test with AIDA disk benchmark (in menu open Plugin/Disk benchmark)? AIDA sysinfo tool You can download it here: AIDA Personal (freeware) I would be curious what results others get. Thanks, klor