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    Can we display PC Video on TV?

    Using an ATI card, there is a tab under Display Properties, Settings, Advanced called Displays. You should be able to select which displays are connected at the same time. Also, depending on the card, you may even be able to enable "Theater mode" where you can set if the TV is an extension of the desktop or if the TV only shows the contents of the overlay on it. I've used this portion of the Theater mode since it only displays the movie (full screen) on the TV when the movie plays and displays a portion of the computer screen when no movie is playing.
  2. logical1

    NT4 on modern hardware

    I've got an NT4 setup running on a P4 system for a departmental server. As long as the drivers are there and you don't mind doing a repair install, it should work just fine.
  3. logical1

    Can we display PC Video on TV?

    To bikeman, yes, ATI cards hold their own in gaming and the All-in-Wonder cards work very well for capture and TV watching. You could even simply add a TV Wonder by ATI to enable TV input and watching on whatever your current card is.
  4. logical1

    inexpensive monitor 17" lcd

    I run a dual head system with a 19" CRT at 1600x1200 beside a 17" CRT at 1280x1024 and have the tops of the displays lined up and I don't have any problem with things looking more compressed or stretched on one versus the other. The pixel size of both is close enough to the same that the only difference to me is the 17" has less screen area.
  5. What kind of board do you have now? Does it have anything other than normal PCI slots on it? If not, you're not going to go over 133mb/sec at max and very likely less than that because of overhead from anything else on the bus. So no matter how much you pour into getting the fastest drive subsystem, you're still gonna hit that wall. If you're going to spend the money, get a board that has PCI-X 100/133Mhz slots on it, get a Intel SRCU42X controller and get about 3 or 4 73GB Fujitsu MAS/MAU drives. That'll give you between 180-215mb/sec (3 drives) to 240-285mb/sec (4 drives) and should come in under $2000. And as you've noticed with the SCSI already, the system should feel more responsive as well as having low CPU usage so that your games aren't competing with the drives for CPU time when you play.
  6. While the access problem you are having with your RAID0 set is strange, I don't know that it is directly related to a problem with the RAID set itself. The hard lock at AGP440.sys usually isn't due to loading another driver since that is the last driver that loads and is listed as such, so the hard lock there could really be anything. How long have you left it sitting at the screen where it hard locks to see if it really has locked up? Maybe the controller that the drives are on is having some kind of problem or maybe there is some kind of IRQ problem that is causing what you are seeing (what devices are sharing IRQ's according to the screen that you see just after the BIOS POST screen that lists the devices and IRQ's they use?).
  7. logical1

    Filename anomalies over a LAN

    Yep, the file can be deleted that way from DOS, but to make perfectly sure, just type 'del (alt-255).txt' instead.
  8. logical1

    Filename anomalies over a LAN

    Because Win98SE still allows some DOS access by booting to command prompt and DOS is much more lenient with filenaming using extended ASCII characters (128-255), files named with characters in that set are legal locally and there are quite a few characters that will show up as "_" when they are actually something else. Windows networking though tends to work with the ASCII set of characters from 0-127 and treats the remaining characters as some kind of placeholder that it cannot interpret. This is why you see filename differences between the network version and local version. To see the true filename, go to a command prompt and look at the filename. As an aside, when in college, I used this trick to allow me to put files onto a windows fileserver from DOS because Windows could not delete the files since Windows deletes files via a separate call to the "delete" command for each file, but since the filenames map differently from DOS to Windows, each attempt to delete the file in Windows failed with a "File not found" message because Windows was trying to remove a file that did not exist as far as the FAT was concerned. To demonstrate this, go to a command prompt and type: Type test >> (alt-255).txt Hold the left Alt key and type 255 on the numeric keypad then release Alt to get the character above. After hitting enter, you will have a text file wih the contents 'test', but which Windows 98 has no clue how to handle the filename for. In DOS, the filename will look like a space, but like anyone that has dealt with DOS knows, spaces are not allowed in filenames using DOS 6.22 or earlier or using DOS 7.x outside of Windows.
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    Files are all gone! Win2k Fat32!

    Knoppix boot disk see it?
  10. logical1

    Files are all gone! Win2k Fat32!

    Or to get the file names and recopy everything: http://www.odi.ch/prog/lfn/ After that, format and copy the data back over.
  11. logical1

    How many HD in your primary home PC?

    RAID0 2x MAS3367NP WD1000BB WD2000JD
  12. logical1

    Spanning Raid 5 volumes

    Does that controller have a maximum logical drive size limit of 2tb? THat may be why that was done. True, striping would possibly work, but with 13 drives in the RAID5 you may run into a problem of needing an even number of drives in each RAID5 volume in order to stripe them. Sound like the best option is to leave it alone.
  13. logical1


    Boot in safe mode to try deleting it. That failing, you'll need a boot disk that can read NTFS probably to be able to delete it.
  14. logical1

    Tough issue. Smart people look here <

    Just for kicks, replace the PSU. There's a first time for everything.
  15. logical1

    What archiving program do you use?

    Yeah, my mistake, it was Ron that passed on.
  16. logical1

    Internet explorer ads gone wtf

    BHO's are Browser Helper Objects. They are things that websites or other software can inject into the list of DLL's loaded by your browser in order to redirect you, change your home page/search page, log information, etc. Search for something like "HjackThis" and run it and then post the log so that we can see if something is blocking them. The HOSTS file is found in C:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts normally and contains a mapping of hostnames to IP addresses. Some pop-up stoppers and other software will add sites that display ads or other unwanted content to this file with an incorrect IP address to keep the computer from displaying what would normally be displayed.
  17. logical1

    What archiving program do you use?

    You may have a hard time getting responses from Eugene about bugs in RAR now however. Unless you happen to believe in the supernatural.
  18. logical1

    Internet explorer ads gone wtf

    Checked for BHO's? How about errant entries into the HOSTS file?
  19. logical1

    Need Help Desperately!

    Have access to another machine you can put your D drive into to check that the data is really still there and accessible?
  20. logical1


    The game executable was around 300k and that is all you need to run the game. The rest of the game is streamed as you play and cached to disk.
  21. logical1


    It's a fun game and the graphics have just improved over time. The interface is also pretty easy to use and intuitive. The guild system will be a cool feature. When finished, it'll definitely be worth getting if that is the style of game you like. And yes, I have played it.
  22. logical1

    Network Drives Not Working

    Try using command line to share it again? Any error messages in the logs? For command line, it is "net share sharename=drive:\path" or type "net share /?" for options.
  23. Yeah, but now you're having to deal with parity calculations. If you go RAID0, you'll probably see most of that speed return.
  24. Have screenshot of hdtach results from just two drives?
  25. logical1

    Network Drives Not Working

    Are you administrator and do you have "File and Print Sharing" checked in your network properties?