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  1. It is. Not all successful governments are democratic. The USA isn't even democratic. Plus, our culture is destroying and creating chaos for some to assimilate it (ie the Imbonguu).

    Of course not all successful governments are democracy, but I suspect that by "democracy" we mean a government where people have THE say (elect their representatives, vote on laws, whatever the actual system might be). Under this definition, the US is certain a "democracy."

    By any definition the US is a democracy. I suspect the confusion is that we do not reply on a simple plebiscite for our usual instrument of domocracy.

  2. I am not 100% sure of this, but I think that overall the SCSI interrogation that occurs takes about the same amount of time whether or not drives are found. RAID cards tend to take longer, though there are so many options happening there (delayed spin up, etc.) that is not surprising. Systems, settings, and card differences will also make boot times different. I have never timed it, but for straight SCSI I would be surprised if the time added was 30 sec.

    As to cable, check here:

    and specifically here:

  3. Liberation/revolution is ultimately the responsibility of the people of a nation, if they lack the backbone for it then they do not deserve it.

    That's funny...they did try to rise against SH after the first Gulf War; the US had promised aid, and subsequently let them rot when SH very bloodily put them down.

    Even the US had valuable allies in its original bid for independence. Good thing France didn't forget about us....

    What promise was that, please? My recollection is that the only controversy at the time was the decision not to put forth aid.

    "Very bloodily put them down" = they were not up to it.

    Of course it was bloody. I am not sufficiently familiar with the specifics to know if there simply was not broad enough support from the start, or if the momentum was lost when the oppression hit, but the simple fact is that "they" made a collective decision to tolerate their own oppression.

  4. I suspect that even the harshest critics of President Bush and the war would concede that no matter what form of government the Iraqis end up with that they will be better off than they were under Saddam. Yet they rant and rail at President Bush for having "lied" to America (a charge which they never substantiate) and condemn the war as being unjustified!

    I generally agree. It is clear to me that Bush et. al. identified several threats in what was a foggy picture - one that was exacerbated by SH himself, for self-serving (though ultimately strategically miscalculated) reasons. Bush seems to me to be, for a President, and extremely principled individual.

    Having said that, I still have yet to see evidence that the entire Iraqi population is worth the life of one American. Yes, I believe the war was clearly justified, but no I would not have supported it if the only justification had been the liberation of the Iraqi people. "Just", perhaps in some general moral view, but not the correct action. Liberation/revolution is ultimately the responsibility of the people of a nation, if they lack the backbone for it then they do not deserve it.

    My preference would have been strategic bombing.

  5. Regarding the tray: You should use it. If you click on the reader, you should be able to drill to the media and eject only that. If you still lose the reader, too, what happens if you just unplug that and plug it back in? There could be an issue with your reader, though I do not know that model so I can not say.

    I think regarding your overall dilemma you should see similar issues here regarding 1394 drives. I think that what folks are running into more and more are fundamental weaknesses in Windows, particularly with respect to faster devices and writes. Historically when this has gotten bad enough, MS will provide a patch that will work for a year or three until hardware again outstrips the OS.

    This seems to be a bigger problem with MS supplied "universal drivers", as with 1394 & USB. If there is a hardware vendor supplied alternate drive you should try it and let us know if it works.

    There was a time when small utility software companies would have been all over an issue like this, creating all sorts of ways to improve performance and get around OS limitations. Unfortunately MS's actions have been to chill this sort of innovation in their "OS Universe" by effectively stealing the ideas of the innovators with their product updates and upgrades.

    Another possibility may be if your device has a 1394 option to try a 1394b ("Firewire 800") card. There are some reports that some of these issues are eliminated or at least greatly diminished by the use of these cards, even with 1394a hardware.

  6. i only buy arctic silver, but i could truly care less what's in it as long as my cpu stays cool.

    I agree with the latter, but as to the former I have used the following on over 100 systems:

    I have also used Arctic Silver a couple of times, but have been happy with the PCP stuff, which makes no mention that I can tell of any specific ingredients at all. I started buying the PCP stuff because I was buying other stuff they make - cases, PS, etc. and it was just easy to get the compound from them. I suppose I then became used to it and it worked, so that was that.

    What I find odd about all of this is that cost should not be an issue for this level of component. Even if you used a full ampule (1.78g for PCP or about 2.5g for Arctic) you are only talking about a couple of $ per system. Who would buy anything other than what they felt was the best solution, unless they were an extremely low end VAR?

  7. It's a simple question guys - Did the people I quoted lie or not?

    No, the only habitual liar in this scenario is SH himself.

    You have not only done some nice homework, but done some nice follow up work in:

    A Pointing out those who wish to pontificate and argue w/out supporting facts.

    B Flushing out Bush/US haters. Perhaps the most amusing comment I have seen to date is the notion that "Oh, if you would have used these reasons instead of those then the war would have been justified and we would have supported you." That's just too damned stupid to even be funny.

    Let me get this straight: The entire world did not know that SH was a mass-murdering tyrant?

    Even if the leftist-communist-revisionistdemocrats were correct and they were as pure as driven snow on the issue and the Bush admin deliberately made the calculated decision to lie to gain support for the war, then the worst Bush could be accused of is liberating an oppressed people, imprisoning a terrorist supporting genocidal dictator all while delivering historically low casualties on both sides.

    Shame, shame.

  8. You ought to have the maximum distance possible from the other guy otherwise it is considered "pairing"... Next go the other parameters.

    Sorry, no, that is not the entire algorithm.

    For example:

    Using the stall next to the door creates a sense of vulnerability similar to sitting with your back to the door in a public place. It creates a situation whereby you will be the first, in a compromised position, to get stabbed, take a bullet, be mugged, or be grabbed by any raving homosexual lunatic rapist who may come through the door. It also creates a severe eye contact dilemma, including creating the uncomfortable feeling that it may in fact be YOU who turns out to be the raving homosexual lunatic rapist scanning the incoming traffic for a victim.

    The corner is nearly always acceptable, for reasons much the opposite of the urinal adjacent to the door.

    There is also the "historicity" factor, which is not explored in the test at all but often creates the most difficult situation. This is when you enter a restroom and discover a situation that simply should not be - a truly unnatural offence to all reason and human decency. For example, three adjacent urinals being occupied with plenty of potential space available. In this case you must either assume that there is some historical reason, due to a person or persons unknown who have left by the time you have arrived to have created this situation, or perhaps ALL THREEE are in fact a gang of raving homosexual lunatic rapists.

    Similarly, you must be strategic in your choices so that if a person leaves after you have selected a stall you do not end up in a difficult to explain situation. How many times have we all pissed in silent agony after carefully making the correct choice only to have a rapid and unfortunate reshuffling of the other inhabitants make one appear to be a raving homosexual lunatic rapist? The inner struggle of wishing to explain to each and every new arrival the specific circumstances of your unfortunate predicament, with basic urinal etiquette requiring silence. The furtive glances, the clump of handwashers all together at the sink farthest from you as you fail to wash away the stench of accusation....

    Oh, and for those of you without kids, entering the restroom with a kid is a very handy "by" to any and all of the above. Of course you must quickly and unapologetically squeeze in between the two bikers on the left and the trio of truck drivers on the right - you must alertly be about your business, scanning the room, and rapidly taking position to protect your progeny from the hordes of pedophilic raving homosexual lunatic rapists about.

    Etc., ad nauseam.

  9. An imperfect test:

    Scenario 1: Their answer is incorrect. Use urinal 4 due to the presence of the door. Contrary to the information in this test, next to the door is never the correct choice.

    Scenario 2: Correct.

    Scenario 3: You should leave or mess around at the sink. There is no correct choice. An obvious alternative is to wait for a stall.

    Scenario 4: Correct, which is surprising as the test creator contradicts his faulty logic in Scenario 1.

    Scenario 5: Again, leave.

    Scenario 6: Correct.

    If there is a wall on the left side, then urinal 1 is always an acceptable alternative choice. In the event of 12+ alcoholic drinks, any choice is correct, including either the floor or the wall.

  10. Hmmm.  That "better" didn't come out as I intended.  The short of it is that for a given number of hours, Belgians ore more productive than Americans but Americans are more productive because they work more hours.

    Officially a work week in Belgium is 38 hours for a full timer.

    Putting in a really awesome hour is NOT being productive. Being productive is coming through in the day in and day out grind.

    Not sure how the "official" work week is in Belgium compared the the "real", but in the U.S. the "official" is 40 hours but the average worked is 56 - or was the last time I saw the stat trolled around, which was two or more years ago.

  11. Some people like to have a life besides work.  If you don't it doesn't mean you have to be arrogant and condescending towards people who disagree with you.  I'm certain you're the perfect wage slave but like FS, friends and family mean more to me than a job.

    Well, I will admit that 40-50 hours straight can make me a wee bit testy.


    I would consider apologizing about the tone of the post, but then the tone of the thread was a slam to my country and way of life, so I won't go that far.

  12. One we manage that, perhaps Belgian real estate will become even less affordable to you shiftless lazy socialist trash if they decide to move the HQ there....

    Lazy eh? Per hour Belgians are more productive than Americans.

    Even if true, which I frankly doubt in a meaningful comparision, the fact is working a handful of hours - even if they are a productive handful - is lazy. I generally average over 100 hours/week - have logged many over 120 - and until the last two years had not a single vacation in 13 years.

    I like it that way.

    I spit on sniveling folks who do less.

    Because they are LAZY.

  13. i think anyone considering reporting these guys for bad business practices needs to get their head examined.  this was a clear mistake, they have every right to refuse the orders.

    Well, in point of fact an advertisment is a contract (in the US, anyway) and what they did by denying the orders was illegal. This is no different from a clerk putting $1.10/lb for filet at a store instead of $11/lb - they may scramble to pull the items once they realize the mistake, but they have to honor those folks with the "mistaken" items at the check out.

    There are a multitude of reasons why this has to be, particularly related to the many bad practices historically from "bait & switch" pricing. If they are reputable they will -A- honor their mistake and -B- have insurance for just this specific kind of problem (called an "Errors and Omissions" policy) so that if the damage was worth filing a claim, they have that protection. All reputable retailers have this sort of insurance, as do all reputable advertising agencies, web design firms, etc. for this very reason.

    Just as the "fine print" can not reverse the headline of a print ad, neither can the "Policy Page" negate their obligation to honor their advertised pricing.

  14. Why not copy the US style Executive, Judicial and Legislative branches?

    Why not indeed?

    Why does it seem like the parlimentary system always ends up being favored? As clearly the most successful representative democracy ever (Athens?), the US system seems the most reasonable to emulate.

  15. I am looking to move a W2000 Server to W2003. This will not just be a OS upgrade but moving from a much slower single CPU system to a faster Xeon system, so there the two systems have essentially no hardware in common. Once I am done I am going to wipe the 2000 box and use it as a backup DNS server.

    What I am hoping to find is suggestions on the best way to move the various settings on the server to the new box, esp. user data, FTP sites, IP addresses, etc. Any suggestions? I believe Ghost will do it, so am looking for alternatives, or reasons why Ghost is or is not the best way to do this.


  16. and thus will be suprized when america, finnally has its fill, and tells the europeans to get stuffed...

    I fear that is overly optimistic. Consider that from DAY ONE of our existence as a sovereign nation this essential dilemma has existed. At that time we have no military, and all of the "Great Powers" were in Europe. They had been paying off the Barbary raiders for generations, and advised us to do so as well - the " sophisticated European" view of appeasement of terrorists as the cost of doing business. Other than the Cold War, what ensued was the longest conflict in US history and formed the basis of our international approach, including the birth of the beloved USMC. Once we'd finished with that conflict we left North Africa - we were then no more Imperialistic than we are now - and the "Great Powers" - who'd been too cowardly to stand up to a few piratical city states - moved in and extended their empires to those lands we'd conquered.

    Anything ringing a bell here, folks?

    Like maybe the history of the last two and a quarter centuries, repeated over and over and over and over again?

    Anyone remember Hitler and Chamberlain (among other European appeasers)?

    The Cold War? Esp. the fight - with our "allies" who were being protected by U$ - over medium range missiles in Central Europe?

    "Negotiate" with terrorists?

    Funny how the "sophisticated Europeans" are willing to carpet bag in on the reconstruction in Iraq now, isn't it? Shouldn't the same folks who protested the war protest any postwar involvement? Anyone with a real ethical structure would - hell Americans who were against the war would (though I may spit on them, at least they'd fail to be that "sophisticated").

    No, good thing for them we're just a bunch of hayseed New Worlders without the "sophistication" to deal with the devil....

  17. i'm sold on a few 160gb jd's and raxco perfectdisk.  but should the motherboard be km400, kt600 or nforce2 (integrated graphics) - would shooting for ~210 fsb be a good idea on a barton 2500+?

    Not sure I get that HDD solution. You will not want to have any content on your OS drive, so there is no point to it having any size to it. Nearly all of our video boxes have 18G OS HDDs (SCSI), and they average about 73% space available. On the other hand, your data drive should be as large as possible - to me, 160G for both OS and content is a median point that is the worst of both worlds. Also, remember that you will want your OS and Content drives on different channels (assuming IDE).

  18. As to the U.N., I will keep it simple and merely state that at least for the US our Constitution is quite clear that there can be no other superior body.  As to what you worthless socialist...aaaaaaah, there's just no point....

    Change it.

    We're working on it:

    One we manage that, perhaps Belgian real estate will become even less affordable to you shiftless lazy socialist trash if they decide to move the HQ there....