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  1. Your political compass

    Economic Left/Right: 6.38

    Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.46

    Basically right on the "Right" axis, approaching the "blank" quadrant.

    Oh, and when you are on your side from behind you wrap your arm up under her neck and give her a honk....

  2. Unlike the examples you cited which show how hypocritical we can be, I don't deny our basic nature. 

    But we do come to nearly diametrically opposite conclusions about what to do about it....

    Heh, except for when we seem to agree (in other threads).

  3. It makes me sad for us as a species when we follow our basest instincts of lust and violence. 

    Why do you think they are our instincts to begin with?

    What makes me sad is folks who deny their basic natures and try to create an imaginary notion of what should be instead of what is.

    Self-hating suburbanites who drive Big SUVs but vote for nonsensical recycling laws.

    Self-hating Americans, successors to the greatest history of conquest ever, putting Indians on currency.

    Self-hating Christians who own property.


    We are humans. We are the epitome of *ss-kicking coolness.

    Ya gotta love it.

  4. Why?  Because if the stock goes up and options vest, the execs become rich men for life.  After that, the stock can crash, the lawsuits fail, the counter lawsuits win and cost SCO (as a company) billions - and it just doesn't matter.  NOBODY will be able to touch the financial gains of the execs, regardless of how much SCO the company must pay in fines.  Investors will be left with a stripped-out shell of a company with a huge negative value - but the stock gains will be sitting in off-shore accounts and tied up in Florida real-estate. 

    Dang, how do I get that job?

    Could jealousy be the motivator behind the virus?

    If this scenario is true, these guys are geniuses!

  5. Go with the generic replacement batteries.  APC just puts their name on someone else's batteries anyway.  Most of the gel cell batteries are made in Tiawan by CSB.  I've been using generic batteries in APC ups's for years with no problems.

    Actually most of the APCs I've seen have had Panasonic cells made in "China". Many of them come original with various numbers of Pana P#LC-R127R2P1's strung together. That's a 12V 7.2Ah/20HR battery. You can get the equivalent for about $12 each in cases of 6 from here (as a random example):

    When we have replaced batteries, instead of chucking the whole units, we have never bought APC.

  6. Hi, well I am not familair with that game, so here are the questions/concerns:

    What size are the maps? I am not sure if this is a render issue or a load issue. A faster CPU or faster video card might be more helpful if rendering is the key.

    Are the maps coming from the HD, a CD, or the Internet? If either of the latter, can you pre-load onto a HDD?

    Can you track your memory usage? Are you using a page file, or is everything fitting in the 1G? If the gane is using a page file, more memory or a second HDD dedicated for the page file would improve things.

    I am assuming that you have XP Pro, so you should be able to monitor your resources if you don't have reasonable guesses to the answers to these questions.

  7. Of course all of my new found knowledge comes from Sennheiser's specification sheets and a few customer reviews from UK sites.

    Hey, they list "Contact Pressure" - a spec I don't recall seeing before on headsets. I wonder how they measure it - esp. as I'd think it would be different depending on the wearer & the adjustment to the sets, etc. Still, if there were an objective way to measure and compare headsets this way it could be a reasonable start at pre-judging comfort. Still, there are so many variables, and often what feels good for the first 5 or even 30 minutes is not what is the best long-term wearing set.

    I think about half the time I'm leaning toward the "they may be on to something here" and the other half "bogus marketing gimmick"....

  8. The first will do, the second would have to be as if the ruler could go through your head directly ear to ear.  Might help to have someone else measure this, holding the instrument behind or in front of your head.

    Ok, I measured over the top of my head this morning and get ~16" to ~17", earhole to earhole.

    The measurement from earhole to earhole, *through* my head was about 10" to 12".

    How are we looking?

    -- Rick

    The Sonys are probably OK, but you are at the extreme range. I would suggest either going to a pro audio store (either a local store or something like a Sam Ash or Guitar Center) and trying on some pairs. This would not be a posh, hi-end rich guy AV toy store, but something where audio techs go to get gear. Failing that, you could try and order something and try it - returns should not be a problem, esp. if you call and place your order w/a rep and explain your dilemma.