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  1. Hmm, interesting - thanks. My prediction is that this is where 10K SATA will or will not make its bones.
  2. btb4

    Intel's Caved.

    I knew that AMD had a pretty liberal agreement that they've been able to use to hold Intel's feet the the fire for compatibility, but does it work both ways?
  3. btb4

    Quest For The Crown

    Not sure how they can make this free on the web when you pay $50 for stupid X-Box games with 10% of the depth. Did anyone else find the Easter egg after the third gold dragon? How the hell can they determine if you are using your right or left hand for that one? I am pretty sure that AB2 is better than M&K for negotiating the rapids...anyone else try this? I hope you can keep your crit when you move to QRE....
  4. Well 45 I think is w/in spec for most drives but I tend to look for increasing cooling when drives get above 38C. Our drives average 32C, with occasional but rare spikes to 36-38C. We use active cooling on 100% of our drives, and rarely see fluctuations even with heavy usage.
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    Full Height Card Question

    Are there other power options for that Antec case? To the original poster: How many drives do you want in the array, will it be external to the case, and why not use a riser?
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    Defrag Utilities

    Pretty much like most religions then, Christianity for one Hmm, I was thinking MS Certification....
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    Remote Administration

    Check. It still takes a bit of time to implement securely, though - as with any Windows server with WAN exposure. Follow good bastion procedures.
  8. btb4

    Defrag Utilities

    lol (if that's true or if you were joking) I'm afraid not. I believe the Scientology link gave O&O Software a sizable market to sell to. Oh, did I mention that I have found that it is always best to line your clothing with Al foil when using DK? Now I know why....
  9. Why not add platters? Isn't that the usual standard when a "line" of drives is announced? Is there some reason that these units would not have a four-platter version, too?
  10. WD -wants- the low- mid- server market. As it stands without the necessary SATA controllers, the WD740GD's major market may remain the enthusiast crowd. That's interesting - is there a reason they would not go after the big retail system boys? I recall that once the general public became aware of drive rotational speed and Dell, Gateway etc. began advertising 7200 RPM drives they fairly quickly became the standard for even basic home systems. Given the way the home/desktop market has gotten crunched I would think that those guys would be looking for something like this to help rebuild a premium PC market. Are any of the big guys building 10K SATA systems yet? Could WD provide enough to meet the demand of a Dell? While active & vocal, does the "enthusiast" represent a significant market in the PC industry? I do not know how typical I am, but with a couple $100K in SCSI hardware it will be some time before I don't need SCSI support in my systems, so they will have it. I could consider one of these drives for OS, but it is just another thing to deal with so I will be conservative there. I tend to think this is the approach most businesses will have - when paying the mortgage is on the line you tend to be careful, particularly when you don't need a new option. I know a lot of the mid-level RAID builders (e.g., Rorke) are moving to SATA instead of "PATA" (of course, with SCSI interface) and they might appreciate a drive like this if it were produced in a higher capacity format. Of course, I am not sure how significant these sorts of guys are in terms of total units sold. Given how long we had to wait for this drive, any speculation on when the capacity might double again?
  11. btb4

    Defrag Utilities

    Spoken like someone who's never had to defrag 2T of HD video files every two hours just to keep editing.... We use Diskkeeper, about the fastest for what we do. Also has good/generous bulk licensing, etc.
  12. It will be interesting to see how reliable the drive is - the numbers look impressive, and make me want to put one or two in a kick around box. This seems like a very exciting home/desktop drive. The invariable comparisons to SCSI always puzzles me, though, as they really do not seem to be in the same market. The SATA interface does not offer anything close to what SCSI offers. For example, for around $200 I can get a dual channel card to run a bunch of drives, external RAIDs, tape drives, etc. with proven enterprise-class performance. And performance is of course not just the sort of stuff in a review like this, but the day in, day out, will last longer than you are to keep the box running level of performance that makes the difference between spending all of your time screwing around with computers or actually using them to make money. This drive is a step in the right direction, but I still see most of the boxes we build for at least the next coupld of years to be SCSI-centric. I have not seen the marketing on this drive yet - can anyone comment on who are the projected buyers?
  13. btb4

    Small, Fast, Cheap Drive?

    Reluctantly continuing this thread.... FWIW: While I was annoyed that I was seemingly contradicted for no particular reason, particularly when I never suggested this person actually get a 5400RPM drive, and when the main gist of my suggestion was ignored - get the good OS drive, which was also the entire point to the topic as created by the person seeking advice - I do not think that the extreme of "dickhead" is appropriate to the response. "Startled" is more like it, particularly when the parties involved are generally far more constructive than on this particular thread. There was a very similar thread fairly recently that might be more constructive at this point: Or not (in case it might somehow somewhere make someone think I was suggesting buying more expensive gear than they needed or whatever it is I am supposed to have done).
  14. btb4

    Small, Fast, Cheap Drive?

    Go back and read it again - I did not recommend one, and just because it is difficult for you, does not mean that it is for him, anyway. If I did suggest a 5400 RPM drive it would be because of capacity, as 300G 7200RPM drives are not widely available in retail. Out of curiosity, is English a second language for you? Similarly, just because you know that a 5400 RPM drive would work, that does not mean that he does. You were not the one requesting advice, were you, so who the hell cares what you know? What I recommended was that the money/performance be on the OS drive, which was a suggestion intended to inform and assist...something that seems lacking in your sniping.
  15. btb4

    Scsi For A Newb

    Technically, yes. I have never been a fan of this approach, but others here seem to find it works out OK. The one that I see listed is showing as "Hot Swap Only" - the 68-80 is a refurb drive. Be careful there. I personally would probably get the Atlas 15K for $10 more.
  16. btb4

    Scsi For A Newb

    The only thing to add to this is that the card may or may not come with an adequate cable. Probably the best cables are from here: - terminators, too. Once of the nice things about their cables is that you can easily get a custom "perfect" cable for your case, with the correct lengths, etc. Also, if you are new to SCSI if you tell them what you have and what you are doing they will help guide you to the proper cable.
  17. btb4

    Small, Fast, Cheap Drive?

    Well, if you can't get it for less and it is difficult for you, then why would you?
  18. btb4

    Small, Fast, Cheap Drive?

    If all you are doing is capturing/editing DV, then a recnet-model 5400RPM data drive is fine. Personally I'd get a lower-cost data drive and the 10K OS.
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    Faulty Radeon 9700 Pro's?

    I installed 8 Tyan Taychon 9700 Pros all at the same time - a year ago if I recall. I do recall it was right when they came out - mine were in the first 500 Tyan released to retail. So far they've been stellar.
  20. btb4

    How To Pull Your Car Out Of The Snow... Not!

    Well, them fellers in MD can get that way...comes from marryin' their mommas.
  21. Yep, though I am still convinced that it is just you....
  22. btb4

    100gb+ Backup Solution?

    Overall your specifications are not sufficently precise to give a meaningful answer. How often do you need the backups to run? What sort of backups are required? What sort of restorations are required? How long must the data be stored? What sort of data, can the data be compressed, Etc. ? DLT is probably still the enterprise standard. Depending on your answers to the above you may be very well served by a DLT4000 or a DLT-1 drive for less than $1K with the tapes are now under $30, for 40-80G each. Although "old" and "slow", the DLT4000 remains the standard for many tape systems, and is the standard for DVD replication. I have one DLT4000 that has been running a Retrospect script that continually backs up a 24 system network for 3.5 years w/out stopping (other than to swap tapes, etc.). I have considered upgrading it many times, but keep coming up against the "it aint broken" conundrum.
  23. btb4

    Ground Rules In Iraq

    Yes it is, and...?
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    2 Questions About Non Raid Scsi

    Heh - good point. That is what I get for answering the question w/out considering the context. FWIW, I have used many "short" 2 connector SCSI cables, but only for wiring backplanes in SCA enclosures. Very different....