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  1. I agree generally with Pradeep here, though I do have very solid Adaptec RAIDs with good performance. However, I think that it is worthwhile to point out that you should not assume RAID=Better performance. RAID processing requires some overhead, and you are only going to get better performance - offsetting that overhead - if the adapter compensates for the overhead and the disk configuration is intrinsically superior to the non-RAID comparison. Look carefully at RAID performance ads - usually they are over 10 spindles, often maxed out at 16 or 32 spindles. Two drives is barely a RAID. Your desire for redundancy is good, but it is doubtful that you will get an overall noticable performance boost, though you might be able to measure the difference on benchmarks. Most RAID controllers are optimized for conservative data protection with many many spindles. It is very common for me to hear from clients that they are disappointed with RAID performance. Of course, they have invariably bought 3 74G drives for their RAID instead of 9 18G drives. Right now you'd be better off returning the RAID controller and using the $ to install a Raptor for your OS drive. Make the SCSI drives data drives.
  2. btb4

    Layer 2 Gigabit Switch

    I think the Netgear is limited to standard 802.3 packet sizes - usually "jumbo packets" refers to those switches that for various specific reasons can utilize out-of-spec packets. For an inexpensive managed switch that does permit jumbo packet sizes you could try the Linksys EtherFast 1704 or the Asanté FriendlyNET GX5-1300. The Netgear will pass packets at wire speed, though.
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    Pakistan Pardons Nuke Scientist Who Sold Secrets

    Just getting warmed up (I hope)....
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    How To Set Up A Hot Swap

    When you connect a USB - among others - drive to Windows a small "arrow" icon appears in the tray. Clicking on this permits you to manage your removable devices, such as the USB drive you mention. To safely dismount the USB drive you will have to use this function. Samples: USB HDD FireWire Both Etc.
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    Some Fun Tests

    if i can correctly identify a being as god, then they must be unlimited in ability Hmm, I hope that isn't what they meant - I did not read it as anything pertaining to omnipotence at all (which seems to be your interpretation) - I viewed it from a "freedom of action/contraint of action" standpoint. This would be somewhat along the lines of distinguishing between notions of "God" as a natural force versus a being of great power (e.g., Roman, Norse, etc. Gods) versus a more or less monotheistic being from which the general compass of good/evil etc. are set. Etc. A bunch of too-clever-by-half philosophy grad students from a 4th rate institution....
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    Forum: Month Names

    Are you referring to spelling, "hard" versus "soft", or the date stamps in SR fora (why is it Oktober)?
  7. How many actual files, and what sizes? Unless it is basically one rather large file, almost always (a).
  8. Well at one time one of the wealthier women in America and she gives her PA a plumb pudding for Christmas. Isn't that sort of like leaving a $0.01 gratuity? Most savvy folks will admit that much of their success stems from the abilites of their close aids. The Martha thing does not carry overmuch interest for me, but the stupid self-immolation of the rich and powerful provides a fair amount of amusement.
  9. I am thinking maybe elaboration may be important here: First, calling a HDD a backup, esp. versus traditional backup technologies like tape has several issues. The following considerations are not exhaustive, but things to think about if you value your data: 1. A backup should be removable and the media should never return, except in the case of a restore. "How far" is debatable, and has a lot to do with the nature of the data: other side of the room, other part of the building, off site location, out of state, other continent in an old salt mine, etc. The basic notion is that the backup should not be vulnerable to the immediate physical and software/system threats to that which is being backed up. 2. A backup should be of a media type different than the source media. This is due to the reduction of possibility of the same issues affecting the both source and backup similarly. Again, both physical and system-wide. A virus that wipes your source HDD will probably also do the same to a 1394HDD on your system, but will probably not affect a tape drive. 3. Tape media are much simpler physically/mechanically than drives. If the case does go bad, the tape inside is usually still good and can be re-spooled easily and with a high degree of success, compared to issues of head crash, motor issues, etc. that can plague drives. 4. In spite of the reduction in HDD costs, tape still tends to be much less expensive. Both go down in price all the time. Comparing my current tape backup set of about 8T the cost in today's $ is about $6300.00, including the tape drive, or about $0.80 a G. An external drive solution, assuming about $250 for a caddy-style enclosure, about $225 for 250G drives, and another $50 per drive for the caddies, is over $9K. Think in terms of at least three or four years when considering backup costs.
  10. This seems like a reasonable choice for "both", but recognize that there can still be USB 1.0/2.0 issues. You have not defined your backup requirements, only the technologies you find to be of interest, but if the data matter to you at all I would be very concerned about considering this a "backup" solution.
  11. I'll be interested to hear what you find. I have used GetDataBack on a 600G RAID and it took nowhere near that long - and this was a full RAID, though there was no actual problem with the hardware and the recovery was 100% successful w/in maybe 6 hours. The RAID was of fairly slow drives, so the difference is either interface or due to the specific issues with your drive. I am leaning towards thinking that there may be no "typical" recovery experience.
  12. For backup, tape. For external HDD interface, SCSI. Between the options listed, 1394b.
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    Advice Choosing Scsi Drive

    Are you using SCSI for something else in the system, too? We use a lot of systems with this configuration, all Seagates, though the Leaderboard would point you toward an Atlas 15K or a Fujitsu for SCSI desktop performance right now. I would not use this if you have no other need for SCSI though, a SATA board is much cheaper than the SCSI card and the Raptor is at least comparable for desktop usage. SR's "official" word on it is the fastest overall in real-world desktop performance. Compare Very similar numbers for quite a different cost.
  14. btb4

    Big Difference With Tcq And Raptor

    Well, I don't know much about SATA and "CQ", but evidently all "CQ" is not "TCQ". Could it be just marketing? Does this thread: shed any light?
  15. btb4

    I Think My Hd Died ! Help Please

    Actually that's often a lot of what the recovery folks do - try replacing boards, ICs, whatever to make the drive at least limp along enough to collect whatever data might still be viable. As others have mentioned, that is not what is offered by the manufacturer's warranty.
  16. btb4

    I Think My Hd Died ! Help Please

    Could be a co-marketing ploy w/Viagra..."Well lads, if your hardware has failed you...."
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    I keep my kids from nudity, sex, etc. pretty much as close to 100% as I can - but do not now nor have I ever had any qualms about violence. Indeed, in the nearly violence-free atmosphere in which kids are raised today in the US I am continually working on ways to keep the exposure levels up. Compare now to, say, my Great-grandparents day when, for example, my great grandmother's older sister was at the age of 12 was worked so hard and cruelly that literally the flesh was stripped from her fingers - the "worked her fingers to the bone" statment that I'd never considered to have any real meaning until I was told that story. The daily slaughter of animals, random fighting and accosting in the streets, not to mention their grandparents being kidnapped as Indian brides, etc. etc. etc. Brutal, violent times and they were tough old biddies because of it. Put any of us to shame. No amount of video games can begin to scratch the surface.
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    Some Fun Tests

    Just for the record (reported elsewhere, but if anyone is plotting the SR chart someone needs to offset all you hippies so I don't want it missed): Economic Left/Right: 6.38 (about GWB level) Social Libertarian/Authoritarian: 0.46 (pretty much on the axis) According to their charts, I am most like the economist Milton Friedman.
  19. btb4

    Us Federal Alternative Minimum Tax (amt)

    It is just the tip of the iceberg - try owning your own business. The accelerated deductions help a bit, now, but they are still too little, too late. I think a major part of the problem is that the Democrats/liberals have been allowed to define the "middle class", and frankly by historical perspectives it is the "working poor" - the real "middle class" they define as "wealthy".
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    I Think My Hd Died ! Help Please

    I suppose it must be - a bit quirky, really, as I don't tend to look to Sean Connery for my HW questions....
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    Some Fun Tests

    Hmm, the "God test" seems to have some less than perfect logic, or at least less-than perfectly worded or comprehensive questions. For example: What the heck does that mean? The operative word here is justifiable. Huh? To whom? For what? It would be better, as in "more acurate" if all of the answer choices included at least a "don't know" - many or not "True/False". Similarly the quiz plays fast and loose with poor distinctions between the notion of "belief in nonexistance" versus "nonbelief in existance". Similarly equating notions, and corresponding burdens of proof, like the Loch Ness Monster and God does not make much sense. Mostly the quiz is high school sophistry - takes simple algebraic logic and replaces variables/symbols with real-life issues, which would be OK except that such an approach ignores that the implications of, for example, acceptance of God is several orders of magnitude different than, for example, the Loch Ness monster, and so it is appropriate that different tests be used. Still, I did OK: You took 1 direct hit and you bit zero bullets. The average player of this activity to date takes 1.39 hits and bites 1.12 bullets. 183911 people have so far undertaken this activity. Isaac Asimov in his writings about the nature of belief and conservative thinking in science did a much better job. I wish I had a link or something to that. I recall one example that he used in his popular writing was along the lines of if a collegue/student/whomever made the following claims: A- I have NaCl in my pocket. B - I have a vial of NaOH in my pocket. C - I have a sample of plutonium in my pocket. The "correct" responses would be: A - "Nice, thanks for telling me, if I need some I'll ask you" - never give the claim a second thought. B - "That's unusual", perhaps ask to see it, titrate a sample, etc. Plausible, but odd and worthy of a look-see prior to just assuming that it is accurate. C - "Yeah right "- to even bother investigating that claim would be nonsense.
  22. Actually, they are pretty good for ventilation. Each caddy has a fan in the front, and the case has two: one "exhaust" in the back, and one are the level of the caddy backplane. Not sure if the PS has one, too. I do tend to use them w/5400 RPM drives, but those we have w/7200s are fine, too, no indication of thermal issues.
  23. btb4

    Sco Website Is Unreachable.

    I am perfectly comfortable with my preparations for just such an eventuality. And yes, if I was not prepared for that then I would not say that I deserve my current reproductive success. Hint: You'd lose. In fact, the thing that troubles me is that even those who don't take their social responsibiltiy seriously and prepare for such a thing get off easy - because you know you'd end up in jail, where you have no realistic opportunity to continue your genetic lineage. OTOH, I bet the SCO guys get chicks by the boatload, which is the point...though if they go bankrupt, well the gambit may not pay off as that tends to de-emphasize reproductive potential, control-of-resources-wise. OTOOTH, if SCO goes bankrupt but they are still personally wealthy...chicks galore! And just so you'll feel better, no amount of firearms training can ever be wasted.
  24. btb4

    Slow Hard Drive Performance Please Help!

    Not sarcasm, I have no idea at all after reading through the thread twice why you posted that image - were you showing that you are now using another benchmark and are now happy, or...? Does it make you happy to post images w/out some sort of commentary? Why post at all if you are not asking for help or insight?