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  1. Thanks - that clears a thing or two up for me....
  2. Sorry for the confusion here, but if it is ICH5 then it is off the Southbridge, so how does that end up interacting with the PCI bus? Versus CSA?
  3. Thanks for the feedback. I'd say the Adaptec onboard SCIS is probably my biggest concern for complications.
  4. Right, though even with the fastest drives out there I am not going to come anywhere close to the STR of the 9X15K RAID. All evidence seems to point to that being the limiting factor, though it is in a funny way that frankly is not 100% obvious to me (writing 8G in 20 minutes with only a handful of large files should not be a challenge under any of the above scenarios). Based on observing drive activity lights, the writes seem to happen in discrete "strokes". Sonic's Scenarist support - which is frankly the best I've ever had from any vendor at any time when it comes to using the software - can't seem to elucidate.
  5. Thanks, not sure about the Atlas IIIs, though. My issue is that this is our Scenarist workstation. We'd used 9 15K spindles on a Mylex RAID card for building images from the software; however, with each succesive version Scenarist has become less and less RAID-compatible. With the latest patch I had to disable the RAID card in BIOS and actually burn the images to an external 1394 drive. Very slow - a DVD-9 takes 1.5-2 hours to build on the 1394 versus maybe 20-30 minutes on the RAID. This is essentially temporary/testing storage, as the real build goes to DLT. I am assuming the STR is a primary limiting factor with this process, so was hoping to find a reasonable solution w/out RAID. The Raptors are going for about $230 for 74G. The Maxors are about 50% more. First and foremost the station needs to work, of course. Saving a few $100 on a workstation that has about $40K+ into it may seem stingy, but if I don't have to spend it, why do it? As it is I have to find a home for the RAID, which I spent about $9K on two years or so ago and now no longer performs its designated function due to the software.
  6. btb4

    Would Bush Still Have Gone To War?

    Do you really expect anyone to believe that? Haven't you any shame at all? You dishonor the memory of those brave and patriotic men and women who gave their lives to defend this country when you make up stories like this. Stick to Wiccan and Buddhism for your fair tales. Funny, I'd assumed that he meant Uday & Qusay....
  7. I tend to agree, but the internal can usually be fitted with a cable and an external connector in a case blank to permit connecting external devices - just as with on-board SCSI.
  8. btb4

    Would Bush Still Have Gone To War?

    No, actually this is a topic asking the speculative question: "Would Bush still have gone to war?" It is a question about the President, and thus a review of the interests of the President. No, actually even if there is no direct link between Al Queda and Iraq, they both share the open sponsorship of terrorism as very much something in common. Indeed, depending on how exactly one answers the question "What is Al Queda?" it may very well be the case that Al Queda is not so much a terrorist organization per se, but a non-governmental sponsor of terrorism. And the former Iraqi regime was an open governmental sponsor of terror. As an answer to the thread the context of the attack - post 9/11, Al Queda, etc. are very much involved in the tone of the US and the President, and thus major factors in the decision to ramp up the Iraqi conflict.
  9. btb4

    Would Bush Still Have Gone To War?

    I never so much as implied that there was.
  10. btb4

    Lcd Projectors

    For good all-around use, Sanyo and Eiki are excellent in the LCD market. It is also hard to go wrong with a Christie Digital, though they are more known for their larger venue DLP etc. Barco is also good, though they have perhaps taken a step back in recent years. Another tier down you have companies like Sony and Proxima. Very good, for sure. For whatever reason, the education market seems to be hit pretty heavily by the Panasonic folks. Decent, but not generally as good as the others mentioned here. They seem to show the wear pretty quickly, too. If you can get a good price, they may be worth it. We use one of these for all of our sales pitches. Not the most portable, but a decent price for the image quality (so if it gets soaked or whatever it is not as bad as losing a $15K unit) and absolutely demolishes image-wise the 1200lumen or whatever stuff that the competition usually lugs around. You should be able to get those in the $4-5K range, esp. in quantity. Usually you end up being stuck with only a handful of choices, based on who is locally able to deliver the goods. AV dealers tend to be like car (or boat, or whatever) dealers and only have a couple lines, so what they will recommend will be what they have. If you have more specifics on what you need I might be able to better help. Do you need more video, or "graphics" (PowerPoint/Computer)? What interfaces, interoperability? Mounting? Networking? Maybe you want something that will weigh 200lbs so it won't be stolen, or is portability important? Screen type? Ambient conditions (light, noise, power)? Does it need audio? Etc. Also, consider these for control. Pretty inexpensive, and they will coord freqs for you in a large building/campus setup. They truly are USB keyboards - you can program for any functionality you need. Not quite up to ballroom use, but good for classroom stuff.
  11. btb4

    Pci Bus Traffic Concerns

    My current favorite 1U rack case for many purposes. Note the trays can be ordered for SCA or SATA. I briefly considered Transport solutions, but building based on this case I think is better. This is server-room gear; if you are worried about a bit of noise look elsewhere.
  12. btb4

    Would Bush Still Have Gone To War?

    This is actually a somewhat interesting historical "what if?" Politics (mostly) aside, I think that WMD and 9/11 both have to be considered when contemplating this question. Consider: Iraq was a "thorn in the side" that even the previous admin could not completely ignore. Moreover, though it was rather low-intensity, as others here have pointed it, it was still very much a shooting war. Consider: Prior to 9/11 the actions and activities of the current President made clear that there was an intense interest in international terrorism, Al Queda, and Iraq. Consider: The general gist of the current administration seems to be active/proactive. Consider: W/out the WMD "issues" (which predate the Kuwait invasion) it seems probable that Iraq itself would have been different in 2003 - indeed, an invasion by a neighbor, or a successful internal revolt seem very likely if there was no fear of WMD. My read is that w/out 9/11 -and perhaps an Iraq that was considered to be a lesser threat WMD-wise, though still threatening enough that Iran had not invaded, or whatever - the current CIC would have pushed things in that region quite a bit. Perhaps not a direct invasion, but more than some flyovers and a couple of TLAMs. With 9/11 we have the courageous decision to build the "Bush Doctrine". While generally considered as "pre-emptive conflict", in point of fact Iraq already was a conflict, and moreover the Doctrine itself appears to be focused more on recognizing that when faced with state/sponsored or harbored international terrorism the US is in fact in conflict. So, while the Doctrine is not correctly pre-emptive (e.g., let's nuke China before they get too big for their britches), it appears as though it does not require a specific threat such as WMD. If we continue with the hypotheticals, it seems very clear that on the Iraq side activity was actually increasing in boldness, including moves to remove sanctions, etc. Remember: Iraq was a very public sponsor of international terrorism. If the US had responded to 9/11 etc. with weakness, it seems probable that Iraq would have increased this sponsorship, and increased sponsorship of terror attacks against the West in an increasingly public fashion. So, what we really have in the WMD "issue" is a fairly predictable amount of battlefield noise in a conflict that was ramping up in intensity. "Fog of war", if you prefer. The conflict was there, and it was not going away. While it may not be 100% certain that an invasion was inevitable, some form of regime change was very probably on the table.
  13. Something from LSI is usually good: Something like this, for example. A 64bit would be more. Though if you are not using the adapter for your main storage you could probably go single-channel quite safely. Though much maligned on this board, most folks actually have had very good experiences with Adaptec, the old standby. We use very many of their boards. Perhaps the smallest of the makers, but having something of a "boutique" air of quality and certainly preferred by many is Atto. We have two of their boards, and though they have performed well I would say that they are not quite as well supported or kept up to date driver-wise as the larger companies.
  14. btb4

    The Real Difference Between Us & Eu!

    Well, I go away for a wee bit and look what happens. Taxes are to pay for the legitimate duties of government, nothing more, nothing less. In the US, those legitimate duties are spelled out in the Constitution, and they number 18 - that's right, 18, and 18 only legitimate, legal functions of government (Article 1, Section 8). Taxing things because some hippy commie Beltway jackoff thinks he knows better than John Q. Public about how he should spend his hard earned-pay is as un-American as big bad Osama. My day to day driving vehicle. With one of these, in matching factory paint. Often pulling one of these - 26' and about 10,000lbs or one of these. When trailering I get maybe 6mpg, close to 11 running empty - my overall average at about 65K miles is 9.3. Premium, boys and girls. That's nothing, though - with dual 200s the Contender gets less than 3mpg - gotta love that 150gallon tank! I could jaw all night about family size, and this and that, but the bottom line is I drive it because I work my *ss off, I can afford it, and that's really all that matters - if you give a hoot about freedom. If you don't, well that's why though it has been over 20 years since I did the island I still go three days a week with a personal trainer (that's benching 315 kiddies - a pale shadow of my former self, but age is a be-atch) and I regularly push tacks at 1200 meters with one of these - .338 Lapua and why can the Brits build 'em so well but they're not allowed to shoot 'em? And just in case you ungrateful commie filth think my getting older is gonna get you anywhere, I have a son, and at 8 he can already take his mother...who by the way, though not getting any younger either and after a couple of kids, I am happy to say still looks a lot more like the one on the left. You are excused.
  15. btb4

    Vaccine For Lung Cancer Found?

    Where is this published? A press-release is not a peer-reviewed journal article. From the press release it seems that 3 in 43 responded - lucky for those 3, but how does that compare with what you'd expect just from random luck? Not too many legitimate scientific publications use brand-name with ® symbols in their first line. Who owns what stock in this mess? I smell potential "Imclonifaction"....
  16. btb4

    The Real Difference Between Us & Eu!

    If we're all so fat and lazy then why the hell is everyone so damn jealous of us, trying to be like us, and shake in their boots at the thought of our being POed at them? Any of you Eurotrash care to try the Marine recon course? That's what I thought. Semper Fi
  17. Hi all, I have done a couple searches and looked at some manufacturers web sites and so far there is no indication of anything immanent over 250G at the 7200RPM mark for PATA. At one point it may have appeared as though Maxtor might have planned something over 250G, but no more. Does anyone have any information of anything truly expected soon? TIA!
  18. btb4

    Anyone's 7k250 Dying Yet?

    We have 16 of these in 120G form - 8 each in Rorke Galaxyi RAIDs - and they have been fine. Rorke specs these Hitachi drives specifically, I think they are all they use, and they are one of the higer-end RAID manufacturers so that seems like a pretty good endorsement.
  19. Well I stand by my concerns about the applicability of your testing, esp. when in a server/business market - the primary market for RAID - "performance" encompasses far more than just benchmark numbers. Still, it appears to be an ambitious project that could help to expand the topology of performance data. Good luck!
  20. btb4

    Excessive Storage.

    Actually, that limit is not per desktop (="system") but per volume so for example an NT NTFS volume with a limit of 2^32 sectors at 512 bytes per sector has a limit of 2T - sorry for the panic, would have added a stupid smiley but I hate those stupid smileys!
  21. Why are you using desktop benchmarks for RAID? IOMeter is more representative of what RAID is intended for. And do I understand that you are just at 4 spindles? This is not at all accurate or representative of the intended RAID market. We own 3 Mylex AccelRAID and one Adaptec 3400. I bought the Adaptec last, in spite of the fact that the Mylexes tended to benchmark out a little bit better, because of real-world practical considerations: 1. First and foremost Mylex was owned by IBM at that time. Tech support was useless, there was no advanced replacment, and in fact when I spoke with the tech at the time he assured me that he had never even laid hands on one of these boards at the time. Now I know the history of Mylex, and it was not always this way, and it probably is not now, but that was bad news at the time. One of the AcceleRAIDs has never left the box - I bought it to make sure that I could keep the other two running. 2. The popularity of Adaptec SCSI chipsets, including on board mobos, and the general universal availability of interoperable products. 3. The Adaptec RAID in question has, if I have my dates correct, been running essentially unattended performing w/in spec and flawlessly serving its purpose for about 3.5 years with 9 Atlas 10Ks per channel. RAID is first and foremost optimized for servers, and the people who buy RAIDs, RAID adapters and other hardware are first and foremost looking to insure that the stuff works. Paying the mortgage depends on it.
  22. btb4

    Excessive Storage.

    Well, for a single desktop it depends on your OS - for those that will not manage more than 2T, I'd say 2.1T would be excessive....
  23. btb4

    Layer 2 Gigabit Switch

    Well then I can't really recommend Asante - it has been years since I've used their gear, and when I last did we always started losing ports w/in about a year or so. Nothing like having a 16 port switch with tape over a few ports...
  24. I am not up on HDTach and RAID specifically, so I can not comment on the accuracy of your results. In general the best performance you would expect RAID 1 to be about 1:1 or a bit worse for writes, and a fairly decent increase for reads, but that again will depend on the RAID and what it does with the data, configuration, etc. That is theory, and mostly just benchmark numbers - in practice I would not expect much, esp. in terms of anything noticable. What you might get in terms of performance during reads - parsing the data between the two drives - is different from striping, but effectively often still similar to STR increases, which usually do not do much for many tasks. See here for what I mean. Between the specific adapter being not-muched loved (at least by performance hounds) and the questionable benchmark it is difficult to tease out exactly your problem, if there is one. Have you tried anything real-world to see the effect? If you can't tell the difference with a stopwatch and something you do frequently, it is probably not worth worrying about.
  25. No, you can just schedule backups - they'll happen without you.