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  1. Hey guys...I'm having a problem with my new machine. I have an AsRock K7S8XE mobo and I'm trying to run it at 333 mhz FSB (it can be run at 200, 266, 333, or 400). I have set the jumpers correctly for 333 according to the manual, but in setup it still says the FSB speed is 166 mhz. Does anyone have any idea what the problem could be? Thanks in advance.
  2. hey guys...I've gotten my video card to work now and I installed the drivers from the Gigabyte website. However, even now I get no video at all if I boot up with a CD drive connected--it's extremely bizarre. Has anyone ever had this happen/heard of this? Any ideas as to what the problem is and how to fix it? Thanks again. MR
  3. hey guys... I'm trying to put the finishing touches on building my first PC, but I've run into some problems. when I booted up my new system with my old hard drives installed, XP would not boot properly. I got a message saying that Windows did not start properly and that it could be because of new hardware or software, and it gave me several options as to how it should boot up. I tried each of them but they failed to work and I got the same message each time. I need to find a way around all this and I don't have my Windows XP CD. Can I create a boot disk from another computer running XP (or anything of the sort)? Here's my other problem: I thought the original problem might have been caused by a new, unconfigured video card, so I put my old system back together with the new video card to try to install it properly. however, I forgot to hook the cd rom up, so I was unable to access the necessary drivers for the vc, which I discovered after the Found New Hardware Wizard came up and tried to install the new vc. I powered down and hooked up the cd rom but this time the video did not work at all--the monitor wouldn't even kick on. Why would the video work the first time and not at all the second? Does anyone have ANY suggestions as to how to get my machine up and running? Thanks so much.
  4. Hey guys... First of all, I just received my new mobo, processor, case, and RAM yesterday--thanks a lot to all those who helped me find the best value. Ok, just as I could see the light at the end of the tunnel, I realized that the video card from my old PC was not compatible with my new mobo. Quite stupid, but I thought that AGP was AGP, at least with regard to the type of interface a card must have to fit the slot. Could somebody explain to me the differences in AGP slots? Is it because my new mobo has a 4x/8x AGP slot and my old one simply had a regular AGP slot? Put more simply, does the 8x/4x actually refer to the interface of the slot itself (I was under the impression that it just had to with the capabilities of the slot) I'm quite confused as to how this all works. More importantly, I'm about to purchase a new video card (today...anxious to fire this thing up) and I wanted to confirm that what I was buying would indeed fit the AGP slot on my new mobo. If I purchase one says it is compatible with 8x AGP, does that mean it will definitely fit my mobo? Thanks so much guys. And, for those who are interested (blakewry, uart, Cris, and others), I ended up getting the AMD XP 2500+ Barton (333 fsb) with the AsRock K7S8Xe mobo (plus version not in stock) and 512 mb of PC2700 Kingston RAM. It seemed to be a good buy, considering I'm on an extremely tight budget. Thanks again for the help.
  5. ryams27

    Choosing A Case

    Hey guys...I'm trying to purchase a new case and I was wondering how important cooling is for a system that will not be OC'd in any way. Should I definitely get a case with more than one case fan? What should I look for in terms of setup? Thanks in advance.
  6. Hey guys... If I buy a mobo with a built in RAID controller, I don't have to utilize it, right? Just making sure. After reading up about RAID (I have to admit that I'm still confused regarding many aspects of the topic), I've determined that I probably don't wanna mess with it on my desktop PC--particularly considering I wouldn't know what the hell I was doing. One more question: Say I had two WD800JB HD's (or something similar) for my desktop...what is the best way to manage them. I mean, should I absolutely have all my mp3's, video files, and random other data on one drive, and my OS and apps on the other? I know this is a stupid question, one that I think I already know the answer to, but I wanted someone to maybe explain to me the benefit of maintaining HD's in such a fashion. FYI, I currently have all my major data (mp3's, etc.) on one drive (D:) and the OS/apps on the other (C:), but there are a few small apps on the D drive as well. Novice does not begin to describe me. Thanks.
  7. Thank you guys SO much. Once again, I've learned a tremendous amount. FYI, the reason for the choices I gave was that I didn't know what the hell I was doing, and I had simply been looking on Ebay at barebone systems. After reading some of the responses and doing some research, it seems like a lot of the sellers on Ebay try to skimp on the mobo to unsuspecting people (like myself) in hopes of making a few extra bucks. I think I'm just gonna buy a mobo, CPU, and case separately and put it together myself--seems like the only way to get exactly what you want. Any suggestions on cases and power supplies? I have a micro-ATX case already but I'm kinda tired of it and I doubt that it has very good ventilation (something I know very little about...par for the course, huh?).
  8. Ok guys... I'm on quite a strict budget, but here's what I'm down to--y'all tell me which one to get. I'm choosing between an AMD 2400+ with a Biostar M7NCG 400 mobo and the AMD 2600+ with a ASRock K7VM4 mobo. As you may know, the M7NCG utilizes the NVIDIA nFORCE2 chipset, while the K7VM4 has Unichrome 3d on board video. If these two are priced the same, which is a better buy? Is the nForce2 video by itself enough for me to enjoy gaming or would it need to be supplemented (I know I would have to supplement the Unichrome)? I'm not positive on what kind of RAM is in my current CPU (I'm at work and can't check) but my dad believes that it's just plain old PC133 (512 MB) non-DDR. I'll double-check when I get home. If it is indeed PC133, would an upgrade make a tremendous difference? Also, I realize that one of the major differences between the two processors and mobos I'm choosing between is FSB capabilities. As an average computer user, would I notice a tremendous difference between 266 Mhz FSB and 333 (I know a RAM upgrade would be in order to take advantage of any difference)? Thanks again, guys. I know so little about hardware these days (I know it's apparent), but I always learn so much so quickly by coming here and asking questions.
  9. Hey guys...first of all, thanks to everyone who responded to my question last week about which hard drive to buy; I really appreciated the help. FYI, I bought the WD800JB and I'm very happy with it. Ok, I'm looking to upgrade my PC by purchasing a barebones system of some sort. First of all, is this a bad idea in general for some reason? Any suggestions as to where to purchase one, etc. would be very much appreciated. Anyway, in looking at different options I've encountered the classic processor dilemma--AMD or Intel? I've noticed where some on other forums have said that AMD offers "more bang for the buck." However, is this only when it comes to gaming? I enjoy playing games on the computer, but I'm far from a "gamer." I also read where some said the Intel chips are better for multitasking--is this true? I generally use my computer for surfing the net and storing listening to my music collection (several thousand mp3's), and I usually have a few apps running at once (IE, winamp, AOL IM, etc.). Also, I've never overclocked a processor or anything of that nature; I'm just a pretty standard (and relatively ignorant) PC user. On a side note, what does front side bus speed affect and how important is it? I know that I'm quite ignorant. Also, I really know very little about what to look for in a motherboard and I don't wanna get ripped off. Any help here would be much appreciated as well. Thanks guys.
  10. ryams27

    Need Advice...

    Hey guys... I know very little about hardware, and I'm looking to purchase a replacement hard drive (preferably 80 GB) at a low price. I'm currently looking at a Western Digital 800JB - 7200 rpm, 8mb buffer, one year warranty - and a Maxtor DiamondMax plus 9 - same general specs as WD. What do you guys recommend between those two? If you haven't had experience with either of those specific models, can anyone give me their general preference between the two manufacturers? Thanks in advance.