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  1. MB and CPU combo sold, price drop on raptor to 170 shipped. heatware ID nitrus.
  2. nitrus

    What Is Av Cpu Temp?

    prescott is great, heres another use for computing marvell. link
  3. nitrus

    Pentium 4 3.4e (478), Where Are They?

    on more thing their resellerrating is here. doesnt look too good.
  4. nitrus

    Pentium 4 3.4e (478), Where Are They?

    only place i can find it is here. kinda pricey though. GL finding it @ a better price.
  5. nitrus

    Athlon Xp Fans

    Maybe dated maybe not? I think the new AMD line is great but, it's in its infancy stage also PCI-E. I don't how long it will take for a good 64bit (affordable) operating to come out from Microsoft or when PCI-E components will become mainstream it all looks good for the future as for right now the new technology is way too much money. I might upgrade my processor to a Sempron if the stats look good and wait a year or so for the prices to fall and the bugs of running in a 64bit environment to be ironed out. I agree with you totally, too much change too soon. I dont expect to jump into DDR2, PCI-E for another two years. The way i see it, they need to optimize all these new "enhancements" in software before i make that huge upgrade. I honestly think that my next major upgrade will be the dual core proc about 3 years from now. The nice thing about A64 is that the 2800+ can still beat the 3.2 P4 in gaming, yet you still have the "chance" of at least 5- 15%(???) increase in a true 64 bit environment. 64 computing will see its day in the sun, Intel confirmed it by reverse engineering A64 technology saying they will eventually switch over to 64 bit software. Looks very promising. On a side note im selling a 754 CPU/MB combo and 74GB raptor in the marketplace, in hopes of having cash enough for a 3500+. i dont think its a major upgrade because im not getting PCI-E or DDR2. P.S. - everyone please early adopt DDR2 and PCI-E right now so I can afford it when im ready to upgrade.
  6. I've had the 64 system running for one week, I'm buying the 939 system to replace it. It's a retail boxed 2800+ and the Abit KV8. Asking for 225 shipped COD. MB link The Raptor I've also been using for one week, warranty expires May 13, 2009. Asking for 180 shipped COD. Please direct offers or interest via forum PM or email. I'll guarantee not DOA, refund less shipping.
  7. nitrus

    19" Monitor Recommendation

    linkcheack out this deal. even better if you have a fry's in your area. i've had mine for bout 6 months.
  8. nitrus

    Athlon Xp Fans

    it might not be dead but it is dated.
  9. hey thanks. good post!
  10. with ncq on all new (recalled)intel southbridges, it looks like next generations 7k drives have a fighting chance against 10k monsters. thought it is all prototype, with the intel recall, and maxtors preprodution drives, it seems there is alot of catching up to be done by other companies. westerndigital seems furthest behind with stale jb and jd drives, and raptor having not yet adopted nc. seagate seems to be next in line with ncq, and hitachi to follow. anyone here smarting from a recent upgrade? i have two raptor 740's still bagged up with and unopened msi k8n neo platinum waiting for an a64 pricecut. well if you want to take a look the new article about the new maxline 3 check it out here
  11. A while back i was reminded that the opteron 148 and FX 51 were identical chips. Newegg has drop the price of the 148 to $404 (OEM) while the FX 51 currently goes for $689. Anyone know motherboard compatibility with FX boards and Opteron chips? If it is compatible i know that AMD is working on or about to release the 150 opteron, which would be similar to the FX 53. Correct me if im wrong but if it works, you can get a CPU, motherboard, and reg DDR for less then the price of an Intel 3.2EE CPU.
  12. nitrus

    Hurry 7k250 250gb Sata 120$ Mir

    I dont know about the price of the drive yet but it has to be a sweet deal. Right now the best price at a "reputable" company is 245. Lowest price on the web As long as the drive is not more then 360 (245 + 120(MIR)) then it would be a good deal. Here's some details. FRY'S MIR
  13. I dont know about the price of the drive yet but it has to be a sweet deal. Right now the best price at a "reputable" company is 245. Lowest price on the web As long as the drive is not more then 360 (245 + 120(MIR)) then it would be a good deal. Here's some details. FRY'S MIR
  14. After reading an article about the new Nforce 250 chipset at anandtech, i noticed something missing. there was native sata, raid, among other innovations. No command queing. here a quote from the PR guy. We will be adding this to later versions, when drives are more pervasive. Thanks! Bryan Del Rizzo PR Manager NVIDIA Corporation I Have two drives that support it, and the thought it would be great to have native SATA and command queing built in into the chipset. NO add in chips hogging the PCI bus, and lower cost. Help me out guys email this guy if you have a drive that supports it to tell him how pervasive it is. Because if nvidia does it then most likely all chipset makers will follow suit. E-mail:
  15. the rebate is backand i love my drive... i was able to get it at 189.99 w/ $90 MIR brings it to 99.99 before tax.