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    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    well, i have tested both settings such as having amset set to quiet and IBM set to 192, the result was the same. It doesn't really matter anymore, i've added insulation and the drive has quiet down quite a bit, no need to use acoustic management.
  2. wing0

    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    i've read in some forum that the IBM acoustic management works on the maxtor drives also. to prove this point i've used the amset also from maxtor when it is set to fast, the hex value is at 254(also the highest number for IBM if selected as enabled with specific value) when it is set to quiet, the hex value is at 192(also the recommended value of enabled in IBM's software) if i turn it off with amset, IBM detect acoustic management of the drive to be disabled. Since the IBM software can detect the maxtor drive and show all the info, such as serial, firmwire, smart, acoustic management, i'd say it shouldn't have a problem I just can't find the forum where ppl were recommending to use this software, or else i'd post the url. the value in IBM goes from 128-254 if enabled. I've set it to 128, the quietest mode and did sisoft test transfer rate is around the same, only around 200 kb difference from disabled the random read is also identical...but hdtach's random access has it at around 20ms instead of 13ms...
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    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    i have the 80GB 2mb version, model 6Y080L0, with firmware YAR41BW0(meaning that i have the 80GB platter) I also have a 40GB DiamondMax 8 for my older computer and that thing is silent, in order to hear, u have to put ur ear against the case. 80GB is's as noisy as my 8.4GB Fireball CR. So i got IBM's acoustic management program, and the drive has it off(relieved since if it was on, i could not imagine how much louder it can get). The program has values from some number to 254. larger value means louder and faster seeking time. It was set to 254, so i turned it to 253 and the drive was silent over the 2 80mm fan that i have. I used HD Tach for some testing and it shows my random access time to be 19.4ms, while before in the loud mode, it had 13.7ms or so. I have 2 questions: 1. When ppl refer this drive to be quiet, r u refering to the fact that it doesn't whine like WD? Or when it is reading and writing? 2. Just by changing the number down by one(it's in hex), the drive added around 6ms to the seek time. This did not happen to my 40GB when i tried it. Can i really trust HD Tach's result? Seeing that i got around what storagereview got, i'd assume it's correct, but 20ms seems really excess for me...if i turn it all the way down, wouldn't my seek go to like 30ms