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  1. I'm so glad that I did a simple search on Google that led me to this site. I have been on the lookout for a site that reviews hard/software (with the all important "trenches" feedback) for quite a while. I'm been fighting a losing battle with our SCSI controlled dat4 tape drive. It gets up to about 30.4GB and wants another tape to finish. Every three months its back to archiving any projects that haven't been worked on for the past three months, so the tape drive can do a complete run. That's the preamble to why I'm so excited by the reviews I've just read tonight. I'm in the midst of selling the Raptor to my boss. After these comments my job has gotten so much easier. I figure I can get two Raptors. One for our File Server and the other to live in a workstation to act as a ghost drive for those catastrophic server failures. Now my question is... Has anyone installed a Raptor in a Server scenario?