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    Long-term archiving

    I can at least warn you about Princo dvd's. Only 1 out 5 of my Princo dvd's that are 1 year old are still readable. My Fujifilm and Verbatim dvd's seems to be ok so far.
  2. Wouldnt running the drives normally (non raided) be easier if combined with a good smart monitoring software?
  3. Ah yes forgot cost of recovery (what we pay in Sweden) for private persons (not companies): Analysis $130 Datarecovery normal $400 - $700 Datarecovery advanced $1400 (clean room recovery)
  4. This sounds bogus, never heard of their methods. Normally you send in the drive to their lab, they analyse it for you and gives you a report with how much and what data they can recover together with a price depending on recovery method. If you accept they send you the data they managed to recover on a medium of choice.
  5. stefanpi

    Another drive failed today

    I was in a bit of luck: the maxtor drive was originally in my gf comp but i swapped it to my own about a month ago. If the drive had failed when in her comp all hell would have broke loose. I backed up mine and my gf's comp to dvd media and will do this on a regular basis from now. 8x dvd's take only about 5 mins to burn and they should at least last for a year.
  6. My Maxtor DM9 200GB pata failed today and i only lost my whole 125GB music collection . RMA through Maxtors website was rather easy but their packaging guidelines are rather heavy, at least i get a new drive. So since 2002 i lost 6 drives and none before that. Lost drives: ------------- 1. IBM Deathstar 75GXP 30GB (failed in 4 months) 2. IBM Deathstar 75GXP 30GB (failed in 2 months) 3. IBM Deathstar 40GV 20GB (failed in 1.5 years) 4. Seagate 7200.7 120GB (failed before 1 month) 5. Maxtor DM9 200GB (failed after almost exactly 2 years) 6. Maxtor DX740X 80GB (failed after 5 years) Still in use: ------------- 1. Maxtor DM9 80GB, in use for 4 years 2. Samsung 250GB, in use for a year 3. Western Digital Caviar 200GB, in use for 1 month So should i sell my maxtor warranty replacement when it arrives and buy a?
  7. I see you are running raid-5 have you tried raid 1+0/0+1/0/1? I'd recommend any of the 1+0/0+1 raid modes (fast and redundant). Raid 5 is generally only problems unless you buy professional raid-5 cards with scsi interface.
  8. I noticed something odd some drives has a very high frequency whine: - My Maxtor DM10 300GB sata whined so i sold it. - My Maxtor DM9 80GB pata is quiet - My Samsung 250GB pata is quiet - My Maxtor 200GB pata started to whine when i swapped from UDMA5 to UDMA6, (the whine isnt so bad so i can tolerate it) - My recently bough WD200JS sata whines so i put in my old comp Could this be because of drive mechanics?, emi interference? Anyone else noticed this high pitch whine?
  9. stefanpi

    Help me with 6 disk raid 5 mixed

    Id like to help but all i can do is 6x5x4x3x2x1=720 combinations to test. Maybe the drives serial number are stored in the raid bios array definitions? some guru here might have the answer.
  10. Raid 5 is very slow on writes unless you buy a highend controller. Raid 0, 1, 0+1, 1+0 is fast on virtually all controllers but look out for duds for example those that doesnt read from brom both drives when running raid 1. Saw this review (see link below) it might shed some light on raid 5: here's another link:
  11. stefanpi

    Can't FAT32 format 60GB 1.8" USB drive

    Have you tried to divide it into 2 partitions and the format each?
  12. stefanpi


    I assume the workstations are in a domain. You can do a 1. logon-script (a simple xcopy if file changed) whenever a user logs in it checks if there is a newer printers.txt and downloads it if necessary. Message the users to logoff/logon whenever you change the printers.txt. 2. Add a computer startup script in the domain policy doing the same as above. 3. Just do a simple script file file that distributes the printers.txt to all workstations. The script (xcopy command) could look like this: xcopy \\server\share\printers.txt local-folder /D /Y
  13. stefanpi

    samsung raid 0 vs. a faster single drive

    From what ive seen at: and at you might decrease boot time and large file usage significantly, even some apps like photoshop shows a big speed increase but on general usage the speed increase is 5% to at most 10% on average. If sanity rules and noise is no problem a single raptor is the best setup you can get. Personally im thinking of buying two 80GB Samsung SATA-II drives and raid0 them keeping my samsung 250GB as a backup drive. Im no fan of noise either so i really like my samsung 250GB.
  14. stefanpi


    I could think of this: - put the printers.txt on a network share - set up a xcopy in a domain logon-script or in the autostart folder on each computer that copies over printers.txt from the source to the dest if it has changed
  15. stefanpi

    RAID or not?

    Interresting article, raid might give some performance benifits in some situations at least with the hardware in the article. As for now raid seems to be good in some articles and bad in others. The SR article on raid and command queuing is 2 years old (2004) so come on now SR, crush our raid-cq dreams one more time in a 2006 article.