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  1. nutcase_1uk

    powersupply for 16disks +dual xeon

    Does your case have provision for a 2nd PSU? Spreading the load over two rather running a single PSU near or at its limit would be more preferentiol, IMO. You can buy units that start a 2nd PSU without the need for plugging into a motherboard.
  2. nutcase_1uk

    Maxtor ATA133 controller

    Yup it's one of these: One nice difference I've found tho'. The Maxtor one tends to be half the price of teh promise one...
  3. Hmm, havn't managed to get any more out of the drives, but I think I'm going to count my blessing at this point and call it quits on that front. I'm getting enough throughput for my needs, so I guess I'm happy for the moment I'd like to thank everyone for their help, this noob is a little bit wiser now
  4. Jeff, does seem strange, doesn't it. I have tried the same boot commands now on 2.4.18-17.x and whatever the original kernel is with RH 7.3 (I forget what that is off hand). Same result. I didn;t need to patch the kernel or anything, it would seem!
  5. Hi Frank, no apology needed! You've brought up something interesting there. Your UDMA6 drives are "benching" at ~280MB/Sec buffer cache read and ~35MB/Sec buffered disk read. This is with a theoretical buffered disk max of 133MB/Sec for ATA133. Now my WD 2000JB drives are coming in at ~200MB/Sec buffer cache and ~51MB/Sec buffered disk on a theoretcal buffered disk max of 100MB/Sec for ATA100. I find this a little strange as I would have thought that your buffered disk speed would have been a little higher than mine, and maybe my cache read higher because of the 8MB cache. Not neccesarily higher than your result, but certainly higher than I am getting. On my OS disk (4gb Seagate circa 1998, UDMA2) I am getting ~200MB/Sec bufer cache and ~9.5MB/Sec buffered disk read. have you done any additional 'tweaking' to your drives? (incedentally this whole thing started when I realised that my main OS disk was running atouch laggy, and I found I was only getting 170KB/Sec...) I shall take a closer look at your logs when i get home. At work at the mo so can't really ocmpare Thanks
  6. Success! I added the following to grub.conf file: ide2=ata66 ide3=ata66 which I had seen mentioned elsewhere befroe, but only for LILO, and when I tried it in grub didn't appear to work, I've since been shown how to add those commands properly and it worked! I'm now getttng 50mb/sec Now I'm trying the old kernel to see if that is all that I needed to do... Cheers for your help peeps, very much appreciated ...and of course it works on all my old kernels. Ah well, you live and learn
  7. shoemakc: Interesting thinking and certainly something I hadn't actually checked. Both drives are 'fresh'. However, doing an hdparm -tT /dev/hdc (having changed the drive over to master on secondary IDE channel on mobo) gave 196mb and 51mb, as opposed to 196mb and 9.6mb on the IDE card. hdparm -v -i /dev/hde revelaed a ncie star against the UDMA 5 section. So at least one of the drives has proved fine. mbello: I *think* that the coding is there to recognise the 80 conductor cable as I'm sure at some point I've seen it mention that an 80 conductor cable was present. Can't for the life of me remember where that was though. There is two BIOS' available on teh Promise website, but as I have a Maxtor version, it appear to have a slightly different BIOS coding. I think I ought to do some more research first before I risk it...
  8. dmdeal: I'm not sure how I'd find out if it's supported in any more recent kernels, I havn't found a hardware list anywhere, do you (or anyone) know where that is? The only listing I have found is for redhat itself. This whole started off when I discovered that my OS drive was only passing 170kb/sec, and when I managed to get that up to 9mb/sec, I took a nose at my storage drives. Oh how I wish I hadn't shoemakc: Ok, the motherboard I have is the non-RAID version, so there is only the standard 2x ATA 100 channels on board. I'm trying to add additional harddrives to make a software RAID 5 array, eventually using 2x Maxtor Ultra133 cards (which I'm told are OEM'd by Promise and are identical to their 133 TX2 card). Currently I have one card with one 200gb WD drive on each channel set to master. They are running in udma 2, which I believe now is the max promise drives natively included in my current kernel. To determine what mode the drices are running in, I'm using the command hdparm -v -i /dev/hde (or hdg). To test the speed I'm using hdparm -tT /dev/hde (or hdg). Off the top of my head I forget where I have put the full hdparm comnad in my bootup script, but it's in there somwhere and definitely doing something as that is what's producing this: Hopefully this evening I'll be able to have another crack at it. After reading God knows how many newsgroup listings etc. last night I went to bed with a headache! It's good fun this
  9. Hmm, somehow I missed teh patch on promise's site from when I visited it before. I've now downloaded it, patched my current kernel and having had a nightmare configuring it (for some reason I couldn't use menuconfig or xconfig), compiled it. This is major new territory for me I've since run the newly compiled kernal - with zero noticable difference. Oh well My plan now is to do a total reinstall, with the first change being to use LIO as the bootloader as EVERY instruction i've found has used that, does noone use grub? Over teh last few weeks I've learnt a heck of a lot of otehr stuff about Linux, so I'd like to add in a few more toys, and take some out.
  10. Hmm, I'm using kernel 2.4.18-18.7 which I believe is the lastest for 7.3 should I go over to RH 8? I'd rather not if I don't have to though. You're right about the card being a rebadged Promise item. I shall dog a bit deeper, but any other suggestions would be most appreciated
  11. Could any Linux (specifically RH 7.3) experts please give me a hand here? I've got the starts of a media server going, Athlon 1.4 on an Asus A7v266-E with 1gb PC2100. I have a 4gb ATA 33 drive on Primary Master, which is running fine. Using HDPARM I've got it runnig with DMA and UDMA 2 so no problems there. However, I currently have two ATA 100 Western Digital 200gb drives attached to a Maxtor Ultra133 IDE controller card (One drive per channel, master in both cases). I can't for the life of me get these drives out of UDMA 2 up to UDMA 5 where they belong. It isn't the cables as I've tried 'known good' ones. using this command: hdparm -c 1 -d 1 -m 16 -X 69 -k 1 /dev/hde (and hdg for the 2nd drive) has no effect. On boot I get something like this: VP_IDE: ide2 ............... BIOS settings: hda: PIO hdb: PIO ide3 ............... BIOS settings: hdc: PIO hdd: PIO VP_IDE: ide0 ............... BIOS settings: hda: DMA hdb: PIO ide1 ............... BIOS settings: hdc: PIO hdd: PIO i.e. the only drive it's picked up properly is the one with the OS on it. The BIOS of teh controller card picks up that the drives are UDMA5 however. A little bit further into the boot process I get this: ide 2: Speed warnings UDMA 3/4/5 is not functional ide 3: Speed warnings UDMA 3/4/5 is not functional this is part of the hdparm command set up to be run during boot. Anybody got any sugestions please?
  12. nutcase_1uk

    Windows XP can't restart my PC

    I'd be leanign towards teh NIC. I had the same problem. Take it out and remove teh driver, then see what happens. I had that problem with a Netgear FA311 NIC. My new 3com works fine.
  13. nutcase_1uk

    P4 Engineering sample

    Thanks for your answers peeps. I don't think I'll get the ES: Overclocking's not really my thing so I don't think I'll make any use of teh unlocked multiplier.
  14. nutcase_1uk

    P4 Engineering sample

    Hi All, I've been offered a 1.7 P4 (not a northwood) or for a little bit more an 'engineering sample' 1.7 P4. What I want to know is if it's worth getting that. I don't tend to overclock, but as it's unlocked, I might get tempted to up it to, say, 2GHz so I don't have to upgrade quite so quickly. Are there any other differences apart from it being unlocked? Cheers.
  15. nutcase_1uk

    How would the Brits know?

    I'm British, and I've never said that they're being treated inhumanely. A select few have, but it's not the 'British' people at large. I myself have one thought: If they're innocent, let em go. if they're not, "do unto them what they may do unto others" (or however that saying goes!)