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  1. Hege

    Drivebench redux. V0.2.0.69

    Tested it. Looks like a fine replacement for ATTO disk benchmark. It gives ~same results but has nicer graphs Hege
  2. Hege

    IBM Deskstar 180GXP

    Funny thing, I've got a 60GB model and it comes in a clearly different casing. I wonder if there are more differences than the cache size and casing. Hope you get the 120GB and/or 60GB for testing someday. Oh, and the drive really is as quiet as Barracuda IV Hege
  3. Hege

    Here is a review of the 180GXP

    Hm, funny. I just got my 180GXP, and it doesn't look at all like the one in the picture in the THG review. Here's some pictures and test results of my drive: http://koti.welho.com/hvuoltee/pics/ (W2k sp3, Intel UDMA66 with application accelerator) Hege
  4. Hege

    Here is a review of the 180GXP

    Hey, don't sweat. If you're in such a hurry, why don't you check the database, the results for 8MB 180GB 180GXP have been there for a while. You can try make your own conclusion based on those results. Hege
  5. Hege

    IDE: two devices/channel: why bad performance?

    AFAIK you are correct. The ATA standard does not support disconnect like (newer) SCSI standards do, so the bus is occupied all the time from the initial request to the data transfer. I do think that the effect has been exaggerated. I've never noticed a slowdown in real world use (desktop use pattern) in using two drives on the same channel. Nevertheless, it is of course better to have each drive on its own channel. Hege
  6. I already bought a 80GB 2MB Diamondmax+9. It's a little quiter than D740X when idle but still not silent like Barracuda IV. Seeks are still quite loud, but I like it that way Transfer rates look very much like the figures above, very nice. But I also have problems getting consistent access time measurements from HD Tach. Results range all the way from 12.3 to 15ms. Anyone know a better program to measure access time? Hege
  7. Hege

    PartitionMagic 8.0

    Huh? You mean "hot" as in making image of the system drive in Windows? I have Drive Image 2002 (W2k, NTFS) and it explicitly says you cannot do this. I even had to remove the swap file from my second drive to make a "hot" image of it. Hege
  8. Hi all I've seen utilities for reading IDE HD temps, is there a same kind of app for SCSI drives? I'm wondering if my Atlas 10k III is running too hot. It doesn't get too much airflow in my case. Should I cool it? Maxtor specs say 55C is the operating limit for 10k III. Measuring by hand it feels very hot, approx. 50-60C. An unrelated question: My storage drive, a Maxtor 60GB 536dx has gotten really noisy (clearly louder than the Atlas) lately. Is there any other options for quiet storage than Barracuda IV? Slow is OK, 40-60GB should be enough. Or do all drives get loud by age? My previous Samsung V30 did the same thing Hege Hege
  9. Hi, Don't know if this is the problem with your system, but when I installed my Adaptec 2940U2W with an Atlas 10k III, I had same kind of problems, low write performance. Naturally I tried enambling write cache for the drive -> No help. Then I noticed the write cache checkmark keeps popping of every time I reboot. Checked 2940U2W bios, Write cache was set on. When I set write cache setting to default (NC or auto or something like that) and booted to windows, I could set the write cache on so that it sticks. And now my results are OK. Are there some issues with Adaptec card forcing write cache on or is it just my setup? Hege
  10. burbel, is that easy cd-da extractor from http://www.poikosoft.com/? Nice software, actually the only one I've actually bought with my own money As for SPDIF, yes, I've used it. Not anymore though, as it's easier to get the digital audio straight through the IDE bus. Are rip speeds actually so important anymore? As ripping can be done at the same as the encoding, and the encoding is usually the slower process. Hege
  11. Hege

    Too many members without a post.

    Eek, don't kill me! I registered after the crash but haven't yet actually posted. I've got nothing to contribute to this forum, I guess Here goes 1. Hege