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  1. Is there a good alternative to the P7K500? I'm looking for a quiet 250GB drive, WD GP start from 500GB, too big for me
  2. Any news about this hard drive? I mean, any review, first hand opinion, experiences etc...
  3. _MarcoM_

    Home Theater PC 1 TB disk recommendation

    Please, share your opinion with us when you have your new HD
  4. _MarcoM_

    Home Theater PC 1 TB disk recommendation

    According to Silentpcreview, the WD Caviar GP is the best choice for you: http://www.silentpcreview.com/article804-page1.html The terabyte Green Power will find a permanent home in SPCR's home theater test system. They are mad for silence, so if it is good for SPCR, it is good for everyone
  5. _MarcoM_

    320GB Platter WD Reviewed

    Any comparable bench about P7K500 from Hitachi?
  6. _MarcoM_

    Caviar RE2: is it dangerous if...

    Thank you very much for the help continuum
  7. Hi all! I have two Caviar RE2 in mirroring, but now i want to change my backup strategy: one drive in my rig, another one in an enclosure (maybe this one: Stardom iTank i302 ) Is it dangerous to mount a Caviar RE2 as a single drive? I ask this because the TLER feature, and i don't want to buy another desktop drive... for now
  8. Good idea. It will be interesting to see if performances are nice with NCQ disabled, please czr
  9. _MarcoM_

    Best Raid0 Setup For Gaming?

    I agree with Loomy. A Raptor for you, not raid0. Period
  10. Try to use port 3-5, see here for more infos: http://www.intel.com/support/chipsets/imsm/sb/cs-025783.htm I had similar issues in the past (in mirroring), it seems this controller is a pain in the ass
  11. Wich version of Intel raid drivers do you have? Latest is 7.6, this one solves most problem similar to yours.
  12. Hi all, i have 2 x WD Caviar RE2, i want to boot from only one of these HD and duplicate the entire system disk (windows, data, boot, EVERYTHING) to another and create a perfect clone of the first, for backup purpose. It is safe to use RE2 in single configuration? I think yes, despite the TLER feature, but i need your opinions my friends Are there any utilities to do this operations under Vista/XP? Any suggestions?
  13. Hi all! I wanna buy this motherboard: http://www.asus.com/products4.aspx?l1=3&l2...198&modelmenu=1 Asus had implemented a feature called EZ Backup, a real hardware controller based on Silicon Image 4723 Hardware RAID controller: http://www.siliconimage.com/docs/SiI%20472...Brief_FINAL.pdf http://www.siliconimage.com/news/press/det...ase.aspx?id=320 If i buy this motherboard, i will use the integrated hardware raid controller (in mirroring mode) with two WD Caviar RE2 400GB. Is it a decent controller for a machine up 24h/24 with mid/low duty? I will use it with filesharing and gaming, DVD/dvix rebuilding, so i don't need great performance, but i prefer great stability. And, most important, someone know if is it bootable on the Asus board? The manual isn't clear at this point, at least for me and my bad english
  14. Good, i'll ignore this unallocated partition Thank for the help boys
  15. Hi all my friends, i have some questions for you I have 2 WD Caviar RE2 400GB drives, configured in mirroring under Nvidia SATA raid controller. The RAID1 drive is based on an unique 400GB partition formatted in NTFS, clusters standard, primary and bootable partition. I want to split it in 2 partitions, the primary/bootable one and a logical partition; i will use Acronis Disk Director Suite. When i use Acronis, it report a 372.6GB partition, and an unallocated 7844MB partition, but i'm sure i had never created this little partition: every time i had installed WinXP, i had used the entire size of the disk, no partitioning. FYI, i have another disk (a Seagate 7200.8, 200GB, unique NTFS partition, non-raid of course), and this one have an unallocated 7844MB partition, so, wtf? Where are they coming from? Is it a feature of the nvidia raid? Is it an hidden feature of windows? Or what? The disk management under Administrative Tools in WinXP does not report those unallocated partitions, and i don't want to proceed with split&resize partitions if i don't know what's wrong
  16. I had discovered an interesting thing: Acronis report 7844MB unallocated, PQMagic report 7.85MB. I supose Acronis was wrong, so is it a normal space allocated by WinXP?
  17. Test done, PQMagic confirm the presence of the unallocated partitions
  18. I use a round cable with my PX-708A, 2 years of burning without problems.
  19. _MarcoM_

    WD4000YR vs. WD4000KD

    I agree. Just ordered two RE2 for RAID1 under Nforce4, it's designed for raid so go for it
  20. I had just ordered two for RAID1, but i'll test a single disk in heavy read/write operations in order to know what appen in a single drive scenario. I hope to receive HDs during this week. Stay tuned
  21. Install it as a "secondary drive" and test it for a week or two with various tasks, for example games, defrag, scandisk, creation of multiple big archives all togheter to stress the disk eavily... If it work, it's ok to use it as a single drive, in my (VERY) humble opinion
  22. The idea of a drive capable of full duty cycle 24/7 with 5 years warranty sound very good for me, in 2-3 months i'll buy (i hope! ) two RE2 for a workstation in mirroring. But in case of failure, a single drive with TLER is dangerous i think, due to the short window of recovery attempts. I suggest the WD4000YR and a very good backup strategy
  23. _MarcoM_

    400GB SATAs for a cheap RAID 5

    I vote for the RE2 model: 1.2 Million hours MTBF rated for 24x7 duty, for me this drive is great (IMO) in a raid scenario, reliability is all
  24. Your informations are very useful, but at this point i/we need an intensive testing of the Caviar RE2 under "desktop conditions"; i like the idea of two RE2 in mirroring under nforce4, because i need a machine up 24h/24 with HDs tested for full duty cycle. To be or not to be...
  25. So is it safe to use the RE2 in a mirroring scenario under Nforce4? I want to buy a pair of 400GB RE2 and config them in raid1 for a little workstation up 24h/24 in medium I/O...