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  1. Thank you for your reply. I have been planning of 4 TB version to my server as it is now in the cost/TB sweet spot. I know I can find the startup current on the 12V rail in amps on the spec sheet but I think a real measurement is more reliable than calculating from spec sheet values. Great, you also mentioned an aspect about servers that I have been wondering for a while now. How is one HDD rated for 1-8 bay enclosures and another for 1-16 bay enclosures? What is different in regular and Pro version to make this distinction? What makes Pro better choice for 9-16 bay enclosures? HDD is still just an HDD in any enclosure?
  2. I am planning to build a home server of up to 16 HDDs and I have been searching for figures on startup power draw on 12 V rail (also on 5 V if available) on hard drives to size up my PSU demands. I have found references to some of Storage Review reviews that have included Power Consumption measurements and comparisons. This is the most recent that I have found. Are there any more recent comparisons/measurements? What is the requirement that these measurements are included in the review? I am of course most interested on NAS HDDs (mainly on WD Red and/or SG Ironwolf).
  3. Thanks for the replies. A follow up: Why are for example WD Red and Seagate NAS HDD advertised to be most suitable for 1-5 bay systems and WD SE 6-12 bay systems? Of course WD Blacks that I currently use are not recommended at all for NAS use by WD. Is it a marketing trick, a way to steer customers to certain kind of HDDs that manufactures want people to buy or what?
  4. Hello I have been research HDDs for my home NAS upgrade. At the same time with new HDDs I am also installing Icydock 3 in 2 HDD Cages http://www.icydock.com/goods.php?id=153 Currently I have WD Blacks in use in a rather cusrtom installation but would like to ask comments would they still also be good for the HDD cages? Reason why I ask this is because I have read about the stress factors and vibrational aspects when you put HDDs in racks. Are they an issue in this case due to the low amount of drives in one cage? I would be putting at start 2 but eventually 3-4 cages on top of each other in a server case's 5,25" bays.
  5. Brian, as you recommend WD Reds for this solution what is your take on the quite large DOA/early fail rate that has been reported quite widely with WD Reds?
  6. What issues should I be looking at reviews when I am choosing storage HDDs for a home file server for active streaming use mainly, used by 1-2 computers tops at the same time?
  7. Ok. So is it as simple as connecting HDDs to a new controller, flipping the switch and saying to the computer to rebuid the array?
  8. Have been thinking of this kind of file server too. Question: What if my controller goes out of business, what then? Is all data lost or can it be recovered with another RAID controller? If data is recoverable, do I have to buy a controller from the same manufacturer or does any controller with same RAID level suffice?