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  1. 2km should be do-able, but you will need a good line-of-sight. Many "Wireless ISPs" deploy to this range and more.
  2. Just to clarify, .... Do NOT, put anything between a UPS and you computer with out doing research first. Most lower-end / mid-range UPS units output a square-wave instead of the typical smooth "AC sine wave" when running on battery power. For the short term, this is fine for most electronics, but a downstream surge protector will generally see this as 60 "spikes" per second and will probably fry itself (or your equipment) trying to compensate. -- David
  3. Weren't these supposed to be out a while ago? Though, Dell is selling some laptops with a 100gb drive @ 7200 RPM. Any ideas? -- David
  4. bsd

    Fast laptop drive?

    Yes, I tried to email seagate. I did not hear anything back. Glad someone got a response, though.
  5. bsd

    Fast laptop drive?

    Anybody have more news on the new seagate units?
  6. Hi, I have a Hitachi 7K60 on backorder from for $133 shipped. But, I was wondering if there are any new 7200 RPM laptop drive I should be looking at instead. Thanks, David
  7. bsd

    Fast laptop drive?

    So, the consensus is that the 7K60 is still the fastest? (With no other known 7200 rpm options comming up?)
  8. bsd

    Fast laptop drive?

    Thanks for the info. Does anyone have more solid data on any new 7200 RPM laptop drives? I don't mand waiting if there is something around the corner.... Thanks, David
  9. Hello, I am looking for a faster drive for my laptop, and I was wondering if the 7K60 is still the best drive out there. (Seems like it been out for a long time...) Thanks, David
  10. bsd

    Slow Raid 5?

    I am not familiar with SCSI terminology yet, so can you help confirm this is the case? I am also a little confused by the "flat" speed profile of the logical drive. Shouldn't the speed taper off as you read data towards the end of the drive? Dell RAID specs Atlas IV specs Photo of drive w/ partnumber
  11. bsd

    Slow Raid 5?

    Hi, Just trying to confirm that these performance numbers are what should be expected from such a configuration. Anybody? Thanks, David
  12. bsd

    Slow Raid 5?

    Hi, I recently acquired an old Dell Poweredge 2300 to use as a server to play with. It's a Dual P3 450 Mhz with 3x 18 GB SCSI drives attached to a PERC 2/SC (AMI) single channel RAID 5 card. The overall speed seems a little sluggish in booting up and general use, but I just wrote this off to it being an older machine. (Even if it is dual CPU) However, I just ran some HD benchmarks on it, and the RAID array seems to run at about the same speed (or slower) as my laptop's 4200 RPM drive. (!!) Any ideas? How should I configure the RAID 5 array? See below for screen shots of Winbench99 and HDTach: What am I doing wrong? Thanks, David ----------------------------------------- Server: 2x P3 450 Mhz w/ 3x 18GB SCSI RAID5 Laptop: P4m 1.7 Ghz w/ 20GB 4200 RPM Server: 2x P3 450 Mhz w/ 3x 18GB SCSI RAID5 Laptop: P4m 1.7 Ghz w/ 20GB 4200 RPM
  13. bsd

    Sata On Laptop?

    Thanks for the link... Who else makes PCMCIA SATA controllers? Are they all the same, or are some faster? Will they support TCQ of the new Raptor? Also, how would I mount and power the actuall drive? Thanks again, David
  14. Hi, Is it possible to get a PCMCIA to SATA adaptor to hookup, say, a 10,000 RPM 74GB Raptor, to my laptop. Since my laptop stays on my desk most of the time, the idea would to just leave the Raptor plugged in and use it as a boot drive. The few times I need to take laptop somewhere, I could simply boot off the internal drive. Can this be done? Thanks, BSD
  15. bsd

    My hd is haunted (7k250)

    The link seems to be broken...