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  1. DocSilly

    Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe x4

    Sadly the Promise SuperTrak EX8350 PCIe 4x won't fit in the new Asus A8N32-SLI Deluxe due to the collision between the card and the heatpipe ... I hope it'll fit in the A8N-SLI Premium board, which'll replace my (yet unused) A8N32-SLI Deluxe
  2. DocSilly

    Maxtor Diamonmax 10 questions

    I want to see how much of a difference the 16mb cache makes vs the 8mb of the smaller drives ... in case platters are the same for the whole drive family.
  3. DocSilly

    RAID Cards

    You can run the card in a regular PCI32 slot though it'll be quite a performance bottleneck. GamePC tested the 4port controller with 2 and 3 Raptors in a PCI64 and a PCI32 > Running 8 HDDs in a PCI32 slot will only worsen the performanceloss. But it would work and some MP3 or videostreaming shouldn't be concerned regarding the performanceloss. Using the 4 onboard SATA with the other 4 on the 3ware is also an option that would work. What RAID Level do you plan to use on the 3ware? Cheaper controllers have usually no hardware XOR and thus a bad RAID-5 write performance.
  4. DocSilly

    SLI hyped?

    My PC is 3 YEARS old and certainly needs a replacement. I am going the SLI route with my next system with one 6800GT for now. I'll add a second one later when I can afford it. Yes, SLI shows best results at highest res with full eyecandy, it requires the fastest CPUs for best results and for now only games that have a profile in the drivers can take advantage of it. I am still going with a SLI mobo since it has the option to add a second 6800GT later down the road. I'll go with an Athlon64 3200+ Winchester, a rather affordable 939 socket CPU which also overclocks quite well, many reach near 4000+ levels without extreme measures. I agree that it doesn't make much sense to use a SLI setup with two 6800GT right now but it makes an interesting upgrade alternative for the near future. Instead of buying a new single highend card for 400-500 euro in the future you just buy another then midstream 6800GT for 250 euro and get the same performance like the highend solution of that time. Ah yes, I love to play those terrible FPS, especially with full eyecandy at high res You don't need SLI for your favourite MMORPG or RTS or adventure, you don't even need the fastest hardware anyways to enjoy those.
  5. DocSilly

    Need sata raid5 advice

    I can understand that they won't use PCI-e 1x for the 1220, that's the 8-port card and it deserves PCI-e 4x interface (that's what the manual shows for all their PCI-e cards). I'm more interested in the 1210, the 4-port card, but I could understand when they go with the same interface on all cards in the family for lowering manufacturing cost. Hmmm, the 3ware Escalade 9500S-8 PCI cost around $530 (checking pricegrabber), so the Areca would be $200 more (PCI-e) ... and I guess the 4-port might see a comparable higher price over the 3ware card ... a lil too steep for my wallet and without PCI-e 1x interface it's also not an option. Looks like the 3ware 9500 4-port is my only option for now. You can find a review of the card here > It includes benchmarks in a standard 32-bit PCI slot. I know it has higher performance in a 64-bit or better PCI slot but such server/workstation motherboards don't have the features I need (and they're kinda pricey too).
  6. DocSilly

    Buying dual Xeons

    From the 2CPU SMP FAQ
  7. DocSilly

    Need sata raid5 advice

    I think I'll put my purchase of the 3Ware Escalade 9500S-4LP for my next system on hold for now until there're a few more facts out, especially the price for the PCI-e 1x 4-port card from Areca. Thanks for sharing the info
  8. DocSilly

    Need sata raid5 advice

    pinnocchio It looks like money is no real problem with your future setup, so you might want to look into a workstation mobo like the upcoming Iwill DK8ES > You could run a RAID controller in one of the PCI-X slots, which would be fast enough for most needs
  9. DocSilly

    Need sata raid5 advice

    I finally found the manual for download and that also says PCI-E 4x for all Areca cards.
  10. It is certainly one with the least powerconsumption compared to some other drives in that size > But there's no HUGE difference, only up to 3 watts while random seeking.
  11. DocSilly

    Firefox Gurus Needed

    I tried both and they work (Firefox 1.0 on Win2k SP4) .... are you using any extra extensions or a proxy?
  12. DocSilly

    Anyone use raid 5 on Firewire800?

    PCI = 1064mbit/s = 133MByte/s (which is more like 110MByte/s in reality) Firewire 800 = 800mbit/s = 100MByte/s (or a more realistic Transfer rate up to ~80MByte/sec) USB 2.0 highspeed = 480mbit/s = 60MByte/s One 7200HDD delivers ~60MByte/s So two HDDs are already more than saturating a firewire 800 bus (Don't mix up mbit and MByte) Using two firewire 800 ports gives you "only" 160MByte/s, which isn't that much more than PCI (and that VANGUARD V ENCLOSURE costs a pretty penny, ouch).
  13. DocSilly

    PC4000+ RAM, ECC capable

    You would also need a motherboard that supports ECC memory to take advantage of the feature (or to use it at all). Many non-server mobos support only non-ECC memory, so you should make sure your mobo supports it. I don't see too much of an advantage for a single-user desktop system to use ECC memory, I wouldn't use it, but it certainly makes sense for a server.
  14. DocSilly

    Need sata raid5 advice

    It seems that this article is only available on the german site of THG > (you can try for rough text translation) But it probably won't be faster than your current hardware RAID, it was slower than 3Ware 9500S-12, Highpoint 1820A and Raidcore BC4852 with a 4x WD740 RAID-5 array on a new P4 system. Beware: You can't transfer an existing RAID-5 array from hardware to software or the other way around. I don't know if you already did this but you might want to try some different settings like WriteBack vs WriteThrough or adjust your stripesize (cluster size should be selected according to the stripesize). Those settings can make a difference when you look at the numbers here >
  15. DocSilly

    Need sata raid5 advice

    Nope, that doesn't work because all those single PCI-e datalines are running parallel into the PCI-e slot. If you plug a PCI-e 1x into a 8x it doesn't have the pins to connect to the other PCI-e datalines. DDR2 isn't worth the extra money right now, it isn't faster than comparable DDR memory (I think it's actually slightly slower due to higher latency). A good Soundcard still beats any onboard sound, I'd say even that high def 8channel audio solution and you can always add a FireWire 800 card ... but you would need a board with 6 PCI slots , the three you already need plus RAID/soundcard/firewire ... Dunno about the LGA775 board, I would prefer a AMD Athlon64 solution but that's my personal opinion wandergeist You are correct, the BIOS has to support running a PCI-e card with less lanes in a bigger PCI-e slot. The german section of THW tested a videocard in a PCI-e 16x slot at 1x, (2x), 4x, 8x and 16x and they had to wait for a new BIOS from the mobo manufacturer (the german test can be found at ). They taped the connectors so that the card used less of the PCI-e datalines for the slower speeds.