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  1. HisMajestyTheKing

    What is better for a server: SCSI or SATA?

    This smells a lot like you've built those servers yourself. If you did I'm not in the least bit sorry for you. There are far, far better choices than building your own server. I actually can't find one good reason except in the rare case you need a very specific hardware configuration. Buy IBM. Buy HP. Even buy Dell. That way you'll get a system that has been tested and is supported and is guaranteed to work with supported parts of whatever vendor. (I know IBM even supports configurations with vertain non-IBM hardware although they won't replace defective third-party hardware of course). If you buy a system like that and it doesn't work you know who to be angry at. If you do have such a brand name server, I don't know why you would get your hard drives from somewhere else. So, last post of HisMajestyTheKing.
  2. HisMajestyTheKing

    Why don't they limit the speed of cars

    Oh my... I feel honored I don't know what fool thinks 200 mph/320 km/h is safe. Under ideal conditions - dry, no other traffic, competent driver focussed solely on driving - it might be safe. You'll NEVER encounter those conditions on the road. Even if said driver has total control (or what he stupidly believes to be total control) over his car, there's still sane people on the road. What if you're cruising at 120 km/h and some nut overtakes you with a speed difference of 200 km/h? Dangerous to say the least. Excellent technical specs of a car are meaningless if the driver isn't up to it, if the roads aren't in good condition and if you have to take other drivers into account. There's absolutely NO reason to allow such insane speeds anywhere on a public road. Idiots who have to compensate for certain insecurities with a fast cars should go driving on a F1 circuit or something, not on a public road. I read something about "nanny state". Well, most people need that either to protect them from themself or to protect them from crazy people around them. I don't see what's wrong with reasonable speed limits or even cars with a limited maximum speed. German car manufacturers make a farce of it - limit the top speed to a mere 250 km/h. I wonder who takes them seriously. Then what could reasonable speed limits be? Depends on time, place, weather and traffic density. 90 km/h should be enough on a typical Belgian highway during rush hour when driving to a city like Brussels but 150 km/h could be perfectly safe with little traffic, good view and dry roads. Variable speed limits could be a solution in such a case and for example near schools. If cars' top speed were limited by law, they should still be a little higher, say 10 km/h, above the absolute maximum allowable speed on a clear highway. Why? Just in case you need that little bit of extra power. Reasonable speed limits should of course be accompanied by rigirous controls by police. Anyone breaking a reasonable rule should pay for it. If you wan't some real fun you should get dirty and go off-road (with a real 4x4 or rally car, not thingies like a BMX X5 or Mercedes M) and zip between trees. Now that is fun. Of course if you've got an old Ford Mondeo company car you can do this as well Mmmm Just one more if I'm not mistaken...
  3. HisMajestyTheKing

    Best Backup Strategy

    You should do two things. -Archive static data. You can do this on CD, DVD, tape or disk, whatever strikes your fancy. Since this doesn't change you won't have to worry about speed (tape is slow) or cost too much. If that data is important to you, you will be happy to spend the money on DVD's or tapes. I'd rather use a combination of tapes and DVD for longterm backup over hard disk drives. Tapes and CD/DVD are less likely to fail than a hard disk sitting on a shelf for a couple of years. If you have both DVD and tape, you have the best of both. DVD's are easier to to use - just pop one into any PC with a DVD drive and you've got your data. Tapes OTOH last longer. -Backup data that changes, like email, ... If it's not too much, you can easily do it on tape or DVD. If it's a lot, hard disks are the best option unless you're filthy rich and can afford top of the line tape streamers. Personally I've archived all my important data on CD - haven't gotten around to write it on DVD yet - and I make more or less regular backups of whatever is in my documents, email, favorites, ... on tape. That's less than GB so it fits nicely on my DDS-4. For a client who has one PC with a lot of important data I use the following backup strategy. Server makes daily full backups on tape of the server and makes a backup to disk of that pc on the server. Due to the volume, this data is NOT written on tape except on Fridays. So once a week, they have a full backup on tape of the server and pc. The other weekdays it's a backup of the server on tape and a backup of the pc onto the server's disk. They're also going to archive all the data on that pc on DVD themself. What you do have to take into account with tapes is that you choose a technology that will be available several years in the future. It would be silly to have all that precious data on tapes that you can't read once your streamer dies. That's why I stay with DDS because it has a good chance of being available for the forseeable future.
  4. HisMajestyTheKing

    Basic Wireless Network Security?

    I disagree. Change the SSID. Shut off broadcast. Use MAC address filtering. use the best encryption you can - typically this is WPA Pre-Shared Key and AES encryption. Allow only whatever speed you're going to use. No need in allowing B to connect if you're only using G for example. Even turn off DHCP on your network if you don't need it. Why? Some wannabe without real knowledge of WiFi networks will be discouraged by this. Best to keep out as much vermin as you can. It's so humiliating to be hacked by an ignorant fool
  5. HisMajestyTheKing

    Upgrading IBM Server

    OK... You have several options. If U160 is fast enough for you and you only need a single channel, grab a ServeRAID 4Lx if you can still find one. It's a single channel full-blown RAID controller. You can still use the two channels of the onboard controller for, say, a tape streamer. If you need U320 you have several choices. ServeRAID 5i, 6i and 6i+ are zero channel RAID controllers. They don't have any SCSI connectors but they turn the onboard SCSI controller into a dual channel RAID controller. Looks nice but it sucks if you want to use one of those channels for something else than disks. I've had headaches getting backup software to work correctly on both Netware and Windows. In the end we just added a separate U160 or U320 SCSI controller for the tape streamer. 5i and 6i are LSI-based while 6i+ is an Adaptec. 6i+ should also work with the x225's onboard LSI controller some IBM support person told me but check IBM's ServerProven hardware compatibility list. Better but more expensive than those zero channel controllers is the 6M, a true dual channel U320 RAID card with 128 or 256 MB cache. Sadly enough there's no single channel version of this card, like the U160 4Lx was a single channel counterpart to the dual channel U160 4Mx. All those cards, whether they have their own connector or use the onboard SCSI, have 68-pin connectors. You say the server has hot swap drives - should be 6 bays in a 225 - so they'll be 80 pins. If you don't wish to buy IBM drives, be certain to get U320 80-pin drives even if you get a U160 controller. Some drive bays don't support U160 drives, only U320. Don't ask me why. I asked IBM and nobody could give me an intelligent answer. You will need to buy hard drive sleds from IBM to mount those drives in though. Another thing to look out for is the SCSI cable connecting the onboard controller to the backplane. Chances are it will be too short if you get anything but a zero channel controller. Order a longer one at IBM. It would be a shame if you have to install a controller but the cable is too short by a couple of cm. Been there, etc. So, in short. If U160 and one channel are good enough get a 4Lx (not a 4L). If you need two channels U160, get a 4Mx (and not a 4M). If you need U320 get a 6M. Get a longer SCSI cable! A zero channel controller may be less expensive but if you need to add a dedicated SCSI controller for a tape streamer, the price difference may become negigible. You can always use a full-blown RAID controller in any other machine, not so with a ZCR controller. If you can give me the exact model - 8646-5AX for example - I can check on IBM's site if you want.
  6. HisMajestyTheKing

    Five more and I'm gone

    5000 posts seems a nice number to quit. SR has lost most of it's shine IMO. Reviews have become rare as hen's teeth. The forums aren't as interesting as they used to be and most interesting people have left. So, at 5000 I'll say goodbye!
  7. HisMajestyTheKing

    Your boss wants to silently read your emails

    Depends on the law of whatever country/state you live in. IMO if someone is using resources af a company, the company decides how those resources are used. If the company says no personal email, then there's no personal email - only for work. However, it has to be made clear to employees what they can do, what the consequences will be and in your case, that other people can read their email. Nothing wrong with the boss playing Big Brother if everyone knows this. If employees want to use email privately they should use anoher emailclient or webmail for personal mail.
  8. HisMajestyTheKing

    Who served?

    Another one of those threads. Makes me want to leave SR. Come to think of it, that doesn't seem like a great loss to me. Or to SR *yawn*
  9. HisMajestyTheKing

    Exchange 2000 FUBAR

    Like I said, I don't know much about Exchange at all. The installation was done by some other firm but the client kicked them out. Our salesman happily anounced that we would support them. Idiot. Backup issues... No usable backup at all. Not on tape and not in a file. I could recover the EDB and STM files and log files E0000322 to E0000400'ish but priv1 remains corrupted.
  10. HisMajestyTheKing

    Exchange 2000 FUBAR

    Did I mention no backups? And log files starting somewhare at E0000322.log?
  11. HisMajestyTheKing

    IBM ServeRAID Firmware/BIOS - Fix

    A colleague of mine flashed a ServeRAID 6i+ to firmware level 6.11. Funny thing is that controller needs 7.00 to work. Result -> dead controller. Even funnier is that an IBM techie told him to downgrade the firmware to 6.11. I did upgrade 4Lx's to 7.10 straight from 4.84 IIRC though.
  12. HisMajestyTheKing

    Exchange 2000 FUBAR

    Well, mostly. Windows crashed and I did a repair install. Server booted again but Exchange didn't start correctly. priv1.edb and pub1.edb were corrupt. I could repair pub1.edb but eseutil always gave errors on priv1. Can I just delete priv1 and create a new one somehow? The client can live withthe lost mails but they'd like to be able to send and receive new mails again. They have their own domain (domain.be) so I don't know how that affects the problem. I positively hate it when I hve to slve these kinds of problems when I know far too little of the software.
  13. HisMajestyTheKing

    Intel RAID trouble

    I have an SRCMRU with 7 drives. One is dead, windows 2000 server says INACCESSIBLE_BOOT_DEVICE 0x0000007B. I've never used one of these controllers and Intel's online help just sucks for this product. The array software isn't easy to use either. It keeps on saying "no matching pool hit fix drive available". I identified the bad drive but I don't understand why Windows has a problem. It's a RAID 5 with only a single bad disk.
  14. HisMajestyTheKing

    Criminals welcome in Belgium

    You don't happen to be a limey I hope.
  15. HisMajestyTheKing

    Criminals welcome in Belgium

    And again you're WRONG! I got a ticket from a very responsible policeman because my front license plate wasn't clearly legible from 40m away! I'm happy Belgium is a safer place for that.