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  1. So I just watched the trailer for The Bridge. Pretty haunting stuff. Anyway, Wikipedia tells me the drop is 67m or 220ft. Now, I dunno that seems kinda low for death into water, don't you think? High school physics was 20+ years ago, so maybe I'm wrong...
  2. I made the mistake of using my personal comp as a temporary dump for a friend, while I formatted/restored her notebook. Anyway, I saved all her crap to a folder on my desktop, formatted/restored her notebook, & am trying to move all her stinker back to her pc but there's a file (porn video) that has very long file name that refuse to budge. It's in a folder called Incomplete, so I'm assuming it's from some P2P program she was using. Normally, I use Unlocker to get around situations like this, but it doesn't run on my Vista comp even though the website says it's Vista compatible (nothing happens, like the program refuses to initialize or something). Right-clicking the file doesn't bring up the normal context menu (see last pic). This is what I'm seeing: Any ideas?
  3. I'm having trouble restoring a Windows BAckup File (.bkf). The file origianlly resided on a ZIP disk. I've copied it to my hard disk (XP Pro) but cannot restore the file. The restore process starts fine, but as it get to around the 80% mark, I'm prompted to "insert media #2" (see link for pic). I have no idea what media #2 is supposed to be. I've tried messing with various restore options, but have come up empty handed thus far. The owner of the ZIP disk says only one file (~90MB) was ever created. I do not know the version of Windows that was used to create the backup, because the pc was stolen & the person whom brought in the ZIP disk is totally PC illiterate. Thoughts?
  4. Ron_Jeremy

    Suggest me a setup

    Threads (& their resulting discussions) like this one is what drove away many of the old timers, myself included. The fact that RAID is even talked about in desktop circles let alone now becoming the de rigueur storage setup is a testament to how many silly people there are in the world. My own observations with a few assumptions thrown in: - You are spending way too much time over at Anandtech or Toms Hardware - You have been manipulated by the marketing powers of disk manufacturers - You have been lead to believe that RAID 0 is some kind of magical single-user-environment coolaid - you have been totally suckered into buying more drives than you need to quench your insatiable thirst of marveling at your RAID 0 STR numbers Take Mickey's advice.
  5. I still don't understand the need for the 3 x X25 RAID 0 implementation.
  6. What types of things do you do with your puter?
  7. Ron_Jeremy

    SSD drive in PIO 4 mode?

    What mobo are you using?
  8. Don't know how valuable you deem your data, so there's not much to go on so I'm only speculating. Anyway, I've never been a fan of using any type of RAID for the OS or 'system', nor do I count on RAID as a backup, but I digress... In your scenario I'd run: 1 x 250GB > C drive 2 x 320GB RAID 1 > data volume with all user personal folders (docs, pics, music, etc) mapped here & routinely backed up to your NAS or whatever it was you mentioned. It's real friggin late. Nite nite.
  9. Ron_Jeremy

    Laptops with 4:3 screen

    I'm still impressed with the 2 *old* 20" 1600*1200 Dell monitors a friend of mine has sitting on his desk. I much prefer working with them as opposed to my 1680*1050 displays. In fact I think I'll orientate my screens vertically -- dunno why I didn't think of that sooner...
  10. Ron_Jeremy

    What do you do?

    I work with a company developing emissions "scrubbers" for diesel, biomass, & coal applications. I am so done with IT as my main source of income (well, for now anyways LOL). I haven't even kept up with hardware for the last couple years. SSD wha?
  11. Ron_Jeremy

    Storage Review Site Update

    Man, I haven't been here in ages. This is good news indeed. Nice to see SR injected with some new blood, enthusiasm, etc.
  12. So I figured I'd throw the x64 Win 7 beta onto my pc. However, the installer doesn't see any ummm drive(s) connected to my 39160 to install to. I copied 4 adpu160xxxx files out of the same pc (but with Vista x64 installed) & stuck those on a usb drive. When I plug in a blank disk (other drives now unplugged) & proceed with the Win 7 install, it fails to see any drives & gives me a "driver not signed" error if I try to load storage drivers (on the usb stick). I guess I'd like to confirm this is happening to others before I start pointing a finger at my box. If anyone has the time & means to attempt a Win 7 x64 on SCSI it would be greatly appreciated. Please provide any hardware/install details
  13. Ron_Jeremy

    Anyone playing with the x64 Win 7 beta?

    Interesting that the Server 2003 drivers worked for your card. I'll have to give that a try later this week.
  14. Ron_Jeremy

    Anyone playing with the x64 Win 7 beta?

    I also tried the 32-bit version of Win 7 beta hoping to see native support for my 39160: Guess not.
  15. Ron_Jeremy

    E8400 runs 1.9 GHz at idle?

    Feel free to disable the 'stepping' in the mobo BIOS if it bugs you.
  16. You have a 'gaming rig' based on a Netburst / Rambus combo, powering a VGA card that starred in Jurassic Park. Your current drive is 36GB & finally out of room. This tells me you're not a bit torrent freak. The SCSI disk you were looking at is $265, & I don't know exactly what 2 Raptors cost but I'd wager they're somewhere in the $350 - $400 range. Call me crazy, but here's an idea. Get yourself a real cheap disk. Hell, $50 gets you 160GB & increases your current capacity by a factor of four. 2GB of DDR2 is another $40, bringing us to $90. A Radeon 3850 is about $180. You can use a $90 P35 board to warm your new $80 E2180 for a grand total of $440, or about $40 - $60 more than 2 Raptors. Of course all this is moot if all you play is Quake 2.
  17. This article only confirms what many others are now discovering about the total environmental cost of hybrid vehicles. It's looks to be all a big white stripey lie! Mad props to the corporate marketing depts. Take that Leonardo DiCaprio!!!
  18. Fantastic short film providing a glimpse into the human psyche. While this pretains to hi-fi gear, it really goes well beyond that. In fact, this video relates to many of my arguments here in the B&G. Reasonings for 500 horsepower instead of 150, a Rolex instead of a Timex, why we perceive 'bigger is better', et all, are pretty much all summed up here. The funniest part is the look on the wives faces when dollar figures are factored into the equation. The film is all over the web, but here's a couple of links to get you started. I hope you guys enjoy it as much as I did. Greek Audiophile by Ken Barnes Greek Audiophile by Ken Barnes (scroll to bottom of page)
  19. Ron_Jeremy

    making a dvd audio disc

    I'm using the trial version of Audio DVD Creator. For audio quality, I have some settings to pick from: 1. AC3 2.0 ch (choice of 96 kbps - 640 kbps) 2. AC3 5.1 ch (choice of 224 kbps - 640 kbps) *I assume this is surround sound, of which I have no interest 3. PCM 48 kHz (choice of 16 bit or 24 bit) 6. PCM 96 kHz (choice of 16 bit or 24 bit) What option would sound best (I'm guessing PCM 96/24), & are there any drawbacks to picking this option? Audio sources are .wav files (not mp3's) ripped from my CD's using Exact Audio Copy w/secure.
  20. My dual Pentium Pro machine would mop the floor with your Q6600. Even though my processors run at a lower frequency than yours, the P-Pro's are well documented to be the most effecient processors Intel has ever made. And mine aren't the 150's either. I own a pair of the top-o-the-line 200's. Plus I have all 8 memory slots stuffed full of ram for when I have the multitasking need. Bring it on.
  21. Ron_Jeremy

    Which harddrive gives best sound for music?

    So one bad model to right off a company, right? Is this similar to someone avoiding Toyota & Honda vehicles because their early cars were prone to premature rusting?
  22. Near the end of the Nvidia chipset driver installation process, were you prompted about installing the 'Nvidia SW' driver? If so, I would choose no.
  23. Ron_Jeremy

    Advice Needed on Broken RAID5 Array

    Unless someone has used the same controller, it's difficult to say. Maybe a more experienced member will chime in with some how-to for you. Still, I think I'd call/email Highpoint for advice. Keep us informed.
  24. Ron_Jeremy

    Any Vista Business users?

    Ok, I formatted & reinstalled Vista Business x64 & DVDShrink works fine. Previously, I had disabled a stinker load of services & performed registry hacks to 'trim some fat'. I guess something along the way messed up with DVDShrink. All good now