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  1. My post count isn't high but I visit regularly to see if anything interesting has happened in the hard world of disks. No matter what my opinion weighs in at, the serious stuff is good but I've got to ask: Do the Pirates, Zwinkies and popups have to be so intrusive? Is this site aimed at "five year olds"? Christer
  2. Christer

    Best IDE/ATA 500gb hard drive?

    Personally, I would probably get a Hitachi Deskstar P7K500. Christer
  3. Christer

    Best IDE/ATA 500gb hard drive?

    That was ages ago, the IBM Deskstar GXP series. I have been running two Hitachi Deskstar 7K250, one of them for five years, over 15.000 hours and not a sign of trouble. The other one has been used as a backup drive, spending most of its life in a drawer. Christer
  4. Christer

    Old Computer, large hard drive? SS51G

    XP RTM has the 137 GB limit. XP SP1 and XP SP2 do not. This means that if you install XP from an RTM CD, you will only be able to partition and format 137 GB. Slipstreaming SP2 into an RTM CD will let you partition the whole hard disk. Christer
  5. Christer

    Adding IDE drive to system

    Create an extended partition of it all. That way, the new partitions will not disturb the current drive letters. When that is done, create the logical volumes you want, within the extended partition. Christer
  6. Christer

    Missing free space after mass deletion

    There is no need to have System Destroy (sorry ... ... System Restore) running on a non system partition. Even better is to disable it all together and go with a dedicated imaging strategy. I use Ghost 2003 and it has never failed. In the beginning I had System Restore still running on my system but it never solved a problem and after three strikes ... ... it was out (permanently disabled)! Have you verified that toggling SR off/on did not free other space than the deleted files? That action should free more space than what was represented by the files due to other contents in the Restore Points. Christer
  7. Christer

    Missing free space after mass deletion

    Do you have Norton SystemWorks or Norton Utilities? A component, Norton Protection, protects deleted files for a number of days (default = 7). You have to purge manually to recover the space immediately. Maybe other software have the same or similar components. Christer
  8. Christer

    Auto Restart! Help!?

    By the way, I had a similar situation a while ago. I too cleaned the computer but not bits and bytes but dust and dirt. Especially the video card fan and heat sink was in need of a clean up. After that, it was OK. Christer
  9. Christer

    Auto Restart! Help!?

    Go to My Computer > Properties > Advanced > Start and Recovery - Settings > uncheck the box for "Automatic Restart". Now the computer should blue screen with some information. You can also configure it to create a dump file. Christer (whos computer speaks swedish and has translated ...)
  10. Christer


    Has SR forums been hacked again? Pages stall when loading and it shows "" at the bottom of the browser window. Christer
  11. Christer

    Java start and file download

    I had just installed the latest batch of updates to WinXP but it didn't prevent the infection. Neither did Norton AntiVirus 2005 (also updated) prevent it but catched whatever was downloaded or executed and thus limited the damage. I never had a BSOD. I have a single user account on my computer and all web applications are running under DropMyRights which limits the privileges for an administrator account. I have to use a different link to be able to use Windows Update which require administrator privileges. I believed that DMR would prevent this kind of installation but obviously not. It seems like I was one of the first members to get hit and with the Image Viewer opening with each click for a new page and NAV trailing with a popup message, I kind of went into "Panic Lite". I had just installed the updates to WinXP and had created a new Ghost image. My backup HDD was running in the mobile rack and I was not sure that it was safe. Christer
  12. Christer

    Java start and file download

    Two screenshots: First infection ever ... ... glad to be a Ghost user ... ... will be away for a week or so until the issue has been cleared. I will start a thread at if someone feels like charing information on the progress. Christer
  13. Christer

    Java start and file download

    After posting the above I went back to the start page of the forums and it took a long time to load. It said to be connecting to (if I got it right). Christer
  14. I have never seen this before: When the forum main page opened, Java was launched and a file download started. I didn't give myself time to take notes on from where before I clicked to interrupt. What's up? Is this a new thing or related to the spam issue? Christer
  15. Christer

    Apparently "I in VIP club"?

    This is exactly why I never, ever use my main E-mail addy on any kind of forum, no matter how trustworthy the webmaster and moderators are. I received it on my secondary E-mail addy, became a little suspicious and will now mark it as spam as it has been confirmed to be. Christer