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  1. Intel ICHxR RAID Data Recovery 101 http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showthread.php?t=187723
  2. Thanks for sharing your experiences, Flash Gordon Is the degredation in performance linear and gradual? or is it sudden as soon as you fill a certain capacity (i.e. 80GB space)?
  3. poisondeathray

    Going SSD

    No. We need the early adopters to spend money so the rest of us mortals can eventually afford the goods While you are at it, why not wait until Nov. for Nehalem? Telstar please do a bunch of testing and report the results when you got this project going. I'd like to see some IOMETER testing along with the regular benches. Cheers
  4. poisondeathray

    Going SSD

    Just an FYI, the new controllers with Intel IOP348 1200MHz processor (e.g. Areca ARC-1680ix), perform worse than the older 1231ml model (with the 800MHz processor), at least with SSD's regarding STR (not sure about IOPS). This has been confirmed on several forums and the guys at DVNation
  5. poisondeathray

    Intel X25-M

    Extremetech has raid-0 testing. http://www.extremetech.com/article2/0,2845,2329593,00.asp They list P5Q Deluxe mobo (which is p45 chipset and has ICHR10), but say p965 chipset (ICHR8) so there is an error/typo somewhere... STR doesn't scale very well (as measured by HD TACH), but performance according to other benchmarks scales better. Another example why measuring STR is not particularly useful (unless your usage patterns are actually dependent on STR)
  6. poisondeathray


    A few things you might want to consider: -1 year warranty vs. 5 year -Unproven brand/source -Benchmarks not comparable (I've never heard of HDBench). There is data on SSD's with HDTune, HDTach, ATTO, not HDBench -No quantified access times (They mention 0.4ms, but...) -Only 18 available when I checked (so your dream of 24x might have to wait)
  7. poisondeathray

    Finally I got MTRON MOBI 32GB

    It's a nice drive, but if you would have waited a couple week or so the 2nd geneneration SSD's are coming out (actually if you live in the UK they are already out) - This probably means price drops for the current models, and better performance for newer models OCZ has released 2nd gen SSD (it's a rebadged Samsung) 32GB, 120MB/s read, 100MB/s write -MRSP $500 ($1099 for the 64GB) http://www.tgdaily.com/content/view/36441/135 (Note the listed one on Newegg is 1st generation, they won't be getting them for a few weeks yet) Cheers
  8. poisondeathray

    Spinpoint hard drive - External enclosure

    Your transfer rates will be limited by the USB bus to 30MB/s - so it doesn't matter what drive you choose from a performance standpoint. From a backup/reliability standpoint, it is advisable to get a drive with the best warranty. Seagate usually have 5 year, WD 3 year, Hitachi 3 year, not sure about Samsungs. If cost is a consideration, have a look around, and 500GB 7200rpm 16mb cache models can be found for <$99 Is there a reason why have you limited your choice to Samsung models?
  9. poisondeathray

    Is 1 GB/s sustained write possible?

    BrianS - Just curious what kind of applications/scenarios would you need 1GB/s write speeds? Can you tell or would you have to kill me ? Cheers
  10. poisondeathray

    weird stalling/behavior when moving files

    Sometimes when files are still being used, or are in memory, or accessed through the explorer shell, the transfer will act as you described. You have to exit all programs before moving files. You can download a free program called unlocker (google it) that can check folders to see if there are locking handles, and it can also unlock them As a good habit, you should always copy & paste, (not cut & paste) then delete the original folder/contents, or you might risk losing important data. Good luck
  11. poisondeathray

    Lost all my SMART values, please help!

    I'm not familiar with Spinrite, but you could download HDTune (free) and check the health tab for SMART values.
  12. poisondeathray

    Whats this a sign of

    Perhaps there is something wrong with your RAID-0 array? Is it a RAID card or Mobo based? Did this happen all of a sudden or since creation of the array? Just a guess, but what kind of antivirus/security suit are you using? Try disabling it for a second and see if that has any effect
  13. poisondeathray

    Just bought 2 Mtron's, got a few questions.

    MOBI's don't perform very well in a RAID-0 array (compared to MTRON PRO) 4x16GB MOBI RAID-0 (onboard) 680i Original post: http://www.ocforums.com/showpost.php?p=549...p;postcount=202
  14. poisondeathray

    Can any test program identify a 32 meg cache?

    Lavalys Everest is able to identify the cache of a HDD, in addition to a zillion other things about your system
  15. poisondeathray

    Very slow system

    Your HD Sandra scores look fine, but it wouldn't hurt to try a different SATA port (instead off the ICHR9, I don't know if the x38 DQ6 has a 2nd controller) I doubt memory is a problem (you usually get BSOD or not posting with memory problems), but try running some memory benchmarks or memtest to make sure If the slowdowns include more than just internet (like word, or acrobat, etc...), its probably not just the NIC causing problems You probably don't want to hear this, but you might want to try another clean install of the OS. Otherwise RMA...It's a newly released board with a spanking new chipset (X38) so all the bugs probably haven't been ironed out yet. Keep on checking BIOS updates (they usually release them 1/week since there are so many bugs on inital release)