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  1. my question is as far as external drives go is a 2.5" drive more reliable than a 3.5" someone said what seems to be dying on these external drives is the power adapter, so i thought if you get a 2.5" usb powered drive than is it more relaible than a 3.5" with a unknown quality power adapter? because after reading all the reviews for extrenal drives they seem to be dying alot which has to either do with the enclosure or the drive and drives should last a couple years but who knows when it comes to the external enclosure. either that or people don't realize how delicate a 3.5" drive is that was never made to be mobile (especially while on). but i seem to read reviews of people saying they died and they never moved them.
  2. ryan200

    Avoiding resonance: how?

    well if your like me a solid case wont fix it, the case will transfer the vibration to the floor (i dunno about carpet i have a wood floor). i have a 150gb raptor what i did is i bought the hard drive cooler/silencer from scythe. it worked better than i thought it would. i can't say if i believe it eliminated the vibration completely because my fans in my current set up are not as quiet as i would like. but it definitely helped quiet the drive. vibration inducing resonance as well as audible seeks. you still hear the seeks but they are much quieter. i actually leave the bay cover off in front of it and my exhaust fan pulls air over it helping to keep it relatively cool. but yeah much easier than worrying about the case just to find out the case just transfers the vibration to the floor. http://www.scythe-usa.com/product/hdd/006/...000_detail.html
  3. you stated your topic backwards thats why you are getting no replys you mean why is your 5400rpm faster than your 7200rpm drive if you keep doing this test several times does it always come up with the same results?
  4. his post actually has a lot of information if you take the time to pick through it his os is Mythbuntu a version of linux and it says both drives are runnnig at udma 2
  5. i currentlly have a usb 2.0 external enclosure and i dont know what chipset it hsa but i get around 23MB a sec i was wondering if there is some one who knows about one that is faster. win xp xp 2700 768mb ram a7n8x deluxe
  6. i thought performance is the same thing as fast you try the hitachi feature tool program? or hdd health to see what the current acoustic level is as a number?
  7. i would say spindle speed isnt gona matter as long as its fluid bearings except for the vibration aspect faster rpm more vibration that is if your hard drive does vibrate some drives have it some dont its a crap shoot
  8. what is your application for this drive? is performance is as important as quiteness the maxlines look as though they would be for things such as a media center pc
  9. i have the wd1200jb drive that you have the seeks are quiter than that of the diamond max 9 plus line but there is no idle noise (ie: high pitched whine from the bearings which gets worse over time) because the maxtors have fluid bearings in other words if this drive isnt seeking your not gona hear it. i have 3 diamond max 9 plus drives and each are a different size 80 120 160 and each are of different noise levels. i had sent back a 120 and the replacement vibrated a little more than my original 120 so it seems vibration is a crap shoot. plus the seeks are amlipfed through my cheap case i dont know how well rubber grommets work but i do know that suspending these maxtors drives works well in quiteing the seeks and vibration. i have mine suspened by rubber inner tube strips thread though slots in my drive cage. i wouldn't sit the drive flat on foam because it will get hotter than maxtors recommended highest temperature expecially with activity. unless you sit it on one piece of foam and aim a fan at it (i would assume). i am going for a as quiet as can be pc. vibration shouldnt be as prevalant in better cases. i wasnt listening to just the drive vibration in the case but the drive vibrating my case vibrating my desk. and as for feet on your case dont bother i havent found any that would stop the vibration being transfered from my case to my desk its just easiest to suspend the drive and be rid of the seeks and drive vibration being transfered to your case and/or desk
  10. well althoguh i am getting offtopic i as well have problems with asus i recommended my friend to buy one from newegg and he gets sent two bad boards either asus doesnt care about there value boards or newegg is sending boards to people that are returns i wish i knew who was at fault some one needs to get in trouble and stop the nonsense.
  11. i was considering buying a 7k250 hitachi drive and dont like surprises so i was wondering whats up with the meow noise how loud is it, any one have a audio clip so us non owners can know what to expect before we buy one. why does it happen? i curentlly have a maxtor diamond max plus 9 which are fdb and that is quiet enough for me. i care much less about seek noise than i do idle noise or any constant noise which fdb has solved unless there is something else contributing to the low noise of this drive? i know for some reason everyone recomends the samsung but if that would perfom slower than the diamond max plus 9 then it is not even worth buying a new drive. i think my drive is slow i remember my d740x performing better in real world common use desktop applications.
  12. ryan200

    Defraging Woes

    memory mangment programs stink they just throw whats not being used to the hard drive more agressivlly than windows does dont use them buy more ram let that be a lesson to all who get caught up in the marketing jumbo windows 98 sucks with memory anyway you want system resources low i will give you system resources low just open up 34 differnet browser windows, photoshop, couple word documents. then you can whine about ur resources being low windows. i am sorry i hate windows 9x the same thing you have to do for just about any problem with windows 98 reformat actually why dont you try a different defraging program like diskeeper. your sure your not in any way using your drive btwn these multiple defrags and no other program is using it without your knowledge because if you d: still defrags fine thats what i would say is the problem. that is unless your drive has bad sectors and didnt figure out on its own that they are bad and is writing to them i like to run scandisk b4 defraging and everyonce and a while i run a through scan
  13. ryan200

    Personal Review Of The 2001fp Dell Monitor

    unless i read into what you said incorecttly and dont know what your trying to say
  14. ryan200

    Personal Review Of The 2001fp Dell Monitor

    It doesn't make very much sense. Needless to say you shouldn't believe everything you hear or read. I suppose your suggestion might be a possibility, but, as I said, the nature of RAMDACs which power all analog monitor interfaces, and the nature of DVI pretty much preclude any such idea. Do well. Jonathan Guilbault. yes but what does the ramdac have to do with a progam that is set to a certain refresh rate? it has no choice but to comply and control the refresh rate and if the monitor displays it or not is the monitors problem. assumeing a program doesnt check to see if your monitor can display a refresh rate on such a proprietary thing as a sun am i right? do i not put up a good argument?
  15. ryan200

    Personal Review Of The 2001fp Dell Monitor

    and the world isnt built around windows a large part is i give you that. but not all of it sun's u can get an adapter and use a normal vga monitor but they use all sorts of crazy resolutions and refresh rates