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  1. Looks like you can get the drive directly from WD online store. At least they say it is now in stock. WD info page for new Raptor
  2. infirm

    WD Raptor

    Beyond the performance data you can get here at storagereview on the raptor models you might also check out the raprtor elevaluationfound in an article on the larger raptor posted at silentpcreview. Pretty interesting findings suggesting it is pretty quiet( only a little louder than their favorite reference unit.
  3. Another country heard from..... Any thoughts or comments on this new article posted by GamePC comparing the 74 gig versions of each hardrive? Single page link to piece below. GamePC Review Raptor WD740 vs Cheetah X15.3
  4. infirm

    In The Market For A 21" Crt

    For what it is worth I too have been searching for a good 21/22 inch CRT. Here is the thread at Arstechnica Openforum A/V section that reflects what I have heard to date regarding several of the monitors mentioned in this thread. recent CRT thread at Arstechnica I am interested in what the StorageReview community members prefer as well.