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  1. I respectfully disagree with some of your response. You don't need a temp sensor, at least for my 2008, I just use the one I have OWC sells a NewerTech AdaptaDrive bracket that works great for $15 I have a mx100 installed now and there is a whole thread on the crucial website how they are not compatible with TRIM. People are waiting for a firmware update. Is a Evo 850 safe to use? Does any manufacturer make a firmware update that runs under Mac OS? Whatever drive I purchase, I would like to buy one that has a way to upgrade the firmware in Mac OS without having to strip the drive out of the computer, which is not a benign thing in a 2008 iMac
  2. I know very little about Mac's, but inherited a 2008 iMac from a coworker with a dead drive. I've got the thing up and running with an old drive. I want to put a new SSD in it with about 500gb of storage. Does anyone make software than runs under Mac OS that will update the firmware if needed? Any suggestions for a drive that is compatible with TRIM? I have read the Crucial and Samsung drives have problems (they are usually my go to drives!) Thank you in Advance
  3. rallycobra

    845e Chipset W/ 800mhz P4 Canterwood?

    As long as you can get the agp/pci near 66/33, it will be fine. You probably will have to update you bios to get hyperthreading support.
  4. rallycobra

    200gb Hdd Vs Raptor 36gb For Os

    Get a new 80gig deskstar, and put your O/S on it for $80. I doubt you would notice a difference between that and a Raptor
  5. rallycobra

    $300 For New Raptor? Crazy!

    There is an obvious difference between an X5 and an Explorer. Acutally, I'm getting an XC90 Volvo... I don't know if I would be able to tell a difference for home use and gaming between the two drives. The new Hitachi seems as fast as the 1st gen raptor. I wonder if people bragging about their Raptors could tell the difference between two identical machines, the only difference being the drives, in day to day use. I don't mind spending the extra $$ for something that is faster, but I would feel very foolish to pay more than triple for something that is not unnoticeable. Just food for thought. From the Deskstar review on the site: The Deskstar 7K250 achieves an SR Office DriveMark 2002 of 459 I/Os per second, the first significant improvement in 7200 RPM performance in over a year. Hitachi easily bests Western Digital's Caviar by a 10% margin and comes within 5% of WD's 10,000 RPM Raptor Finally, in the SR Gaming DriveMark, the Hitachi again opens up a commanding lead over the competition and even matches the Raptor's score Just reread the scores on the preview. Looks like the new Raptor is significantly faster than the old one. I think the new Hitachi is as fast as the old Raptor for home use. The new 74gig Raptor may be noticeably faster.
  6. rallycobra

    $300 For New Raptor? Crazy!

    I was going to plunk down for the 74GB Raptor, but you can get the new Hitachi 7K250 80 gig for $83 shipped!! I doubt I would even notice the speed difference in my home XP box. Only disadvantage I see is a 3 vs 5 yr warranty, but I never keep drives more than a couple of years anyway. I can't see over a 3x cost for a possible 10%-15% improvement in speed. It's like that Intel EE P4. CRAZY!