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    Law To Ban Gmail!?

    Like you said, we just accept the intrusion like <insert metaphor here> The Government of Ontario owns 87% of all the land in the province. 87%! If that is not an intrusion, I don't know what is. I can't believe we still have to pay taxes. Its like giving your kid 90% of your company and then paying him an allowance. Utterly beyond all comprehension. We in Canada seem to believe that if private industry can perform a task, the government can do it for 10x the price, and for some reason we accept that bargain. Speaking of ludicrous legislation, thank goodness they cancelled the Ontario "Fat-Tax" the other day. They were going to put a 4% tax on all fast food to "encourage healthy eating." Like the 100% tax on cigarettes has encouraged smokers to quit. All it's done is make the poor smokers really poor, and the rich smokers irritated.
  2. Playerslight77


    After performing my own exhaustive research on the subject I concur with Frank's findings. I would add that--in addition to contacting on an angle--it seems to work best when the stream is aimed about 2 inches inwards of the urinal corner. This causes the stream to hit on an angle, swoosh around the 90 degree bend, and flow harmlessly into the bowl below. In addition, say after 4 cups of coffee, a very forceful stream may still cause some spashback, and aiming near the corner causes the droplets to hit the corner, as opposed to your hands or pants. Just my $0.02.
  3. Playerslight77

    First "mad Cow" Found In Washington

    The Farmland National Beef Packing company in Kansas City slaughters 9000 head of cattle a day in their two plants. IBP slaughters almost 40000 head a day in their 13 plants. The loss of 450 cattle is just a drop in the bucket. It wouldn't even make for a slow day at any one of these slaughterhouses.
  4. Playerslight77

    Dead Hitachi

    <Running for cover....>
  5. Playerslight77

    I'm Looking For A Good Lcd

    The first thing I did when I saw this thread was scroll down to find honold's response. Dell should at least send you a hat or tshirt for all your efforts
  6. Playerslight77

    Slowing Down A Harddrive

    The last drive I had with the clunk of death I accessed from linux. If you or a buddy has a computer with linux installed and the drive still spins up, you might be able to mount it and glean a bit more info off of it than windows xp will let you. I don't know how or why this works, but XP wouldn't recognize my drive and linux still gleaned about 15 more gigs off of it before it wouldn't even spin up anymore. Maybe I don't know enough about XP to "tweak" it to recognize a failing drive. I am sure there are other on this forum with more expertise in that area. BTW the linux and xp were on the same system in different partitions so it wasn't because I accessed the drive from a different computer. Just my $0.02
  7. Playerslight77

    Pentium Pro-blems Redux

    Mmmmmmm Megacluster supercomputers.... Drool................... Well, I can take refuge in the fact that I am not aroused by fast computers. Yet.
  8. Playerslight77

    Good Dvd Burner Reviews/ recommendations?

    Another vote for the GSA 4040B. About $155 CDN at Installed it in a relatives computer, and after the A301 firmware upgrade it worked fine. Got a pretty good review at Toms hardware as well, for whatever thats worth.
  9. Playerslight77

    First "mad Cow" Found In Washington

    /begin rant Researchers are trying to link BSE with Variant Creutzfeldt-Jakob Disease (vCJD), not CJD itself. CJD is relatively common but vCJD is very rare. They have found a causative link between the two and think they might use the same transmission mechanism. Remember, causative link are like saying that "killing turkeys causes winter." We know that vCJD and BSE are transmitted from one organism to another in a similar fashion, so it might be due to the same prion. Now this may or may not be true, its just their hypothesis right now. Even if it is true, there has been no evidence of this prion in any meat of infected animals, just in nervous tissue. So if your worried, stop eating cow brains and spinal cords. There are removed in canada during slaughter anyways, so its not really a concern. As for the worry about how many people have been killed by BSE in Canada or the USA, the answer is none. Zero. And even if that number increases by 1000% it will still be ZERO. How many people have been made sick or killed over the holidays by food safety outbreaks? Thousands. Millions. Perhaps the money spent on BSE so far would be far better spent increasing the safety of cooked foods. Teaching people how to properly handle dangerous chicken, beef, and pork when they get it home from the slaughterhouse. Installing $1.00 thermometers in everyones refridgerator. /end rant
  10. Playerslight77

    First "mad Cow" Found In Washington

    The rest of them went bankrupt. The only farmer who did well with the BSE fiasco was the one who reported the mad cow in the first place. He was paid by the Canadian government to slaughter his cows. The rest of them had to do it for free.
  11. Playerslight77

    Environmental Concerns Destroyed Columbia?

    Although I don't do any research that uses rats, I know a few researchers that do. Rats and mice are used because they can provide useful answers to human medical problems. They are similar biologically to humans and react in the same ways to different drugs as humans. They are also easy to handle and cheap to breed (I guess some humans are too ). They have also been used for many years, and therefore the volume of literature that supports this claim is quite large. APS FAQ We also depend quite heavily on the fruit fly, but no one seems to be complaining about that. "Save the Fruit Fly" is rarely a slogan I see splashed across a protesters placard. What places fruit flies lower on the totem pole than mice, rats, dogs, or humans? Just cause they aren't cute and furry? Bah, its just a value judgement then, and open to some sort of philisophical debate. I totally agree with you jtr. Its even more ominous to me that people are naturally skeptical of producer and industrial organizations that say they are doing nothing wrong, but those same people will blindly accept the drivel that oozes from PETA and GP because they are operating on behalf of the environment. We must make the distinction between environmentalists and eco-terrorists here. Environmental groups rely on funding that will dry up if they say that the world is getting better. So their motivation is that "the sky is falling" and they promote that idea whenever they can. As to the argument about global warming I gotta say that we just don't know enough about climatology to make that claim yet. The global climate works in cycles of thousands of years...examining it in terms of a decade is just silly. If you don't believe me, take a look at this link: Global Cooling Thirty years ago we were worried about Global Cooling! We just don't have a body of historical data big enough to compare today's temperatures with historical ones to analyze and determine that the world is any different today than it was two thousand or twenty thousand years ago.
  12. Playerslight77

    Toronto Hitachi Sales Outlet?

    I agree that most of their stuff is shipped from their American warehouse, but they did just open an outlet store in Markham. Hope the hitachi is worth the hassle New Retail Store
  13. I remember using but it doesn't seem to be working. Either that or I forget the correct url Hope these help.
  14. Playerslight77

    Toronto Hitachi Sales Outlet? 171 Esna Park Drive Markham, Ontario L3R 4J1 That seems pretty local to me I usually get my stuff from NCIX (and I live just west of T.O.). It takes longer to get it, but the prices are a bit cheaper and there is no Ontario sales tax
  15. Playerslight77

    Dumb And Powerpoint Dumber

    This thread reminded me of an old dilbert cartoon. I use powerpoint a fair bit and I hate it. I am thinking of using a new program in my next presentation: Serious Magic Visual Communicator