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  1. If the drives are Seagate, you can use Seagate's SeaTools. It is available from their website. There are different levels of tests you can run. Everything from a quick SMART check to a full disk read/write test.
  2. kwarner

    most reliable hard drive?

    Well that's why we gotta get that reliability database going again. Everybody tell your friends to come over here and enter their hard drives into the database so we can have some real info. As to Maxtor being bad, I have an opposing useless anecdote. My daughter's PC has an 8 year old 80 GB Maxtor in it still going whiny but strong. It's on every day either playing music or watching YouTube videos. I bought a replacement Maxtor 3 years ago on sale so I could have it ready to swap in. Got tired of waiting after a couple of years so finally put the spare in an extra machine to play with different Linux installations.
  3. kwarner

    reliability database

    Same question. Wanted to add mine to database, but can't find it. Is there a way to manually add ST3320620AS to the survey (I'm new here)? Ok, similar question. How does one get a model added to the database? I picked up a cheapo 200GB Maxtor from Fry's a little over a year ago. Label says it is a DiamondMax 21, 6A200V0 or STM3200820A. Where should I enter it in the database?
  4. kwarner

    Seagate 7200.9 80GB 3.AAE

    Update: Well after a second drive started having startup problems, I started looking for a common problem that was not the disk drives. I swapped out the IDE cable, poked the motherboard connectors, then finally measured the power supply voltages. Whoa. My supply was measuring only 4.5V on the 5V line at cold start. After a couple of minutes, it drifted up to 4.7V. I've never seen that before. But after swapping out the power supply, an Antec Truepower that came with the Sonata case that I have, everything worked fine. The Seagate disk was already on the way back to Seagate when I figured out the problem. So what does Seagate do when they discover nothing wrong with a returned disk? Will they send it back?
  5. kwarner

    Seagate 7200.9 80GB 3.AAE

    Any more to this story? I have a Seagate 7200.7 that has recently started to exhibit similar problems. Mine is also making "beeping" sounds at startup (or that's what it sounds like). I don't know if they are cal passes or what. After the drive warms up, the drive is fine. I'm getting ready to send my drive back under warranty ( they apparently gave me a 6 year warranty according to their database). What is spooky now is that an old Maxtor is starting to make funny sounds at cold boot too. I just got a blue screen on WinXP bootup yesterday morning. I'm beginning to run out of disk drives.
  6. kwarner

    Maxtor DiamondMax Plus 9

    Too add my experiences, I just had a 120GB drive fail with a bunch of bad sectors or something that the drive could not work around. The drive was purchased in February. I went for the "advanced" replacement option. I received a rebuilt drive from Maxtor. To make me feel better though, it is a 160 GB drive. From all the numbers on the case, it is a 80GB, 2 platter drive. It was rebuilt in October. This is the first time I've had a drive fail in the middle of its life like that. I've had defective on arrival and failures after 5 years. But this is the first time in the middle. Judging from the survey, this model drive has reliability problems.