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    Enterprise OS managment

    It isn't the time spent that I'm most concerned about, it's the leve of difficulty involved in those three days. I'm at the point where I totally fear any change to production because each one requires a script-foo masterpiece written. This is for something mundane like updating a CA certificate on an apache server. Frank I've felt your pain with cfengine, though I certainly do not manage nearly as many systems as you do (around 100, actually). I've moved most of my systems to use Puppet (, and I can say that I'm quite glad that I did. It will take you a fair bit of time upfront to get things to the state you desire, but changes are trivial and if you can create 'classes' of systems it's much easier yet. There are also a couple of Red Hat employees (though ones that work mostly on the Fedora project) working with it fairly extensively. And no, I have no affiliation with the guy/company who wrote Puppet other than being a happy user of the (GPLv2 licensed) software.
  2. Marquis

    LAN switch for VOIP

    How do you intend to power the phones? Are you going to use PoE in some fashion (either native PoE switches, or power injectors)? If so, then you might as well get some good switches with PoE built in. If you hadn't planned on using PoE, then perhaps you might want to. Phones are a service that is expected to work pretty much at all times, and having a PoE switch on a UPS with decent runtime will at least give the illusion that phone service is survivable post power loss. You also want to make sure you have at least one POTS line and phone available for E911 reasons (liability is a concern here). Personally, I would vote for good switches with QoS capability since you plan on sharing a single ethernet connection with the PCs. I have seen issues where a single connection was shared and no QoS was available/configured. If I might ask, what kind of IP telephony solution is the vendor offering? What phones?
  3. I am seriously thinking about returning this thing. Aside from the issue of not being able to backup the config, the embedded webserver violates the HTML and HTTP specs enough to be a nuisance now and possibly a serious problem later. One example: It does not set a Content-Type header on HTML content. It also passes the admin password over the network in such a way that it's pretty clear the designers of this thing don't understand the meaning of the word "security." It's almost worse than HTTP Basic auth in that they probably think that what they're doing is secure. Any suggestions for a competing unit with the same basic feature set, under US$500? 206747[/snapback] I can't honestly offer any suggestions for a similarly-priced switch with that feature set, but I too find it ridiculous that there is no provision for configuration backup. It's not exactly rocket-science, for crying out loud. I also just noticed that the switch only has a web interface with no CLI. That's the most terrible thing I can imagine. If I end up in hell when I die, I will be forced to manage a network of switches with no CLI...
  4. Not to hijack the thread, but what gear were you testing where FCIP wasn't stable? I've been testing a pair of Cisco MDS9216i's doing FICON intermix over an FCIP PortChannel and they've worked perfectly throughout.
  5. Marquis

    Recovering from a controller failure

    I haven't used any Areca controllers myself, but in preparation for potentially building a large array with one I have perused the documentation and they appear to support exactly what you're saying.
  6. Marquis

    Get Perpendicular!

    That's just plain disturbing.
  7. You mean there are such people?!?!? I can think of a least a dozen ways off the top of my head to better spend $55K.
  8. Yes, but I AM pedantic. Mostly though, I just prefer to call things by their correct names.
  9. As already mentioned, there is no such thing as an 80-pin IDE cable, just an 80-wire. But I, like you, run across WAY too many people who don't know the difference. Maybe I'm just pedantic, but these kind of things kill me. I also can't stand it when people call DVD-R discs "DVD minus R".
  10. Marquis

    Enterprise spyware application(s)

    Yes, but this vulnerability is easily remedied in FireFox. In fact, my Firefox both here at work and at home already have IDNs disabled. Problem solved, the end. They'll patch it when they come up with the right solution. In the mean time, it's not really a problem (unlike the various still-existing ActiveX and other flaws in IE).
  11. Marquis

    Locating A Rogue PC

    What kind of gear do you have, and what is the IP and MAC address that you're seeing?
  12. Marquis

    Hand or battery?

    I don't build multiple systems in a day anymore (I think the last time I built 2 or more was at least 5 years ago), but even when I did I always used the trusty Craftsman #2 philips that I've had for eons. I kind of think of using power screwdrivers on computer hardware like using a soldering gun for electronics. It just doesn't belong, and you're liable to break something. It's hard to get the feel for the correct tightness when you aren't doing it by hand.
  13. Marquis

    Doom 3 Gold!

    Damn you know my girfriend! Holy crap, you're dating my wife!
  14. Marquis

    Simple File Sharing

    You're right, it cannot be disabled in XP Home.
  15. Marquis

    Qnx Query (i'm Goddamned Frustrated!)

    In my experience, QNX on a desktop has been less than stellar. However, I don't believe that QNX has ever been intended to be a Windows replacement. In my mind, it's used as a development tool for applications that are destined for embedded QNX installs. Which brings me to another point: While you may see QNX on many small embedded systems, my guess is those particular OS installs don't have the window manager and all the tools that come with the desktop release. OK, no guessing required, all embedded OSes are as stripped down as possible to maximize performance/minimize hardware requirements. Also, honold has a good point in that RTOSes have specific scheduling requirements that generally preclude desktop usage scenarios but are excellent when predictable response is required.