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  1. Masetto

    Western Digital Caviar WD800JB

    Great article! I have been using this drive for close to a month in my gaming rig. Let me just say that I have been HAMMERING on this drive at least 12 hrs a day with SOF2 Multiplayer, Morrowind,( my nephew pLays when I am at work) and MOHAA. It is nice to see benchmark results resounding what I already know about the great performance of this drive. What more can you say? like many other great choices out there, if you a shopping for 80GB solution right now, grab this sucker. when will the working version of the Data Lifeguard for WD drives be available for XP"? anyone? is there another set that is comparable?
  2. Masetto


    Received my new WD800JB in the mail yesterday. Let me say that this is one Zippy drive. Windows XP installation went relatively quick with a drive of this size. I had been formerly using a Maxtor 30 gig, and I must say games and apps have a bit more punch than they used to. It's not night and day, mind you, but the upgrade was worth it. I haven't run any benchmarks yet, but I have noticed increased performance in office 2000 as well as a few games like tiger woods 2002 and Medal of honor. if the 1200jb is not your style I strongly suggest you aquire this drive right away. It is the fastest 7200 I have ever owned. Bravo! :!:
  3. Masetto

    WD800JB is now on WD's site

    I'm getting one UPS today. How are those benchmarks? :?:
  4. Masetto

    Western Digital Caviar WD1200JB

    I have just ordered the new WD800JB (the 1200's little brother) Any suggestions on how the different platter sizes will affect performance, as the technical specs are identical. I didn't want to go with the 1200 because I didn't need a drive that large. When do you expect to get a review out with real world benches? thanks!