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  1. It does -not- fix the problem as others have pointed out. I tried it on 2 different machines and had almost identical results pre-SP1 and post-SP1.
  2. Well, if I get bored this weekend, I may install W2K on another partition just to compare the performance.
  3. NFS4 - That's pretty much identical to what I get with my 10K drives.
  4. A couple of people in this thread tried it and reported nofix.
  5. Well, I've been following this thread and noticed that I don't have the hideous performance that some are having. I was wondering if it was because I recently installed the release candidate of the new XP drivers from Adaptec and thinking that maybe they took it upon themselves to fix the problem. What I did was repartition/format/install XP onto my X15-36LP w/Adaptec 29160 and benchmark every step of the way - before any windows updates, after them, after installing the new Adaptec driver, etc. All results were the same which look pretty good to me, at least for the larger transfers. I do have my 29160 in a 64-bit (33Mhz) slot if that makes a difference. Tyan Tiger S2460 Dual 1800+MP 1GB RAM Adaptec 29160 1 X15-36LP 4 10K Cheetahs (don't remember model # offhand)