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    Hi everyone, I was doing a reboot last night, and upon log-in, windows gave me a message saying that my computer has no page file or insufficient page file size. I check both of my hard drives and windows reports them as having 0k in size, i double click on both the drive and a message shows saying i was denied access... am i screwed and need to reformat ? my system goes as follows: winxp pro (most updated) p3 @ 1ghz 512 megs of ram ati 9700pro cl audigy ethernet controller tekram u160 controller x15-36lp wd120jb
  2. gku929

    Sanyo BP5 vs. Yamaha CRW3200SZ

    much thanks i just placed an order for the yamaha drive hope i chose the right one
  3. gku929

    Sanyo BP5 vs. Yamaha CRW3200SZ

    awww come on guys .... someone here should know right ? i know i know .... it's prob. a newbie q....
  4. Both drives are 24x, scsi (3200sz is u160, don't know about the bp5), internal.... yet the 3200sz is about $100 more than the bp5. can anyone give me some advice or point me to some reviews of both drives? (if you currently own the drives, please share your experiences) Thanks in advance!! regards
  5. Did a few research on my own regarding Sanyo's cdr 32x chipset. Supposedly it came out last year (Oct, 2001). Yet sources (www.cdfreaks.com) say that the new chipset will debut in Nov, 2001. It's now Apr. 2002. What's going on ?
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    Water Cooling

    www.cpufx.com www.overclockershideout.com <--- not sure about the url
  7. so what is the drive's performance when compared to scsi drives ?
  8. So what's with the SCSI converter ? I really don't know much about it.
  9. just looked at the lite-on website. but the company website doesn't categorize their products by date, so i don't know which one is newer... need help on that. while looking at their website, i've noticed that they only have one scsi-III cd-r, yet w/o all the "burn-proof" technology that their ide drives have, what's with that ?
  10. what about the asus 32x drives? read on tomshardware that it does overburnining ?
  11. Hi all, My cd-r drive just went poop on me (Plexwriter 12/4/32) ... I've tried updating the firmware, but nothing seems to work. Just five minutes ago, Win2k just stopped recognizing the drive as part of the system. So now I'm in desperate need for a cd-r drive! Please help me choose the best (fastest) there is ... preferrably scsi as my system is all scsi at the moment and I would like to keep it that way. Thanks in advance. george