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    Intel ICH9R RAID-5 3x 1TB harddrives problem

    Did you try with different SATA cables? The ones that comes with this mobe are quite shitty.
  2. I have two WD4000YR´s inside a Shuttle box running as backup drives (non-raid) with no problems.... almost from the day they came out. Awesome HDDs IMO.
  3. Ultra Nexus

    What HDD would you buy today?

    I would try the WD RE2, which I actually ordered two of them
  4. Ultra Nexus

    7200.7 Martians?

    I also have a 200Gb Ide 7200.7 drive and it also makes that noise.... I was worried from the beginning but I figured was some kind of fail detect mecanism so I just live with it... not a big issue anyway as long as its a normal behaviour.
  5. Hello! Anybody knows if its marked somehow or it states clearly that its a recertified/refurbished drive? I ask because I dont want to buy a refurb drive that its being sold as a new drive. Any feedback on this will be very appreciated. Thanks!
  6. ... the WD1200BB? The only difference is the cache or the expensier JB drive is better built (more reliable) than the BB version? Thanks for any feedback on this!
  7. Ultra Nexus

    5400 RPM Drives

    I am too looking for 5400rpm drives but not as large as that. Anyway these drives are becoming very hard to find since there are 7200rpm junk drives everywhere... :x
  8. Ultra Nexus

    Adaptec SCSI & High FSB

    I have a 8k5a2+ KT333 Epox board
  9. Ultra Nexus

    Adaptec SCSI & High FSB

    Hey there! Since I`m a newbie in SCSI grounds, can anybody tell me if overall adaptec`s scsi interfaces do/dont like high fsb? I`m using a 19160 scsi card and I`d like to use a 400mhz FSB in my epox board, but I dont want to corrupt any data in my maxtor atlas drive nor damage the card. Any thoughts? Thanks!
  10. Hey there! Does anyone have this piece of hardware? If so... whats your experience with it? I`m looking for reliability and long term use on this one. Can I expect it from this external drive? Thanks for your feedback!
  11. Ultra Nexus

    Adaptec 19160 & Windows 2000 Server

    I have a different problem, when installing any version of Windows 2000... I do press the F6 key and then it reads the files from my Zip (as A:) but when I select the 19160 driver for Win2k appears an error message on the driver.sys file and it wont load... Damn windows that doesnt come with native drivers... BTW, I`m installing a Win2k with embedded SP3.
  12. Hello there! I just bought a Maxtor Atlas 10k III for a real bargain... and I suspect its a refurb drive but I really cant and dunno how to be 100% sure about this. What I have done is check the s/n in the Maxtor web site and it says that this drive has waranty up to 2007. I`ve checked for "Refurb" or "Factory test aproved" or something, and there is none... The drive doesnt present any signs of use whatsoever (it seems to be a new drive). Its working nice too, but I`d like to know if there is a way of checking if its refurbished by software or some other trick. Any feedback is very appreciated!!!! Thank you very much Nex.
  13. Hey there! I`m wondering... are all this drives built on Quantum`s cases? Or just the early ones? Cause I`d like to buy one but dont wont to get a "early" one.... BTW, where can I check the drive`s firmware by just looking at it? Thanks for your feedback Cya!
  14. Hey there!!! I`d like to buy a scsi maxtor drive, but I`m from south america... does anyone know if they ship here or what? Or maybe someone knows of another e-store that does ship international? Thanks!
  15. Ultra Nexus

    WD400JB anyone?

    Its not like the one pictured at 800JB`s review???? BTW, does the WD400JB have 40gb plates? Cause at WD`s site it says that it has 2 fisical heads (so if 20gb per side) then it should, right? Thanks for the feedback