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  1. It should be available for data input now... sorry about the problem guys. Thanks, it's now included in the database. However, iirc it is already available since Q2 2005.
  2. Is it just me or is it still not possible to add the Hitachi T7K250 to the reliability survey? At least after the review I would have expected this to work - especially as it seems to be a popular drive.
  3. What makes you think so? Only because of the higher density? Do you still prefer the good old 20 MB HDDs? Is your statement based on some reliable tests and reviews or is it just a guess?
  4. I have just received an answer from Seagate saying that the drive wont be available in Europe before February 2004!
  5. Well, I would say that depends on where you live. I have already seen it in some webshops but I don't know if they already had it in stock. I am interested in this drive, too. Especially in the native command queing. Has anybody already seen a review of that drive? Any plans @ SR? I am thinking about buying this drive, too, but I guess that it will take a week or two until they are available in Austria or Germany. I have already asked Seagate about this matter but I am still waiting for their answer...
  6. ston3y

    DVD +R/RW or DVD-R/RW?

    My DVD writer is also a dual format model, but I don't base my decision on which format to use on such global considerations. I think these differneces are rather negligable. For me it's more important which media work better with my DVD-Players (and the ones of my family and friends) and even more importantly which are better for my burner. Since I am owning a Lite-On - and Lite-On initially produced only +R(W) drives - it is just logical that it works better with those media. Furthermore nowadays only +R support 8x writing - so as you can guess it's an easy choice for me.