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  1. Thankyou- just bought one based on this post and reviews At this time I don't think SAS would be faster for a single user based on the reviews.
  2. I was not looking for a SSD- the Hyperdrive SSD is the fastest SSD!
  3. Most Hardware Review websites do not have the resources to review and compare every Hard Drive. Most websites will not review every Brand. Just wondering in your opinion- Which is the fastest Single User 2.5" Hard Drive?
  4. Is the 2.5" Hard Drive SAS interface the SAME as the 2.5" SATA Hard Drive interface? I have a SAS rack that will hold (8) removable 2.5" SAS drives. I am wondering if I can put 2.5" SATA drives in the SAS rack?
  5. starman

    How to tell a phony Intel Processor?

    I paid $295 for it. Obviously the Seller lied when he said that he "opened the box to verify the processor"- You can see the processor thru the plastic from the outside of the box without having to open the box. Due to my inexperience, I did not know the processors were packaged this way until I received it. It's time to contact PayPal!
  6. I purchased an E6600 Intel processor on ebay. The Seller said he only opened the retail box to verify the presence of the processor. The Seller also said the 3 year warranty was still valid. The batch number on the retail box is different than the batch number on the processor. Additionally there appears to be marks on the processor indicating a CPU cooler had been placed on it. I have not installed it. Did I get ripped off?
  7. When are they going to create a 80 pin to SAS adapter so that I can use my SCA drives on a SAS controller?
  8. And they tied into the Southbridge. At that point the Southbridge became the "bottleneck" until the Southbridge ICH7 revision. Am I right in the way I interpreted the Southbridge bandwidth at various revisions?
  9. To ERROR is human, To really FOUL things up you need a COMPUTER!
  10. Perhaps so, but could the Storage Devices function at their maximum bandwidths without being "bottlenecked" by a chipset or a bus?
  11. It depends on the actual implementation of the chipset and mainboard. Most current ATA (include SATA)controllers are built into the southbridge which bypasses the limitations of the PCI bus (They connect direct to the link that connects the southbridge to the northbridge). (From about the i8xx chipset this has been true). If however your using an add-in controller card then, yes it still is limited by the PCI bus. Most onboard SCSI controllers are still tied to the PCI bus, but then again I haven't seen a normal desktop board with an onboard SCSI controller still ASUS released the P2B-S. Server/Workstation boards generally tie the onboard SCSI controller to the PCI-X bus, so bandwidth isn't a problem. I researched what you said, but (correct me if I'm wrong) it was not until the southbridge ICH7 revision that the bandwidth problem went away (about 9 or 10 months ago).
  12. I phrased everything wrong. In the past the PCI bus was the bottleneck for Hard Drive burst speed. Do the lastest crop of regular desktop motherboards still have that bottleneck problem? And do Motherboard Hard Drive connectors still tie into the PCI bus?
  13. Hello, Just wondering if the theoretical Hard Drive throughput has increased with the newest Motherboard Buses?