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    Ibm Gxp Fiasco Secrets Revealed !

    This news is old news yet people keep buying "Hitachi"!!! What, no one learned from the Deskstars? Like my father always says, "Half of us are below average!" Stick me once, shame on you. Stick me twice, shame on me.
  2. westcott

    Hard Drive Problem

    P.S. I have a Pentium II 300 LX using a Promise 133 and a dying IBM\Hitachi Deathstar using ATA100. Makes an old machine come to life relatively speaking.
  3. westcott

    Hard Drive Problem

    I agree with Sivar, a new controller card would be cost effective and fairly painless.
  4. westcott

    I'm Looking For A Good Lcd

    I think it would help if we new what you were planning on using the monitor for most of the time. Larger monitors still have some contrast and response time issues in games that you should be aware of before deciding on size of lcd and whether or not to wait.
  5. Correction, they sold two thirds interest. They still own a part of the Hitachi drive division.
  6. It is easy to justify. I bought several IBM\Hitachi Deskstars in the past and they all failed miserably. To add salt to the wound, they have watered down their warranties and have no interest in making it right with all those with failed drives. I guess that is why there is a class action suit against IBM and that is why in their marketing wisdom sold to Hitachi, hoping the average dumb as* would not know the difference. They would not get another penny of mine no matter what they cost!!!!!
  7. SATA is nothing more than an interface. The desktop drives have been lumped with desktop drives and the Raptors are targeted at the NAS/server market, thus the Raptors should be placed with the 10K SCSI drives. I guess it does not matter anyway. IDE days seem numbered although I sure would lke a SATA CDROM. I have really enjoyed not having flat cables and their connectors cluttering my case.
  8. westcott

    Raptor Troubles?

    Danger!!!!!!! Will Robinson.............................
  9. westcott

    Onboard Sata Vs. Pci Sata Controller

    Here is a review of 4 channel solutions. This is a complete change from the reviews I have seen for on board SATA performance. I agree, the ICH5 solution is the best on board solution for Pentium, Silicon Image is probably the best for Athlon XP onboard. http://www.gamepc.com/labs/view_content.as...compare&page=12 Hope this helps.
  10. I have to agree with you. You must have a lemon. My 36gb is quiet, I can only imagine how quiet the 74gb is when operating properly.
  11. westcott

    Sata Array

    I would go with a Silicon Image solution. They seem to be the top dogs right now, desktop performance wise.
  12. Storage Review really needs to add another category for SATA although I take it as a passive compliment that SR has lumped the Raptors together with the 10K rpm SCSI drives.
  13. westcott

    Upgrading Dilemma..............

    I would have to agree with your train of thought. Get the WD 36GB Raptor, Silicon Image Controller card, and a matching stick of memory. You can always find a use for the memory in a dual channel board and go Raid with the Raptor if you are so inclined later on.
  14. westcott

    Connecting Two Computers Together.

    What Windows operating systems support this type of connection setup?
  15. I would like to operate two machines sharing a (1) ps2 mouse, (1) ps2 keyboard, (1) VGA Monitor, and (1) USB Cable Modem. I have found a couple of units that have USB outputs but no input. Any user suggestions. I have an old analog switch but the picture quality was terrible. I have to assume the newer quality units have taken care of such problems. Thanks
  16. westcott

    Need Kvm Recommendations!

    This aritcle does not show it but these units only have USB outputs, no inputs. You can not share anything other than usb keyboard and mouse.
  17. westcott

    Need Kvm Recommendations!

    Thanks a lot for your response. I wanted to ask before I started plugging away. My monitor has a built in USB hub with dual inputs and three outputs. If there was a voltage issue plugging two computers into one hub, I wanted to to ask. I think I will purchase the Belkin SOHO 2 channel and try to use my hub to share the network connection. Thanks again!
  18. westcott

    Difference Between Oem And Retail?

    In the PC market, it can also mean a couple of other things. Lets say you order a CPU, if it is retail, it usually includes an OEM reommended fan. Is that confusing or what? OEM is Original Equipment Manufacturer. It is supposed to mean that what you are buying is built by the oem but this has somehow become distorted to mean several things like gettting the video card but not the games, drivers, cables, adapters, etc. with the card or getting the CPU but no fan. And as pointed out, it can effect your warranty although the OEM warranty is really all I care about unless I buy something locally at a retail outlet. Then, I would expect local return\repair from who I purchased from. Retail usually comes in a pretty marketing box like you would see in any retail store.
  19. westcott

    4 Channel Sata Raid Controller

    This link may answer your concerns about stability. http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NTU4 DFI has been supplying OEM solutions for a long time and so I would not be concerned that this board was anything but rock solid. And for the price with Sil3114 SATA, 4 channel, how could you go wrong. I am sure you could find a happy home for it if it did not meet your needs (I may be interested). Happy Holidays to all!
  20. westcott

    Best Video Card For <$180 Shipped

    Actually it goes more like this. The Radeon 9500 Pro VPU is exactly the same as the 9700. It's clocked at 275MHz and has the same features as the 9700 and 9700 Pro. The only difference is a reduction to a 128-bit memory bus operating at 540MHz.
  21. westcott

    4 Channel Sata Raid Controller

    I stand corrected. 3114 it is. Here is a link that some might find useful as a general guide in your SATA decision process. http://www.tomshardware.com/storage/200303...nchmark_results
  22. westcott

    4 Channel Sata Raid Controller

    Heres one. DF Lanparty II B. Impressive gaiming board. http://www.hardocp.com/article.html?art=NTU4LDE= Do a search on this chipset and I am sure you will find more.
  23. westcott

    Best Video Card For <$180 Shipped

    I think the 9500 Pro is faster than the 9600 Pro in most benchmarks and I think I saw it on Pricewatch for $177+. Hope this helps.
  24. westcott

    4 Channel Sata Raid Controller

    The Silicon Image based SATA solutions seem to provide the best results although you would be hard pressed to find a four channel solution on a PCI card. If you are looking for a new motherboard, there are several that have 4 channel Sil3112 solutions. With the price of some of these adder cards, you might be better served gettting a new mobo.
  25. westcott

    6x Western Digital Wd740gd Review

    I took the article as more of a condemnation of the performance of the SATA card than any real data that would reinforce the WD drive performance in a raid configuration.