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    Seagate 7200.10 Review

    So in Seagate's 7200.10 series, the only drives that should concern me is the 320GB and 750GB version? The 750GB is too expensive for me, but why should I consider the 320GB version? Does it use two 188GB platters? If so it doesn't add up to 320GB though.
  2. Sgt_Strider

    Maxline lll vs. T7K250

    Also I'm wondering, does Hitachi have a utility to adjust the quietness of their hard drives? Do they have an advance RMA system like Maxtor for Canadian users?
  3. Sgt_Strider

    Maxline lll vs. T7K250

    I'm not sure if this is any better at helping me to decide which two drives to purchase. I wish SR would review this drive soon, but they do have a history of reviewing products very late into their lifecycles. It's unfortunate and I do understand that SR is not as "big" as some other sites.
  4. Sgt_Strider

    Maxline lll vs. T7K250

    You seem to have said that the review from that site isn't reliable. Should I rely on those data alone? I wonder what the SR reviewer may say about the Hitachi drive???
  5. Sgt_Strider

    Maxline lll vs. T7K250

    How about you guys show some benchmark showing the Hitachi being faster than the Maxtor. It's just all talk with no proof.
  6. Sgt_Strider

    DiamondMax 10 vs Hitachi 7K250

    Where did you get that from about the 2 "cpus"? So the 16meg cache with SATA only comes with at least 250GB? No 200GB version? I want 2 platters instead of 3 since 200= 100x2 instead of 250 which will just use one side of the third platter.
  7. I just want to back the file up to a DVD, but don't want to risk losing the file. Is it wise to break the big file into smaller files so that I can manage it easily by burning it on to the DVD? How do I make par files as a extra precaution? Thanks alot!
  8. I was wondering what is the cheapest way to build a 1 terrabyte server? I recently read about backplanes and I was wondering is it like a independent device that you just plug into the back of a router or something like that? If not, then what are the other alternatives? Thx
  9. Sgt_Strider

    When Will Seagate Release Their 100gb/platter?

    How about the 100GB version? I know the 200 GB version is out, but it only has pata and I want sata. When will Seagate release that? Thx
  10. When will seagate release their 100gb/platter hard drive with sata and 8mb cache? They announced the drive back in november and it's may already. Does anyone here know when it comes out and where I can purchase it? thx
  11. Or it's like the Hitach, western digital, and maxtor drives that uses a pata adapter to sata? Also Does 80gb samsung drive comes with sata and 8mb cache? Thx
  12. Does this version, the one with the 8 MB cache (JB), comes with 2 80GB platters? Thx
  13. Recently, I have been in the market for a external hard drive, but the price that they're asking for is ridiculous. I was wondering if its possible to take an internal ide hard drive and then convert it to an external hard drive solely for the purpose of storage? I have no interest in using it for installing applications or games. So can I go buy a external enclosure and then put the IDE hard drive in and just store files in it? Will I need to format the hard drive? Thx
  14. I think you guys are going off-topic here...I'm asking you guys when is the new Seagate hard drive going to be released and no one is answering that.